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"If there's a proper cycle lane, safer and easier than travelling on the road, 99.9% of cyclists will take it": Cycling club chairman hits back at drivers moaning about riders using the road; Weekend round-up + more on the live blog

Welcome to the first live blog of the week, hopefully you all had a relaxing weekend! Dan Alexander is back in the hot seat for Monday's edition...
26 September 2022, 16:14
More delays for Harrogate cycling schemes

Everyone's favourite-named news outlet The Stray Ferret reports there are more delays for Harrogate's active travel schemes to be funded by the £1 million won by North Yorkshire County Council in November 2020.

The council had previously said designs for cycle lanes, improved crossings and reduced speed limits would finally be announced in the summer, but now it seems this will be pushed back until at least the New Year, more than two years since funding.

Cllr Keane Duncan told The Stray Ferret: "We are still in the detailed design stage for active travel schemes on Victoria Avenue and the A59 near Knaresborough.

"Following discussions and guidance from Active Travel England we would like to amend the designs further for improved pedestrian and cycling use. A public consultation with final designs is likely to take place in the New Year. The study of Oatlands Drive will review the existing designs and prepare new ones, based on the data we collect, to give us some options for active travel and traffic calming improvements in the Oatlands area that could be trialled.

"We hope to launch the public consultation at the start of October."

26 September 2022, 15:20
We deserve a pint!

Maybe I'll give this another share at half four on Friday...

26 September 2022, 14:35
Mark Beaumont smashes North Coast 500 record by half an hour
Mark Beaumont NC500 2022 (picture credit Markus Stitz ( ) for an upcoming GCN+ documentary)  (17).jpg

[📷: Markus Stitz]

Check out the full story of Mark Beaumont's latest mind-boggling achievement...

> Mark Beaumont smashes North Coast 500 record by half an hour

Correctly uploaded with the appropriate title when posting a leg-breaking super-human ride (take notes, Remco and Annemiek)...

Long live the nonchalant 'Morning ride'... 

26 September 2022, 14:17
Vatican makes World Championships debut

Meet Rien Schuurhuis. Born in Groningen, the Netherlands, in 1982, the 40-year-old finished 40th out of 48 in last year's Dutch national time trial championship, more than five minutes down on Tom Dumoulin. Yesterday, however, Schuurhuis pulled on the yellow and white of the Vatican City...

Yes, for those wondering, he was a DNF, but in great company on that front alongside Mathieu van der Poel, Luke Rowe, Ben O'Connor and 61 others... 

26 September 2022, 13:50
Government blocks councils from enforcing 15mph speed limits

 The government has prevented the City of London from enforcing 15mph speed limits due to concerns about the accuracy of speedometers at low speeds, and the fact that some are not marked with a 5mph scale. The Independent reports other councils in built-up areas were expected to follow the City of London's lead, a plan the authority outlined last year, but the Department for Transport has now stepped in.

> Wales set to reduce default speed limit to 20mph in residential areas

The government department told the Independent it would be difficult for some drivers to comply with the lower limit and it would be problematic to enforce. In response, the City is expected to set an "advisory" 15mph speed limit, but it will not be legally enforceable.

Shravan Joshi, chair of the City of London Corporation's planning and transportation committee, said: "Evidence shows that lower speeds help to reduce road danger and prevent injury to people travelling in the Square Mile.

> People most likely to commute by bike where traffic speed below 20mph – but presence of lorries on roads makes no difference, says study

"Despite this, we will continue to work to achieve a culture of slower speeds through street design and behaviour-change initiatives to help achieve our Vision Zero goal."

London Living Streets chair, Jeremy Leach, said the news is "disappointing", while Dr Suzy Chapman of the Road Safety Foundation said there is "no doubt that reduced speeds are absolutely critical to achieving a goal of zero road deaths and serious injuries."

26 September 2022, 07:51
"If there's a proper cycle lane, safer and easier than travelling on the road, 99.9% of cyclists will take it": Cycling club chairman hits back at drivers moaning about riders using the road

Christchurch Bicycle Club's chairman David Orme sprung to the wider cycling community's defence to try to explain some of the reasons why riders might opt against using a cycle lane, choosing to ride in the road instead.

 A Poole community Facebook group post took off when a local suggested, "all the cycle lanes in the world won't help with congestion if cyclists don't use them"... ah yes, we're doing the cyclists cause congestion thing again...

Others said riders on the road "drives them nuts"...

Responding to the complaints, David largely echoed the sentiment of the Highway Code, saying cycle lanes are to be used at cyclists' discretion, where they make our journey "safer and easier".

