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Anti-cycling bingo cards ready? @JeremyVineOn5’s “nightmare” phone-in; hack’s partner surprised at sudden tattoo conversion; Dutch hackers hijack traffic lights via cycling app; More fallout on Jakobsen crash + more on live blog

Today's live blog with Alex Bowden (daytime) and Simon MacMichael (evening)...
06 August 2020, 19:53 hack's partner surprised at his sudden conversion to tattoos

So as may have been mentioned once or twice on the blog in recent days, I am in Paris as I slowly ... well, high-speed train for actual journeys ... head towards Milan-San Remo.

My partner is from Milan, but is back in London, her home city for 25 years, looking after our dog.

I went for a lovely bike ride in Paris this afternoon, and here is a brief summary of part of our phone chat afterwards ... if you are a fellow cyclist whose partner is a non-cyclist, I think you can relate ... 

06 August 2020, 19:42
Anti-cycling bingo cards ready? Jeremy Vine's "Nightmare" phone-in

Tired anti-cycling arguments remain tired anti-cycling arguments.

Given the fact he hosts shows on TV and and is happy to talk about cycling on them and on his Twitter feed, Jeremy cops a fair bit of flak.

And boy, did he cop some today.

Keep going, Jeremy, we get it even if they don't.

06 August 2020, 15:50
Free minor bike repairs during Bike Week later this month
06 August 2020, 15:26
Jakobsen’s team boss says he will report Groenewegen to police

We reported earlier how Deceuninck-QuickStep manager Patrick Lefevere had said that Dylan Groenewegen should be jailed for the manoeuvre that caused Fabio Jakobsen to crash.

Just in case you thought he’d only said that in the heat of the moment…

Lefevere told Belga News Agency: “I am still very angry and stay behind those Twitter messages. It was a very dirty action by Groenewegen. You don't do that. We have already lodged a complaint with the UCI and will also do so to the police in Poland. We will not just let this pass."

06 August 2020, 14:40
Cyclist airlifted to hospital with possible spinal injuries after sheep leaps into his path near Keswick

A 60-year-old cyclist had to be airlifted to hospital on Monday after a sheep leapt into his path near Keswick.

The man was riding down the main track from Force Crag mine towards Braithwaite when the incident took place.

A nearby group of walkers called emergency services. One was a doctor who ensured his spine was protected from movement until Keswick Mountain Rescue Team arrived.

Incident Number: 35
Location: Force Crag Mine, near Braithwaite
Callout Date: Monday 3rd August 2020
Callout Time:...

Posted by Keswick Mountain Rescue Team on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

06 August 2020, 14:05
Aleksandr Vlasov wins Mont Ventoux Challenge

The 24-year-old Russian finished second to Nairo Quintana in the Tour of Provence earlier in the year and third behind Egan Bernal and Pavel Sivakov in La Route d'Occitanie earlier this week.

Richie Porte was second today, 18 seconds back. Frenchman Martin Guillaume was the only other rider within a minute. And only just.

06 August 2020, 13:59
West Highland Way (CC licensed by dilettantiquity via Flickr)
Scot smashes West Highland Way cycling record, powered by jelly babies

Scottish cyclo-cross champion Gary Macdonald has ridden the 96 miles from Milngavie, near Glasgow, to Fort William in nine hours, 28 minutes and 34 seconds.

The previous record, set in 2015 by Keith Forsyth, was 10 hours and 27 minutes.

Macdonald had never cycled the West Highland Way before.

“By the time I reached Bridge of Orchy, I had hit a brick wall and my legs didn’t feel attached to my body,” he told the Daily Record.

"I had many ups and downs to Fort William, my body shutting down, but thankfully the jelly babies kept me going.”

Macdonald’s time may not immediately strike you as being especially quick, but the West Highland Way was designed as a long distance walking route. Anyone riding it therefore has to tackle challenging terrain as well as gates which were designed for walkers.

06 August 2020, 13:03
Cambridge's Dutch-style roundabout from above

We posted a video on this the other day, but the overhead view's worth a look.

06 August 2020, 11:59
Groenewegen comments on Jakobsen crash

The UCI has said it “strongly condemns” the “dangerous behaviour” of Dutch sprinter Dylan Groenewegen after he sent Fabio Jakobsen into the barriers at the end of yesterday’s stage of the Tour de Pologne.

Jakobsen is reported to be stable following surgery overnight.

Commenting today, Groenewegen expressed sorrow without apologising for his actions.

