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"I don't need petrol, because I'm on a bike," Cyclist mocks panic buying drivers; "I was in the same way as Pantani", Jan Ullrich talks addiction and reunites with Lance Armstrong; Cycling campaign group called 'destructive' + more on the live blog...

Will Bolton is your man kicking off the Live Blog this week...
27 September 2021, 14:12
Warning issued after large metal spikes found drilled into road

Police have issued a warning after large metal spikes were found drilled into the middle of a road.

A resident found the metal spikes on Ireby Road, near Ingleton in North Yorkshire, close to the border with Lancashire.

A North Yorkshire police spokesperson said: "Police have been made aware of some metal spikes that were found in the road. 

"The local neighbourhood policing team are currently making enquiries to establish the full circumstances around this incident."

Spikes in road - North Yorkshire


27 September 2021, 13:24
Cycling campaign group accused of being 'militant and destructive' during 'pile on' of abusive reviews

A cycling campaign group subjected to a 'pile on' of negative reviews on Google has called on its supporters to lend a hand in restoring its online reputation.

The London Cycling Campaign, who feature regularly on and want to make cycling 'safer and more enjoyable' for all, asked for help this morning after a number of people decided to abuse them on Google reviews first thing on a Monday morning. 

One negative review read: "Destructive and racist organisation that uses disinformation and lobbying of local authorities to promote cycling in London, causing traffic gridlock and pollution, promoting privatised roads at the expense of disabled people, families and businesses."

Another said: "Cycling is a great activity and sport. This however is a militant arm of the 1 per cent who are determined to do all they can to rally against vehicle owners and drivers"

Following the campaign's call for help, a number of much more positive reviews have started to appear with one woman describing the organisation as 'An amazing group of people, one of the best things about London.'

27 September 2021, 13:02
Lael Wilcox leads group of women on 700km bike packing endurance challenge

Endurance athlete Lael Wilcox set off last Friday (24th September) leading a group of over 20 women from seven different countries on an epic 700km bikepacking ride.

Komoot, who helped organise the event, said it is believed to be the first such challenge exclusively for women. 

The event is self-supported and each participant can 'create her own adventure' - whether that’s to ride solo or with others, and to sleep and eat where preferred.

Lael, an ultra-endurance bicycle racer who won the Trans Am Bike Race in 2016, said: “I’ve been told that it’s impossible for women to ride long distances, to climb mountains, to ride through the remote countryside. Yet I’ve done all of these things and so have many women that are joining on this week-long adventure."

Also, tonight at 8pm GMT Rapha will be releasing the film following Lael's latest monumental challenge - beating the fastest known time on the 858 mile (1381km) long Trans Alaska Pipeline from Deadhorse to Valdez.


A post shared by Lael Wilcox (@laelwilcox)

27 September 2021, 12:23
Cycling fans defend British Cycling team coach celebration after Zoe Bäckstedt win

Cycling fans have come out in force to defend the celebration by a British Cycling coach who was accused of being 'distracted' while driving the team car.

Our story at the weekend highlighted safety concerns a number of people raised after seeing the clip below. They accused the coach of being distracted by the screen in the car and of taking her hands off the wheel when pedestrians were nearby.

Now, a large number of people have hit back at the critics and have defended  professional cyclist-turned coach Emma Trott's exuberant celebrations. 

One person, Charlie Newman, commented: "It’s a team car! People need to understand, the roads are closed and as the car was following the winner it would have been funnelled into the finishing chute with no riders on the road and barriers between the road and the spectators. People really need to calm down and congratulate the fact GB has a female junior world champion!"

Another, Des Pullar, said: "For those complaining watch the Movistar documentary series on Netflix - The Least Expected Day - you'll see worse driving celebrations than this."

Alexander Rae agreed, saying: "Clearly the people complaining have never watched a professional race before and seen what happens in the team cars on a daily basis."

Some remained unconvinced however, with Richard Burton, commenting: "[British Cycling] is supposed to be a cycling organisation, but it's clearly just about winning races, and sod all the cyclists who get killed/injured by drivers who do the same thing. They don't even have the guts to admit it's wrong and apologise."

27 September 2021, 11:29
Police search for man who keeps cycling around village naked

Police have been out on patrol after residents in a quiet Buckinghamshire village kept reporting a man cycling around naked.

The Winslow neighbourhood team have scoured Whaddon village over the past month following the strange reports, Bucks Free Press reports. 

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson from Aylesbury Vale said: “The Winslow neighbourhood team have been out on foot patrol in and around Whaddon village following reports over the last month that a male has been seen cycling around whilst naked.

“While there may be an innocent explanation for this behaviour, it has led to some members of the public to become concerned and report it to us."

