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Bolle The One Road Premium



Lots of versatility but fast-ride performance is a bit compromised

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Bollé's The One is a hard thing to review. It's not a bad helmet, and there's much to be praised about its versatility, but it doesn't quite deliver as a fast-riding lid, and that's what Bollé says it is. If you genuinely need the amount of options you get here then there aren't, that I know of, any other options off-the-shelf. It's versatile, but overall it feels like a bit of a compromise.

The basic premise is two hats for the price of one, or possibly three, or four. Or five. It depends on what, for you, makes it into something different. The helmet has 31 vents but the majority of these can be covered using three removable plastic shells for when you want to be aero. So you can have an aero race helmet, and a non-aero normal helmet, with a bunch of extra kit thrown in for commuting, and mountain biking, and winter riding. More on that later.

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So, the aero-ness. Does it work? From a saving energy point of view, it seems to. We went up to the local closed road circuit and did some measured laps with and without the covers, then gave the data to a proper scientist (rather than trying to work it out ourselves) to crunch the numbers. His findings? 8W of saving at 40km/h, and 20W at 50km/h. So if you're going fast, you'll do less work.

Bolle The One Road Premium Bike Helmet - detail.jpg

That would be all well and good, but the One doesn't really function that well when all the vents are covered. It's too hot in use; there isn't enough residual venting when the panels are on to get good airflow over your head. Also, the sweat seems to condense on the covers and pool, and drip back down again, sometimes into your eyes. If you want to use the One as an aero race lid, I can't say I'd recommend it over other dedicated bongo hats such as the Giant Rivet or the Uvex ED Aero I'm currently testing.

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But then again, you have the versatilty of being able to ride it vented. Or half vented. And the versatility doesn't stop there. You get a winter liner with ear covers. You get an LED light that slots into a port at the back. You get a peak. You even get a QR sticker that you can link to your medical details. There's a lot in the box.

Bolle The One Road Premium Bike Helmet - back.jpg

The One also has a sunglasses garage (two vents specifically designed to hold the arms of your sunnies) and that works very well. The retention system is decent; although I didn't find the Bollé the most comfortable, that's mostly down to personal preference and head shape. I would say that the rear cradle could do with sitting a bit lower, though.

Bolle The One Road Premium Bike Helmet - inside.jpg

So if you want one helmet for winter riding, summer riding, racing, commuting, going to the shops, mountain biking, whatever, you get everything you need in the box. Given that versatility, the £109 price tag doesn't seem too steep, especially as it's very much at the value end of the aero helmet spectrum. Bollé is marketing it primarily as a race lid, though, and I was a bit disappointed with the fast-riding performance. For fast riding and racing, other lids are better.


Lots of versatility but fast-ride performance is a bit compromised

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Make and model: Bolle The One Road Premium

Size tested: 54-58cm

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Bollé says: "Fantastically ventilated with 31 inlets, and completely aerodynamic with its removable aero shells, The One® is also perfectly designed to hold your sunglasses in its 'Sunglasses Garage' if you remove them during the race. With a focus on safety, The One® features a Bollé exclusive SAFETY QR Code and a specially-designed BOLLÉ LED. Its Click-to-Fit™ System ensures a perfect adjustable fit and its interchangeable winter and summer linings allow for year-round use. Complete with a detachable visor for mountain biking, The One® offers you everything you need in a cycling helmet."

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It was a bit of a mixed bag, to be honest. Lots of plus points for versatility but venting is an issue when covered, and it's not the most comfortable.

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Jack of all trades helmet.

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Master of none, though.

Did you enjoy using the product? It wasn't my favourite helmet.

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Hard to score. If you genuinely need the chop-and-change versatility then there aren't any other options, really. But it doesn't quite make the cut as a fast-riding hat, and that's where it's aimed.

Overall rating: 6/10

About the tester

Age: 43  Height: 189cm  Weight: 92kg

I usually ride: whatever I'm testing...  My best bike is: Kinesis Tripster ATR, Kinesis Aithein

I've been riding for: Over 20 years  I ride: Every day  I would class myself as: Experienced

I regularly do the following types of riding: road racing, time trialling, cyclo-cross, commuting, club rides, sportives, general fitness riding, fixed/singlespeed, mountain biking, Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling, track

Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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Avatar | 5 years ago

It's bulky.   I'm 5.7 and a large looks like I'm wearing a bucket.   A small is tight,  tight;  there is no wearing the head liner with a small.    There is no size medium (at least when I bought it two years ago) .  Btw, even with the small size,  the way the helmet is shaped,  it still looks oddly bulky. 

The LED light in the back of the helmet is as dim as it can be.    Completely useless even for riding during a cloudy day.    So don't count on it making you visible.    Haven't test it at night because I'm not foolish enough to ride in the dark.    I guess I'm spoiled because I use the trek flare taillight to make visible ... even during a bright sunny day. 

Lastly,  I don't think it is MIPs (multidimensional impact protections)  rated.   First and foremost,  I want a helmet to protect my head before all the gimmick add-ons. 

My bolle helmet is collecting dust in my garage.    I prefer  my 3yr old Giro helmet.  It probably doesn't offer better impact protection than the bolle but at least it doesn't look bulky like the bolle.

racingcondor | 7 years ago

Sounds like a cheaper but not as good version of the Laser Z1.

Worth noting that Later had to bring out a version of the Z1 with the shell bonded on as you're not officially allowed non structural additions to you or the bike under certain race regs. (remember aero brake covers on some TT bikes a couple of years ago). Pretty unlikely that you'll be called on it though until you're riding national championships...

milkman | 7 years ago

Hi just got one of these and highly recommend it.

Not interested in the speed thing but thought that the panels would be useful for cooler rides and so they are.

The winter liner is excellent and the spectacle parking holes great too.

The rear light is very good although you have to take your lid off to switch on or off. Its a touch switch so you can't feel the switch or see the result.

Not quite got the hang of er, 'the hang' but adjusting the webbing on helmets has always been a mystery to me so I wouldn;t say this specific to this model.


The QR code thing is a link to a subscription site. Not convinced as how many people would have the nouse to QR your helmet in the event of a crash?

That's assuming they have a QR app on their phone, and that phone has bandwidth. Basically it's applicable to Shoreditch only : )
I've stuck with the ICE button that can be accessed on my iPhone's lock screen and good old fashioned phone number in my wallet.

I've always had Met helmets before but felt like a splurge and am very happy.


Krisztina | 7 years ago

<p>Thanks for your feedback! I've just find a better multilanguage guide&nbsp;<a href="">

<p>and a nice photo with the sticker on the Bollé helmet:-)</p>

Krisztina | 7 years ago

Your post is really interesting , but what about the safety qr code? There is no picture and no feedback about it from the tester...what do you think about? could be  useful for amateur biker? I don't understand how does it you have any information?

tritecommentbot replied to Krisztina | 7 years ago
Krisztina wrote:

Your post is really interesting , but what about the safety qr code? There is no picture and no feedback about it from the tester...what do you think about? could be  useful for amateur biker? I don't understand how does it you have any information?


Use your phone to scan the QR sticker. And you either set up your details using an app or website I'm guessing in advance.


Visual guide to the features:



carytb | 7 years ago

Bit confused over the rating. If it had been marketed as a do-it-all lid capable of some aero gains for the occasional 10 mille TT would it have got a better review and score.


tritecommentbot | 7 years ago
1 like

If Rapha did Robocop's helm

Yorkshire wallet replied to tritecommentbot | 7 years ago
unconstituted wrote:

If Rapha did Robocop's helm

Looks more Tron to me!

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