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Cyclist in his 80s died after wheel got stuck in cracked road

Police in Lancashire confirmed the man "suffered serious injuries" and died later in hospital after "the front wheel of the bike became lodged in a crack in the road surface, throwing him off"...

A cyclist in his 80s has died while riding his bicycle in Lancashire after the front wheel got "lodged in a crack in the road surface".

Lancashire Police confirmed the incident happened on Island Lane near Winmarleigh at around 11am on Monday 2 January and saw the front wheel of the rider's Claud Butler bike get stuck in a crack in the road, throwing him off and causing serious injuries.

The man died later in hospital, prompting a police investigation into the circumstances leading to the crash, with particular emphasis on finding a woman who stopped to give first aid at the scene.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: "We are appealing for information after a cyclist died. The cyclist, a man in his 80s, was riding his red Claud Butler pedal bike on Island Lane near Winmarleigh when the front wheel of the bike became lodged in a crack in the road surface, throwing him off.

"The man suffered serious injuries and very sadly died later in hospital. Our thoughts are with his loved ones at this time.

"The incident happened at about 11am today (Monday, January 2nd). We are appealing for anyone who saw the incident, or who has CCTV, dashcam or mobile footage, to get in touch.

"We are especially keen to hear from a woman who stopped to give first aid at the scene. Anyone with information should call us on 101 quoting log 349 of Jan 2."

The details of the crash raise concerns about the condition of the road, with Lancashire Live sending a reporter to the scene, which remained closed yesterday, to photograph visible damage to the surface [included in their report].

And while the exact circumstances of this crash remain under investigation we have, in recent times, reported on several instances of dangerous road surfaces causing crashes, injuries and fatalities up and down the country, including a coroner's October report raising concerns about Surrey County Council's lack of action in repairing dangerous potholes, one of which caused a fatal cycling crash in June 2020.

> Dangerous pothole that caused fatal cycling crash was reported multiple times without action

Just a month earlier, in October, three Tamworth Cycling Club riders were left badly injured, one in critical care, and with an estimated £10,000 worth of damage after a crash on a road the council admits was scheduled for repairs.

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wtjs | 1 year ago

I haven't yet been down to look at the scene of this tragic incident a couple of miles away. There's not much traffic along here, but it is conceivable that somebody was following behind him. There's a lot we don't know about how the 'cause' was established (and saw the front wheel of the rider's Claud Butler bike get stuck in a crack in the road stated above), but the elephants in the room have not yet been mentioned: helmet use and the possibility the fall was precipitated by a catastrophic cerebral or cardiac event. If he was wearing a helmet, this would be some evidence in favour of those on here who assert helmets are useless, and if he wasn't it would be some evidence in favour of those like me who think helmets are worth wearing and very rarely ride without one

Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago

Shocking event but sounds like pretty freak accident if the photo is representative of the actual crack.  Thats not to say its not worth repairing of course.

Looks like a back road judging by the width and nature of the verges, which may have contributed to the lack of maintainance?

RIP to his family.

Rik Mayals unde... | 1 year ago

RIP. Apparently he was a chap called Harry Colledge, member of Cleveleys Road Club.

I rode down here on New Years Day morning, the day before the accident. Thankfully I was on my gravel bike with wider tyres. The roads in Lancashire are in an absolute shocking state. All Lancashire County Council seem to do is surface dress the roads. Within weeks the dressing is bunching up into waves from the truck tyres pushing the surface out, these then crack and huge potholes appear.

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