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milKit Booster aims to make tubeless tyre inflation easy - just launched on Kickstarter

Swiss company releases its own tubeless inflator on Kickstarter

Tubeless tyres are great - fewer punctures being one of their big trump cards - but they can occasionally be an absolute sod to get installed properly. Thankfully tyre and rim compatibility is getting better all the time, and there’s a wide range of tubeless pumps and canisters now available that help a lot with the sometimes tricky initial inflation.

milKit reckons its brand new Booster eliminates all tubeless tyre installation woes and is easier to use, more efficient, lighter and less expensive than other products currently available. It has just launched on Kickstarter where the company is hoping to get CHF 30,000 funding to put it fully into production. We have no doubt it'll comfortably meet its target.

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milKit has form in producing products that make going tubeless easier, just read our review of the excellent Tubeless Valve and Refill kit to see what we mean. The Swiss company’s new Booster is basically a tubeless inflation system, of which there are now quite a few available on the market, but it's smaller and potentially easier to use. If you're not sure what a tubeless inflator is, it's essentially a sealed chamber that you top up with air using a standard pump, then release it all in one go to rapidly inflate the tyre and pop the tyre bead so that it forms an airtight seal with the rim.

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To operate you simply inflate the Booster with a standard track pump, then attach it to the tubeless valve with the valve core removed, and release the air. The Booster looks to be well designed and because there are no hoses or extra valves milKit reckons it works more efficiently than other tubeless inflators. It's much smaller than other tubeless inflators though, and we reckon it will appeal to mountain bikers and adventure cyclists that might want to take it with them as a spare, just in case they need to reinflate a tubeless tyre out in the wild.

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And that's made possible because a neat trick up the Boosters sleeve is that it can be used with a reinforced version of a standard aluminium drinking bottle like SIGG or MSR. milKit has, of course, developed a specific canister to attach to the valve, with two sizes available. It naturally works well with milKit’s existing Tubeless Valve and Refill kit but is compatible with any other tubeless system.

"Many tubeless users and bike mechanics approached us and said that they loved the milKit valve system, and asked if we couldn't also find an easy solution to the one problem remaining with tubeless tires: inflating them without having to use a compressor," says Pius Kobler, co-founder and CTO at milKit. "This inspired us to develop the Booster.”

It would seem milKit is on a mission to make road tubeless easier for the masses. We previously tested the Tubeless Valve and Refill kit which makes filling tyres with sealant easier, as well as also making checking the level of sealant several months down the road possible without having to remove the tyre. You can read Mike Stead’s enthusiastic review here.

Interested? The milKit Booster will cost €49 for the large bottle size, and a little less for the smaller bottle, but you can currently pick it up on Kickstarter where the company has decided to launch the Booster, and with a small size canister it is going for €40.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here 

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