Easy to apply, tenacious and clean running wax lube

Good lube, this, and not to be confused with delicate wax lubes that demand you soak your chain in lavender oil for three weeks and then pick out the dirt with a toothpick before you apply it. You can just slap this stuff on, and after a few applications when excess wax starts to build up on the chain, you can easily brush it off, keeping your chain nice and clean. It stays put, too.

The Squirt people describe their wax lube as "an emulsion that is blended under special controlled conditions from a number of waxes" - it's basically a suspension of the wax in water, which differs from most wax lubes that dissolve the wax in an VOC-based carrier. That means it's more environmentally friendly, and it doesn't seem to affect the penetration.

The first test was to add some to a dryish chain and see how it fared under normal conditions. The milky-white liquid is easy to see on the chain, and when the water evaporates you get that slightly greasy wax-lube feel. The Squirt lube easily survived 30-odd miles of normal commuting in all weathers, at which point it faced about the sternest test possible: 40 miles in the salt, snow and rain finishing up on the muddy, puddle-strewn canal towpath. I wouldn't expect any lube to survive that and the chain showed some evidence of rust the next day after a hose down, but it wasn't noisy - there was still some lube in there, so it's pretty tenacious stuff. Squirt market the wax lube at MTBers as well as roadies, and it's certainly a good choice for both. In terms of longevity it's not quite up with the best wet lubes, but it's much better than most of the other dry and wax lubes I've tested.

I was sceptical about Squirt's claim that "excess wax gets expelled by the chain and falls off during riding - cleaning with a dry brush is adequate", but it turns out there's some truth in that. The excess wax is pretty easy to get rid of: it doesn't readily fall off of its own accord but a quick brush buffs up your chain nicely, and dirt doesn't stick to it like it would with a wet lube.


Easy to apply, tenacious and clean running wax lube

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neilwheel [133 posts] 9 years ago
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Spiffing stuff this. I bore the a**e off people telling them how good it is.

dave atkinson [6529 posts] 9 years ago
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yeah, really good stuff. One proviso - don't leave it in the shed when it's -6° because it's water-based and it freezes  1

seems to thaw okay though, gave it a shake and it's fine!

Trev Allen [132 posts] 9 years ago
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I've got a crate of it at home! I guess inviting people round for a "Squirt" party would sound inappropriate? Perhaps not then...

The importer Carl has done Idita Bike 5 times. If he is willing to back it for use in tough conditions I think its good enough for the rest of us mortals.


fred22 [158 posts] 9 years ago

Put some on a new chain I thought was cleaned up and it has turned into something like hairspray residue. Did have the idea that it would feel, well, dry? I must confess to this being my first experience of a dry lube anyway but its hard to imagine dirt falling off during riding: I would have thought that it'll be attracting dirt like iron filings to a magnet

2byte [13 posts] 7 years ago
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If you have to ride in british weather and find regular oil based lube rapidly turning into a grinding paste and effing up your transmission and being a bitch to clean – this stuff is the bomb! Easy to clean and almost no residue. Just a shame more high street stores don’t sell it.

Lefty [5 posts] 4 months ago

You can just apply it without any need to clean and degrease the chain?