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“One of the worst MGIF pieces of cycling I’ve ever seen”: Driving instructor Ashley Neal slated for “dangerous” manoeuvre while testing e-bike; Scrapping safe streets “an attack on children’s futures”; Thomas signs new Ineos deal + more on the live blog

It’s Monday and, after a weekend out on his bike enjoying the sunshine (while it lasts), Ryan Mallon is back at the keyboard to kick off another week of cycling news and views on the live blog


23 October 2023, 16:09
“One of the worst MGIF pieces of cycling I’ve ever seen”: Driving instructor Ashley Neal slated for “dangerous” filtering manoeuvre while testing e-bike

It feels like it’s been a while since everyone’s favourite driving instructor/YouTuber/son of a four-time European Cup-winning full back popped up on the live blog, but don’t worry – Ashley Neal is back after a quiet summer and is once again causing controversy within the cycling community… and this time he’s on a bike.

(Yes, I do realise that paragraph sounds like the opening seconds of a trailer for an incredibly niche film. Maybe Marvel are interested? Okay, maybe not…)

> CyclingMikey wishes Ashley Neal would "leave me alone" as YouTube driving instructor uploads another video criticising his approach

Anyway… What has Ashley – who has amassed 146,000 subscribers on YouTube over the years thanks to his videos on all things road safety – done to irk cyclists on social media this time?

Well, in the Liverpool-based driving instructor’s latest video, titled ‘The Crazybird Jumper Tested; And Why Cyclists Do What They Do; A Motorists Guide’, he’s swapped the driving and passenger’s seat for one of the aforementioned brand’s fat tyre e-bikes, which he spends 46 minutes testing out (with his saddle height a bit too low for my liking) around Liverpool, while providing a running commentary on how to cycle safely.

Except when he maybe isn’t cycling safely, however.

About 11 minutes into the video, as he approaches a set of traffic lights, Neal filters past a motorist who had just overtaken him, narrowly squeezing between the car and a traffic island, almost clipping the vehicle’s wing mirror in the process.

After fiddling with his camera while stopped, Neal says during the video: “This car behind, have I just caused an issue? Possibly. They did overtake first, when it wasn’t necessary, and if they hadn’t have done, we’d be status quo.

“I haven’t done this to get my own back, I did it to show the motorist that a lot of the time there is no point in overtaking, when you’re coming up to lights like that – cyclists are just going to slip past.”

Ashley Neal slated for dangerous MGIF manoeuvre while testing e-bike (Ashley Neal, YouTube)

Despite his explanation, Neal’s spot of filtering – especially for a driving instructor usually critical of poor cycling habits – hasn’t gone down well online.

“Holy crap, please do not filter like this guy, incredibly dangerous, far, far too close to the vehicle, in danger of hitting the wing mirror, clipping the refuge/kerb,” CykelTony wrote.

“One of the worst MGIF pieces of cycling I’ve ever seen. And he’s a driving instructor who constantly complains about cyclists riding into risk.”

“You don’t have to filter. Sometimes it is safer to wait behind the traffic,” added while CycleGaz, prompting Tony to reply: “This all day long. He was clearly too distracted fiddling with his new ‘toy’ to pay proper attention to the road. As he himself likes to say, ‘failed to anticipate!’”

> “He pays road tax, you don’t”: Motorists – and Ashley Neal – blast Jeremy Vine for black cab close pass video

Ashley’s preoccupation with his e-bike was also picked up by other cyclists, with one e-bike rider asking: “Why the **** is he talking about ‘putting it up a couple of levels’ immediately before a tight manoeuvre and slowing down to a stop? That’s the last place you want an e-bike in turbo.”

“Cycling like a drivist! No one expected that, did they?! Oh, wait, it’s exactly what we expected, isn’t it?” Bicycal Life said.

“Yes, but as AN teaches us, it matters little about the safety of the cyclist as long as drivers aren’t inconvenienced,” added Tim. “He isn’t even consistent. In other videos he says you shouldn’t filter past because drivers will have to overtake again.

