A little extra post-wash luxury for your bike

Nothing comes for free and to get the best from this spray you will need to roll up your sleeves, fill the wash bucket and get your bike in showroom condition. Once you can see your face reflected in the rims, apply a generous coating of Muc-off Bike Spray over the whole thing.

The spray is basically a PTFE based variant on the old GT-85/WD-40 type of spray and works by dispersing water from the frame and any crevices. Once the water has been driven off, the spray dries to leave a corrosion inhibiting film over everything. In practice it leaves your frame looking shiny and fresh. Muc-Off claim that PTFE is so slippery that even a gecko can't stick to it, which may or may not be true ( Towers being fresh out of test geckos) but does rather imply that once you've applied it, your bike will be clean and shiny forever while the Dirt Fairy splutters curses into her filthy beard. Sadly, you'll still have to get out the cleaning bucket once in a while, but regular applications of the spray should keep the Rust Fairy from sinking her rusty fangs into your frame in between washes.

It's not essential and I'm not entirely convinced that it's better than a good polish with regular car wax, but it's much easier to apply and works on all parts of your bike. It's certainly a good option if you have a fleet of bikes that you like to keep properly clean.

It's safe for carbon frames and I'm delighted to tell you that it is also California Air Regulatory Board compliant.


A little extra post-wash luxury for your bike.

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Make and model: Muc-Off Bike Spray

Size tested: 500ml

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Did you enjoy using the product? It's quick and easy to use, so yes

Would you consider buying the product? Possibly, but one can should last a good while

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes, especially if they keep their bikes in showroom condition

Overall rating: 7/10

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