£35 will buy you a U-lock that'll easily survive five minutes of torture with barely a scratch, but this unit rolled over in 20 seconds.

Kryptonite's Modulus Noose lock is an interesting piece of kit that allows you to lock two bits of you bike at once and fits neatly on the frame. It's a pity it doesn't lock them very well though, and it's only useful for super short term nips to the shops.

The system comprises a rather plasticky locking unit and two cables, which mounts via a quick release to the frame of your bike. You get two 1m spiral loops as standard but there's other lengths available too as options. the braided cable offers 'superior cut resistance' to twisted cables, goes the blurb, and it's marketed as a solution for commuters and students, among others.

So to testing. My first thought was, "I reckon those cables will snip", and 20 seconds later the lock was history with both cables neatly cut. We used our big 30in bolt croppers but you'd get through this with a pair that'd fit in your pocket. It's just not tough enough. The actual lock unit was hardier than I gave it credit for, but that's scant consolation really since there's no requirement to break it.


£35 will buy you a U-lock that'll easily survive five minutes of torture with barely a scratch, and this unit rolled over in 20 seconds. 

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DSlater [1 post] 9 years ago

One star - ouch, we’re not feeling the love! We agree with you that a cable lock (of any sort) isn’t going to protect your bike from bad guys, but the Modulus wasn’t really intended for riders to use in questionable places. But for the riders most in need of flexibility and convenience during their day, Modulus is a system that allows them to quickly lock and go in virtually any situation - a rack, a railing, multiple bikes, etc. Gone are the days of bulky “homemade systems” that involve a poor rider needing to carry around a heavy length of chain (cut from the DIY mind you) and various padlocks and U-locks so they are prepared for what the day will bring. Modulus, used properly, provides the convenience cyclists have been asking for – a modular system that is quick and easy to use. Again – a cable lock will not work in all areas so be smart about where you secure your ride!

I can tell that you know your way around locks and how to use them, but if your readers are interested to see some of the ways Modulus was intended to be used, we’ve got some pretty decent stuff on our YouTube Channel. Check it out… (http://www.youtube.com/kryptonitelocks)

Safe riding…

Daryl Slater