“And moments later he lets a car very close pass because he’s fiddling with the gears in secondary, but excuses the driver. He has no self-awareness as a rider, he does not look ahead.”

> "More than primary encourages an undertake": Footballer-turned-driving instructor Ashley Neal questions cyclist's positioning

However, others weren’t as scathing of Ashley’s on-bike take on cycling safety.

“I’m in two minds about this,” says Melissa. ”It’s clearly MGIF syndrome by AN. But the car is into the painted bike area. I think I’d pass it just to watch the driver panic due to nearly clipping the car, but only if the lights had just gone red.”

What do you think? Was Ashley’s filtering a case of MGIF driving directly transferred onto a bike? Or do you think the manoeuvre was a perfectly responsible, and relatively safe, response to a pointless overtake?

Whatever you think about Mr Neal, he never fails to ignite online discourse, anyway…

23 October 2023, 17:11
Cyclist and granddaughter, 8, stopped for helmet "safety" advice by police who "sounded their sirens" and pulled pair over "because it's dangerous"

When asked for comment the officers’ police force doubled down on their actions, insisting “road safety is a priority for us and we will always look to educate road users on how they can keep safe”.

Hmmm… I’m sure frightening an eight-year-old child and putting her off riding her bike can be considered a job well done in that case…

West Midlands Police officers pull over cyclist and 8-year-old granddaughter for riding without helmets (@FrankleyMan/Twitter)

Read more: > Cyclist and granddaughter, 8, stopped for helmet "safety" advice by police who "sounded their sirens" and pulled pair over "because it's dangerous"

23 October 2023, 15:27
Simon Yates set to take on monster 87km, 3,275 metre-high hill climb

Speaking of curious post-season relaxation techniques, Simon Yates will head to Taiwan this week to take on the country’s infamous KOM Challenge – a gruelling climbing test attempted every year since 2012 by both amateurs and professionals (and even tackled by in 2014).

Located in Taiwan’s Hualien County, the climb of Mount Hehuan takes the riders from sea level to 3,275 metres in 87 long, leg-deadening, oxygen-sapping kilometres, averaging 3.5 percent with sections hitting almost 16 percent.

So, like I said, very relaxing.

Yates – who capped off a successful 2023, which saw him finish fourth at the Tour de France, just behind twin brother Adam, with fifth at Il Lombardia earlier this month – will travel to Taiwan alongside Jayco-AlUla teammate, 23-year-old Colombian climber Jesus David Peña, as the pair seek to break Vincenzo Nibali’s course record of 3:19:54, set by the Italian legend in 2017.

> From zero to 3250 metres in 105km... The Taiwan KOM Challenge

“The Taiwan KOM Challenge is a different style of racing to what we are used to with the race starting at sea level and then climbing to over 3000 metres,” Yates said before jetting off for Friday’s rather unique mountain time trial.

“There are not many climbs like that and doing a race that is basically one big climb will be a really interesting challenge and totally different to anything I’ve done before. Also, lining up alongside riders of all different levels from all over the world will be a unique experience.”

Needless to say, I imagine this particular zero to high altitude test will require a different sort of effort than that usually displayed on the short but steep affairs of the British hill climb scene, eh Simon?

Not quite my cup of tea, anyway...

23 October 2023, 14:52
Post-season Holidays, Soudal Quick-Step style

You may not be able to transport 26 tonnes of medicinal china clay by bike (scroll on for more on that), but you can transport climbing ace Ashleigh Moolman Pasio:

And at least Yves Lampaert now has some novel ideas for his winter training this year… 

23 October 2023, 14:24
Oblivious driver of the week

A classic of the ‘Sorry, didn’t see you there’ genre of driving around cyclists, courtesy of this astoundingly oblivious driver in Comber, Co Down…

23 October 2023, 13:46
Hurrah! The results are finally in for the National 12 Hour Championships!

Yep, it only took around two months, but the results are finally in for the British 12-hour time trial championships, with provisional winner Richard Sharp confirmed as topping the hitherto vacant podium with a mammoth distance of 295.1 miles – that’s an average of 24.6mph for half a day, folks – beating second-place Tom Thornely by just 0.7 miles.