> Row over Dorset cycle lane that drivers claim is "too wide"

He told DorsetLive: "If there's a proper, designated cycle lane that is safer and easier than travelling on the road, then 99.9 per cent of cyclists will take it. The trouble is the vast majority of cycle lanes are either badly designed, they're inconvenient or cars block them."

Time for this classic to be reposted in all its glory...

Cycle lane parked car (Image credit: Rob Ainsley sent to us)

He added that riders cycle on the road, ignoring the cycle lane, normally "because it's less convenient or less safe — they're usually the two reasons that people don't use the cycle lanes."

Cycle lane live blog comment

David said: "As a cyclist you can go the way that motorists go, or you can stop for every single junction and wait at the traffic lights. If I'm trying to get somewhere in a hurry, why should I want to stop at each individual lane, when I could just do what the traffic does which is a lot quicker?

"It's also dependent on how efficient the lane is. If it's inefficient and you're trying to get somewhere you'll take a shortest route because you don't want to go around the house or keep stopping. Stopping takes up so much energy as a cyclist. If you have to keep stopping, it just uses twice as much energy.

"If I take people on rides, and I see a cycle lane in a place that I don't know, I often don't take it because I know that nine times out of ten I'll go on it and suddenly it will dump me into a dead end road or pavement. It's the trust in them that they're not going to just dump me after ten yards and it becomes a bit of a waste of time going on it."

26 September 2022, 11:42
Reaction to cycling club chairman explaining why cyclists don't always use cycle lanes... (believe us, we'd love to!)

Some reaction from Twitter to our main live blog story of the morning...

26 September 2022, 11:53 reviewer Ed Morgan wins U23 Men’s National Road Series

Forget Down Under, reviewer Ed Morgan won the U23 Men's National Road Series this weekend after a burst water main on the Central U23 Classic meant the final of the three events was cancelled. With Ed in the lead, he's the winner, adding to a very impressive 2022...

Congrats, Ed!

For a sneak peek at what Ed's got on-test at the minute, check out our recent five cool things...

> The making uncool things cool edition: Five cool things coming soon from BMC, Pirelli, Van Rysel, Velotoze and Hornit

> Five cool things coming soon from Garmin, Lezyne, Crono, Tronsmart and, um, Lezyne again

26 September 2022, 11:08
Kudos-worthy rides

Disappointed neither of these were uploaded as 'Morning ride', but whatever...



26 September 2022, 10:59
Queen Annemiek
Annemiek van Vleuten wins World Championships (Alex Broadway/

[📷: Alex Broadway/]

Maybe it's because I got up at 6am on Saturday morning to get our race report ready and watched every pedal stroke of the final 70km, but I have to admit I found Annemiek's win far more enjoyable than Remco's. Both fantastic, in different ways, but the adrenaline-packed final of an injury-battered underdog snatching dramatic victory did more for me than a prodigy proving his greatness with a prolonged procession.

> From Coppi to Van Vleuten: Cycling’s greatest ever seasons

If I'm no longer allowed entry to Belgium for this opinion then that's just something I'll have to live with... 

Annemiek van Vleuten wins World Championships (Simon Wilkinson/

[📷: Alex Broadway/]

Netflix better have been there or we riot. It really was the least expected day...

26 September 2022, 10:36
King Remco — Specialized celebrates sixth men's world champion in nine years
Remco Evenepoel wins 2022 World Championships in Wollongong (@cauldphoto/Specialized)

 [📷: @cauldphoto/Specialized]

Quiet news day in Belgium this morning?

To be a fly on the wall of Patrick Lefevere's residence these past 24 hours. Specialized is, of course, very happy with the win too — the bike brand's sixth men's world champ in nine years, a run that includes a trio of Sagan rainbows, a duo of Alaphilippe's, and now a Remco win to go alongside Michal Kwiatkowski's 2014 success too.

Remco Evenepoel wins 2022 World Championships in Wollongong (@cauldphoto/Specialized)

[📷: @cauldphoto/Specialized]

The brand is quick to point out in its post-Worlds celebratory press release that it hasn't exactly been slouching on the women's side of things either...with five wins since 2015 too.

26 September 2022, 10:13
Shit cycling shots — the final four

Anyone who has attempted to snap a photo of a moving cyclist — whether that be at the Tour de France, club 10 or just a mate spinning past the pub — will know it's not always that easy to get your photo to look as polished as the pro snappers manage...

How you think your photo is going to look... (credit to Alex Whitehead for SWpix in Wollongong this weekend)...

Annemiek van Vleuten wins World Championships (Alex Whitehead/

How it actually looks...