27 September 2021, 10:44
Cyclist mocks motorists queuing for petrol after weekend of panic buying leaves stations across country without fuel

After a weekend in which motorists up and down the country ignored government advice and spent their days off sat in long queues desperately waiting to buy petrol it was inevitable that other road users might find the sight of so much standstill traffic slightly amusing. 

One cyclist apparently decided that chanting 'Queueing for petrol, I don't need petrol, because I'm on a bike' while riding around motorists trying to buy petrol would be the best way of promoting the many benefits of cycling. 

27 September 2021, 10:00
Julian Alaphilippe celebrates with huge crowds in Flanders after World Championship victory

Julian Alaphilippe's win at the weekend on an extremely tough route saw thousands of spectators lining the street. 

In scenes reminiscent of the pre-pandemic world Alaphilippe was filmed celebrating with the Flandrian crowds.

Also the little Frenchman's palmares isn't looking too shabby after that second World Championship win...

27 September 2021, 09:31
Open Letter calls on cycling organisations to recognise the challenges LGBTQIA+ people face in the sport

An open letter signed by Philippa York, Callum Skinner and Clay Davies, the UK's first elite-level, openly gay male cyclist calls for cycling organisations to do more to support LGBTQIA+ riders.

The letter, which can be read in full here, asks that the sport celebrates lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex and ace / asexual (LGBTQIA+) cyclists and their stories, not just on key dates ... but all year round.

It also calls for a strict zero-tolerance policies of biphobia, homophobia, lesbophobia and transphobia and to guarantee LGBTQIA+ cyclists and groups receive funding which is proportional to the size of the LGBTQIA+ population.


27 September 2021, 09:09
Could this be the secret to the current run of Slovenian success?

The Goni Pony race in the Slovenian Alps is a retro-single speed competition that has become a popular event in the Eastern European country. 

To enter, you have to be riding a 20-inch wheeled bicycle and it can only have a single gear.

The Goni Pony route ascends a punishing climb up one of Slovenia’s most picturesque mountain passes - the Vršica road. On the route the riders climb 801m in just 13km.

Luka Kovacic won this year’s race for the second time in a row. He blitzed the Vršica climb in 39 minutes and 54 seconds.

Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič have yet to take part in the event as far as we are aware - but perhaps it could be the perfect stage for Roglič to take revenge after that  Tour de France time trial... We'd love to see it. 

27 September 2021, 08:26
Labour calls for extra active travel spending as the amount of traffic returns to pre-pandemic levels

Labour has called for extra spending on safe cycling and walking, saying that as motor traffic levels return to pre-Covid levels the gains in active travel made during the pandemic could soon be squandered, The Guardian Reports

Kerry McCarthy, the shadow minister for green transport, said: “It’s time this government showed some real ambition, striking while the iron is hot on active travel rather than rehashing old pledges."

A government spokesperson said: “While we have some of the safest roads in the world, this government will continue to work tirelessly to ensure they are made safer still.

"We are investing record amounts in safe active travel schemes and cleaner transport infrastructure, and recently announced changes to the Highway Code, meaning those who present the most risk to other road users are given the greatest responsibility in creating a safer travel environment for all.”

27 September 2021, 08:07
Jan Ullrich reunites with Lance Armstrong and opens up about recovery from addiction

Jan Ullrich has made his first public appearance since 2018 alongside his one-time rival Lance Armstrong. 

Ullrich was with Armstrong, George Hincapie and Johan Bruyneel, on the Spanish island of Mallorca when he appeared on The Move podcast.

There, he spoke about his struggles over recent years which included a drink driving charge and two physical assaults, one on a sex worker.

He also discussed his recovery from addiction and said at his worst he was 'like Marco Pantani - almost dead.' 

He said: “Three years ago I had big problems.

"And [Lance] comes and visit me. I was so happy you come. I was in the same way as Marco Pantani. Nearly dead"

The 47-year-old German, who won the 1997 Tour de France, added: “I forget for a long time what is good for me.

“All I remember is 20 years ago, or 15 years ago. Then I forget what is good for me. Cycling is good. Hanging out with friends.  Love. My kids, my family. All this – I forget this. That was my problem....

“God give me this body and God give me this talent. I’m nothing or full gas. I have my coach for my back muscles.  I train every day. I drink water. I stop alcohol and drugs three years ago. I live very healthy, my girlfriend cooking very healthy for me. And this all together brings me in very good shape and good feeling.”

“I have good friends and a good team at home. I’m not alone and that’s important. I needed help, and now I have the help.”

Armstrong has always said he admired Ullrich as a rider and he flew to the German's home in Mallorca in August of 2018 to support his former rival after he was arrested and admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

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