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Golf club in Oxford responds to new LTNs – by encouraging members to cycle there

Oxford Golf Club installs secure storage unit so clubs can be left there between rounds

A golf club in Oxford has responded to LTNs put in place in the east of the city in the past year or so by encouraging members to cycle to and from their rounds there.

The Oxford Mail reports that Oxford Golf Club, located on Hill Top Road in Cowley, has installed a secure storage unit so that golfers can leave their clubs and trolleys there between rounds.

Besides the storage unit, which will have sufficient capacity for up to 84 players to leave their equipment, there will also be a rail for cycling golfers to secure their bikes to, says the newspaper.

Known until 2014 as Southfield Golf Club, the club claims to be one of the oldest in England and its present 18-hole course celebrates its centenary this year.

General manager Steve Greenwood commented: “Our storage unit allows members to securely and safely leave heavy playing equipment on site, unlocking an option for them to leave their vehicles at home and travel on public transport, by foot or by bicycle.”

He added: “We understand LTNs have divided opinion in Cowley and across the city. However, we are prepared to listen to our members and residents to minimise any potential disruption locally.”

That “divided opinion” referred to by Mr Greenwood includes anti-LTN protesters vandalising planters and bollards – including setting one of the latter on fire – although Oxfordshire County Council, which is responsible for the city’s roads, has pledged to make such schemes permanent.

> Council stands firm against vandals and votes to keep low-traffic neighbourhoods

Nevertheless, vandalism has continued – and as we reported on the live blog this morning, some Oxford residents on favour of LTNs are now even acting as “human bollards” to protect them.

> Oxford residents act as “human bollards” to protect Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Posting a video to Twitter yesterday, campaign group Oxfordshire Liveable Streets said that the intervention, which happened at a location where anti-LTN protesters had removed a bollard, had been made to “protect cyclists, pedestrians and children from drivers who flout the rules, and vandals who have destroyed the physical bollards.”

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notMyRealName | 1 year ago

This is great. More of this!

Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

Interesting contrast between "a secure storage unit" for golf clubs and "a rail for cycling golfers to secure their bikes to". A bike standing on end doesn't take up much more space than a set of golf clubs and a trolley, why not build a storage unit where you can take your bike in and lock it up where your clubs were?

Secret_squirrel replied to Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

Thats probably just sportmans cognitive dissonance.  Golfers first (precious clubs) cyclists (rusty bikes) second.  

Tbf the bike stands may be covered. 🤞

steaders1 | 1 year ago

Good publicity for the local thievs, I wonder how long will it be before that shuts down following the theft of many bikes and golf clubs?

eburtthebike | 1 year ago

I can only wish that the local council adopted the same attitude.  On Saturday, I rode my ebike to the local jab centre for another covid acupuncture treatment, but despite the fact that it was the hq of the local government, there was nowhere to lock a bike.  While scouring the grounds for cycle parking, I stumbled across the notice which banned cycling in the car park. 

I locked the bike to the handrail on the pedestrian ramp.  When I got home I sent a message to the local council officer responsible, and managed to avoid swearing, which I counted as a triumph.

Bentrider | 1 year ago

No need to leave clubs behind...

andystow replied to Bentrider | 1 year ago

Converting golf from "a good walk spoiled" to "a good bike ride spoiled."

Still, if I did golf, that's how I would roll.

Secret_squirrel replied to Bentrider | 1 year ago
1 like

Loving the aero bars.  Just incase he feels the need to do an endurance race on the way home.  Might need a bigger cog on the back though....

Fignon's ghost replied to Bentrider | 1 year ago

Someone once told me that you only need 3 clubs to play golf. Which you could probably accommodate in a bespoke ninja-backpack.

However. This caddy set up looks fun. Unless you go too fast into a corner when it may turn into a sidecar.

I don't play golf.
Too many flashy car selfish prick types for my liking. And you can literally see the condensation of pretentiousness rippling down the internal walls of any a clubhouse. Sorry golfers!

Beatnik69 replied to Bentrider | 1 year ago

I have a shopping trolley similar to this. First time out with it and I was going down the hill towards the supermarket and it toppled. It went over again as I went over the small speed bumps in the car park. It was ok on the return journey with a load of shopping in it. Lesson learned - don't do 20mph downhill with an unladen shopping trolley attached to the back of the bike.

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