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Triathlete completes Ironman in his back garden.

The challenge took Richard Groome over 14 hours, but he raised over £2.5k for a local charity

Triathlete Richard Groome swam 2.4 miles in a paddling pool, rode 112 miles on a Wattbike and ran 26.2 miles around his garden (pictured above) to raise money for Malmesbury and District Foodbank.

So, what did you do on Sunday? We went for a little ride and spent the rest of the day on the sofa. Meanwhile, triathlete Richard decided to tackle a full Ironman in his back garden, starting at 7am and taking him until gone 9pm before he finally finished.

 Back Garden Ironman - Swim via Richard Groome

To complete the swim which Richard described as “fine”, he was tethered in his paddling pool and did front crawl for an hour and a half. If you thought riding on the turbo was boring, imagine swimming furiously and not being able to reach the end of the pool.

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Back Garden Ironman - Bike via Richard Groome

For the bike, he made a quick transition to a Wattbike set up in the middle of his lawn where he spent the next 5 hours 38 minutes riding. This is where Richard says problems started to arise, “I sat baking in the sun” he said, citing the heat as a problem waiting to happen. “I definitely emptied the tank”, though the 180km ride was passed on a Zoom video call with a friend.

Richard says that this meant that he started the run feeling sick, hardly what you want when you’re just setting off on a marathon. The compact course around the garden didn’t help matters and Richard was unable to eat and forced to take anti-sickness tablets to get through. “I definitely now know why marathons are not normally run around 100m courses with 90, 180 and 270-degree corners” he joked when we asked him what the hardest bit of the challenge was.

Back Garden Ironman - Run via Richard Groome
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Richard’s target was to finish the challenge in under 12 hours, but the sickness issues meant that he was still running after 14 hours. He’s still very happy to have raised £2,500 so far for a local Foodbank. If you’d like to donate to Richard’s GoFundMe page, you can do so here.

Chapeau, Richard!

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id483727 | 3 years ago

From the headline I thought he was building a Robert Downey-esque superhero outfit. Hmmph.

eburtthebike | 3 years ago

Well done Richard.

Has anyone reported this to the Daily Mail?

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