Twitter’s in-built translation has his comments down as: “I hate what happened yesterday. I can't find the words to describe how sorry I am for Fabio and others who have been dropped or hit. At the moment, the health of Fabio is the most important thing. I think about him constantly.”

06 August 2020, 11:50
Sarah Mitchell appointed Cycling UK’s new Chief Executive

Mitchell is standing down as the chief executive at Heart of the City, a social business which advises on responsible business, to become CEO at Cycling UK.

She is a former chief executive of Carers Network and head of housing at Crisis, the national charity for homeless people.

She will take over from interim chief executive, Pete Fitzboydon, in October.

“'I am thrilled to be joining the Cycling UK team at this really important time for cycling,” she said. “We have a massive opportunity to support more people from communities all over the UK to get out on their bikes and I look forward to being part of the movement to make that happen.”

06 August 2020, 11:23
Traffic light tree (CC BY 2.0
Dutch hackers hijack traffic lights via cycling app

Security researchers in the Netherlands have found that by reverse engineering cycling apps, they can hack into traffic lights and cause delays.

Wired reports that a pair of researchers, Rik van Duijn and Wesley Neelen, exposed vulnerabilities in an "intelligent transport" system used in 10 Dutch cities.

A number of apps share a rider's location with traffic systems and, whenever possible, switch lights to green as they approach a junction.

By spoofing non-existent cyclists, van Duijn and Neelen were able to trick the traffic management system into showing a green light and therefore a red for vehicles travelling in other directions across the same junction.

"We were able to fake a cyclist, so that the system was seeing a cyclist at the intersection, and we could do it from any location," said Neelen. "We could do the same trick at a lot of traffic lights at the same time, from my home, and it would allow you to interrupt the traffic flow across a city."

Neelen and van Duijn say they've warned the makers of the apps in question.

They have however warned of the security risks of ‘smart’ traffic management systems.

"Imagine you could create hundreds of fake trucks across cities. If the wrong traffic lights start turning red, you have an issue, and it would cause huge delays," said van Duijn. "Now that we’re talking about building these intelligent transport systems, we need to be damn sure to think more about security."

06 August 2020, 10:51
It’s the Mont Ventoux Challenge today

The start list includes Nairo Quintana, Romain Bardet, Fabio Aru, Miguel Angel Lopez and Richie Porte.

06 August 2020, 10:21
It’s Cycle to Work Day (although it’s not being observed quite so rigidly this year)
06 August 2020, 09:27
Pascal Ackermann reportedly hit 83kph in the same Tour de Pologne finish two years ago

With regard to Alessandro De Marchi’s comments about “absurd” speed (see below), Daniel Friebe reports that on the same slightly downhill Tour de Pologne finish two years ago, German sprinter Pascal Ackermann hit 105kph.

Here’s footage of that one – which you have to say had its fair share of close shaves.

Update: Apparently it wasn't quite that quick, but still...

06 August 2020, 09:09
In rather less bleak news… cycling in Paris!

My colleague Simon MacMichael is out and about on a bike in Paris today.

We should have plenty from him throughout the day.

06 August 2020, 08:56
Alessandro De Marchi calls for zero tolerance of dangerous riding and evolution in safety measures

Italian rider Alessandro De Marchi of Team CCC has called for an evolution in safety measures in light of the “absurd” speed of modern riders.

He went on to call for the CPA, the professional riders’ union, to take ‘concrete action’ on the matter.

06 August 2020, 08:35
Deceuninck-QuickStep boss says rival sprinter should be jailed

Deceuninck-QuickStep manager Patrick Lefevere says Dylan Groenewegen should be jailed for the manoeuvre that caused Fabio Jakobsen to crash.

Groenewegen's team has said that "crashes like these should not happen" and offered "sincere apologies".

06 August 2020, 09:22
06 August 2020, 08:32
Fabio Jakobsen in induced coma following horror crash at Tour de Pologne

The condition of Fabio Jakobsen was last night described as serious but stable following his horrific crash during yesterday’s sprint finish at the Tour de Pologne.

The crash happened metres from the line in Katowice in a fast, downhill sprint, with Jumbo-Visma rider Dylan Groenewegen appearing to move across Jakobsen’s line, flicking an elbow at him to send him into the barriers, which immediately broke apart.

The UCI has said it “strongly condemns” the “dangerous behaviour” of the Dutch sprinter.

Jakobsen’s team, Deceuninck-Quick Step, said that diagnostic tests didn’t reveal brain or spinal injury, but because of the severity of his multiple injuries he is being kept in an induced coma.

He has undergone facial surgery and doctors will try to wake him later today.

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