Have a browse through the final four and be sure to let them know which is your favourite, just don't expect to see many bikes... 

26 September 2022, 09:27


26 September 2022, 09:04
Weekend round-up: Remco reigns, Annemiek's extraordinary victory, Mathieu's nightmare night's sleep, Tech of the Week, Competition time, Bike review + more
Annemiek van Vleuten wins World Championships (Alex Broadway/

[Alex Broadway/]

What a weekend it was Down Under...

We started with Van Vleuten's improbable victory: fractured elbow bandaged to the maximum, working all day for Marianne Vos, dropped on the climb, heading for a sprint... and still the Dutch superstar found a way to win. Incredible scenes for just gone eight on a Saturday morning...

Giro, Tour, Vuelta and Worlds. Is that the best season of any pro rider ever? I think Ryan's got a feature to update...

> From Coppi to Van Vleuten: Cycling’s greatest ever seasons

Then, yesterday, the drama kept on rolling. First, off the road, with Mathieu van der Poel's arrest following a hotel corridor incident (we'll have an update on that one shortly) and then with Remco's coronation as Belgium's king of world cycling. 

Elsewhere on this weekend:

> Check out Biniam Girmay's custom painted Cube Litening C:68X for the World Champs

> Jury clears 'hungover' Porsche driver of killing cyclist by dangerous driving

> Tech of the Week: Are you tempted by this app that links video and 3D mapping of your rides? Plus new stuff from Shimano, Pirelli, Endura & loads more

> "I've never seen anything like it": Cyclists hospitalised by loose gravel crash seek compensation from council

> Review: Fara Cycling F/AR

> Win! Hunt Aerodynamicist Carbon Disc Wheelset + accessories worth over £900!

Plenty to get your teeth into to ease yourself back into work!

Dan is the news editor and has spent the past four years writing stories and features, as well as (hopefully) keeping you entertained on the live blog. Having previously written about nearly every other sport under the sun for the Express, and the weird and wonderful world of non-league football for the Non-League Paper, Dan joined in 2020. Come the weekend you'll find him labouring up a hill, probably with a mouth full of jelly babies, or making a bonk-induced trip to a south of England petrol station... in search of more jelly babies.

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Adam Sutton | 1 year ago

The cycle lanes through Chiswick is good, but still lacks some joined up thinking at junctions. Lights went green to the cycle lane and I turned left only to find myself stuck in the highroad in contention with a pedestrian crossing.

HarrogateSpa | 1 year ago

Construction of Harrogate's ATF2 cycle schemes was supposed to be complete by 31st March 2022.

The new timetable of having some revised designs "in the New Year" is fantasy. North Yorkshire County Council just keep shunting the work back 3-4 months at a time.

What does "in the New Year" even mean, except 'not this year'?

Against stiff competition, N Yorks must be the worst council for active travel in the country.

Awavey | 1 year ago

Lizzie and Philip Deignan announced the birth of their baby boy Shea over the weekend.

stonojnr | 1 year ago

What does the pubs cycle storage look like though ? A local brewery near me claiming to be cycle friendly, posted a picture of a set of the wheel bending cycle racks. And the only pub I knew who had sheffield stands, moved them to make an extra car parking space.

ktache | 1 year ago
1 like

Shame about the city of London's 15mph speed limit. 

Of course with the DfT reasoning any minister looking to stoke the anti cycling culture war by dangling the imposition of speed limits being enforced on cyclists will find it that little more difficult.

AlsoSomniloquism replied to ktache | 1 year ago

Although not having 5mph increments on speedo's does make it the correct call. I'm surprised that we still use mechanical speedometers. I suspect it is down to reliability but remember the digital one in Knight Rider (and some high end motors) back in the 80's.

ktache replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

I suppose they could start enforcement of the 20mph limit at a very strict 21mph.

nosferatu1001 replied to ktache | 1 year ago
1 like

Starts at 24 right now, as it's a 10%+2mph guidance.  You CAN enforce at 21 but the devices tend to have a rated accuracy of 1mph and asss to that would be the public interest in enforcing so close to the limit.  Both would mean court challenges and we don't have the court time for that. 

Awavey replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

my MINI has had a digital speedo for the past 20 years, I dont even look at the retro analogue mechanical thing thats their for show mostly. ( it has two speedo's ok before you think Im being crazily reckless to ignore my speedometer)

Id accept not all cars are like that, but every car Ive ever driven with cruise control you never set it in 5mph increments.

and also why is 5mph or 10mph kind of like the default ultra low speed sign option then ?

AlsoSomniloquism replied to Awavey | 1 year ago

I've only seen the 5mph signs on private land which is probably never legally enforced by Police and courts. 

