Complete neat freak when it comes to your cycling shoes? Rejoice, as NeatCleats have just hit their Kickstarter target...

The startup have raised the £5000 necessary on Kickstarter to begin production of a cycle shoe holder with recesses much similar to a pedal, so you can pop your shoes straight on securely, suspended by the cleats.

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NeatCleats come in two different versions: the first is a wall mount with a screw fixing, the only tools required being a 7mm drill and a screw driver. A wall fixing for both masonry and drywall/plasterboard are included for your £9.99 (or £7 for a limited time if you back NeatCleats on Kickstarter). The second option is portable with a climber's carabiner attached so you can hook your shoes in any number of locations on the go. It also features a bottle opener "for when only a beer will do" according to NeatCleats, which offers not much of an explanation but it's a nice touch. The carabiner option will retail at £24.95, but you can get one with an £18 Kickstarter backing until Friday 12th May. 

neat cleat hanger.jpeg

The NeatCleats carabiner option, which allows you to hook your shoes anywhere

They currently offer three different wall mount versions with Shimano SPD, Shimano SPD-SL and Look KEO cleats, and two carabiner options, compatible with both Shimano cleats and KEO respectively. NeatCleats appear to concede their product is a luxury rather than an absolute necessity, but want to “make your cycling world a little easier”: “Are we going to change the world? No, but we can tidy it up a little along the way.” They claim to be ready to go and will send out the first batch of orders in June, three weeks after the Kickstarter campaign ends.


On the other hand (or should that be foot?) NeatCleats’ promotional video that shows a gentleman proudly stowing a pristine pair of Fizik shoes on his hallway wall could just be an open invitation for others to share post-ride foot scent – so we’d provisionally recommend accessorising with some Odour Eaters if NeatCleats appeal to you… 

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