Steve K | 1 year ago

"I need to be able to drive to organise the coronation" is definitely a new one

On a serious note, I would have thought that organising an event that big would involve lots of phone calls, and as he clearly can't be trusted to ignore them whilst driving, it seems more reason to ban him.

hawkinspeter replied to Steve K | 1 year ago

Steve K wrote:

"I need to be able to drive to organise the coronation" is definitely a new one

On a serious note, I would have thought that organising an event that big would involve lots of phone calls, and as he clearly can't be trusted to ignore them whilst driving, it seems more reason to ban him.

It's quite revolting that organising a coronation is considered more important than people's lives.

AlsoSomniloquism replied to hawkinspeter | 1 year ago
1 like

And saving the planet from global warming, don't forget that snippet. 

chrisonabike replied to Steve K | 1 year ago

"The son (of the late queen) was in my eyes".

Rendel Harris replied to Steve K | 1 year ago

It did amuse me thinking of a magistrate being told that someone should be excused a ban because they were organising the king's coronation: "Oh not that old chestnut again, if I had a quid for every time someone's tried that on…"

AlsoSomniloquism replied to Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

I was actually surprised the Magistrate took no notice. Most of them want to be further up in the world. 

Hirsute replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

Wondered if this was you from last night !

AlsoSomniloquism replied to Hirsute | 1 year ago

Nah, not a Steve, although I have, (as well as plenty of others I'm sure) been in similar situations even after my knock. 

Did you see the crash before he greyed it out? That was more my neck of the woods (well Birmingham). 

Steve K replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

AlsoSomniloquism wrote:

I was actually surprised the Magistrate took no notice. Most of them want to be further up in the world. 

Ah, the story has been updated since I posted the link.  Yes, I'm (very pleasantly) surprised too.

IanMK replied to Steve K | 1 year ago

If you need further evidence that the monarchy is toxic to both democracy and meritocracy then this is it.

EDIT: I note that the story has been updated and he hasn't gotten away with it, I still think that the monarchy is toxic.

brooksby replied to IanMK | 1 year ago

Six month ban, according to the Grauniad.

IanMK replied to brooksby | 1 year ago

Still seems lenient. Driving through a red light whilst using his mobile.
For drivers that need greater understanding on what entitled looks like just show them a photo of this pompous prick.

Hirsute | 1 year ago
eburtthebike replied to Hirsute | 1 year ago

hirsute wrote:

Bike rack fail


I had cause to take Bristol City Council to the ombudsman about a new bridge in the harbour, Perot's Bridge, which despite being on a council defined strategic cycle route, which they specified, planned and constructed it only for pedestrians.  I won, and the council said they would make amends by putting in lots of extra cycle racks around the harbour; most of them were like that, too close to the railings.

Hirsute | 1 year ago

Another death

Not sure about the limit on comments here, so I will not yet comment.

The driver pleaded guilty but

Judge Sheraton gave Hardcastle an interim disqualification from driving and he was released on unconditional bail. The case was adjourned to allow members of Ms Garratt-Quinton's family to give victim impact statements.


Rendel Harris replied to Hirsute | 1 year ago

Can't speak for or their lawyers but in general it's okay to comment once a verdict has been given or a guilty plea entered, the ban on commenting on ongoing cases is to avoid the jury seeing material or opinions that might prejudice their deliberations, it's assumed that a judge is above being swayed by the court of public opinion.

AlsoSomniloquism replied to Hirsute | 1 year ago
1 like

I assume that is her ghost bike. 

Although from the pictures on the bbc, this might have been the approach used by both vehicles, with the bike lane not helping at all with the situation the cyclist is put into once on the island. 

Secret_squirrel replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

Spin the street view 180 degrees and you can see the tributes ☹️

Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

Apologies for linking to a Daily Mail article, they seem to be the only outlet covering it, I wonder why?

To precis for those who, quite understandably, don't want their browsing history sullied by the Daily Mail: His Grace The Duke of Norfolk, Edward William Fitzalan-Howard, Earl Marshal of England, organiser of the Queen's funeral and also the upcoming coronation, pleaded guilty to driving through a red light while on a mobile phone call to his wife. His Grace already has nine points on his licence for speeding and so should be banned for a minimum six months, however he has made an application for the ban to be set aside under the exceptional hardship procedure on the grounds that he needs to drive around the country to organise the coronation. He has asked for his application to be heard in camera because he doesn't want to give away details of the coronation plans. You really couldn't make it up, could you?

Hirsute replied to Rendel Harris | 1 year ago

So just delay the ban for a month then !


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