While Cycling Time Trials certainly took their time (apologies) getting round to announcing the winner, their speed certainly picked up over the past week, for some reason…

According to this morning’s statement, CTT held a rather timely ad-hoc committee meeting on Saturday to finalise the results – just five days after first contacted the time trialling body for clarification on the unusual situation.


National 12-hour time trial (Cycling Time Trials/Twitter)

> National 12-hour TT results still aren't finalised... two months after it finished 

23 October 2023, 13:16
Overtaking distance for drivers (Surrey Police)
Surrey Council vows to improve safety for cyclists after the county topped the Department for Transport’s list for deaths and serious injuries

Surrey County Council has promised to make life on the roads safer for cyclists, after data released by the Department for Transport revealed that 139 people on bikes were killed or seriously injured in the county in 2022, making it the country’s most dangerous local authority for cyclists.

But thanks to a new Vision Zero project, which will see the council work alongside Surrey Police, Surrey Fire and Rescue, and National Highways, the council aims to halve all road deaths by 2030 and eliminate them completely by 2050.

> Almost 4,000 submissions of driving offences to police force led to just 10 prosecutions, FOI request reveals

“Over two thirds of our cycling casualties take place on 30mph speed limit roads, so we’re looking at putting more segregated cycling infrastructure in, either a kerb or a section of wands,” Duncan Knox, a road safety expert working for the council, said.

“There’s lots of roads that could easily become 20mph, especially where there isn’t room for segregated infrastructure.”

Welcoming the plan, Cycling UK’s Keir Gallagher said: “We need to stop seeing people dying on our roads as acceptable, it isn’t.

“Surrey does have a very high density of motor traffic and a lot of cycling, so I think the important thing is to be looking at how we can get those deaths and serious injuries down while being proactive.”

23 October 2023, 12:24
Latest blow for Wiggle Chain Reaction as parent company closes US offices and prepares insolvency filings

More bad news on the Wiggle CRC front, as parent company Signa Sports United closes its offices in the United States, while preparing to make insolvency filings.

The closure of the offices in Park City, Utah, home to operations for Vitus and Nukeproof, has been described by the company’s North American head of operations as “a shock” and “a bitter pill to swallow”.

Wiggle and Chain Reaction logos

Read more: > Latest blow for Wiggle Chain Reaction as parent company closes US offices and prepares insolvency filings

23 October 2023, 08:06
Chisenhale Primary 'School Street' protest (credit - Twitter, ChisenhaleRoad)
“Children will see that their safety and their health is less important to the powers that be than the interests of people passing their schools in motor vehicles”: Decision to scrap LTNs “an attack on children’s futures,” say protesting school teachers

Tower Hamlets Council’s decision last month to remove most of the borough’s low traffic neighbourhood schemes, despite a series of consultations showing that residents were in favour of retaining the traffic-calming measures, has been criticised by a group of local headteachers, who have penned an open letter to mayor Lutfur Rahman urging the notoriously anti-active travel politician to reverse the decision, which they branded “an attack on thousands of children’s futures”.

Last month, we reported that Tower Hamlets Council voted to scrap the walking and cycling initiatives introduced by the previous Labour administration in 2021 in Columbia Road, Arnold Circus, and Old Bethnal Green.

A similar Liveable Streets scheme on Canrobert Street, however, was retained, while a bus gate restriction in Wapping was kept due to “exceptional” support in a consultation last year.

“As headteachers of Tower Hamlets schools, we have a duty of care to all the young people in the borough and we are shocked and dismayed by the way that Mayor Rahman’s decision on 20 September deprioritised the health and safety of students in Bethnal Green,” the letter, addressed to councillor Mushtak Ahmed and signed by 86 primary and secondary school headteachers, said.

This isn’t the first time, meanwhile, that Rahman’s pro-car platform – since his re-election last year, the Aspire Party leader has rolled back a series of initiatives aimed at reducing motor vehicle traffic and promoting active travel, which he claims have increased congestion and contributed to more CO2 emissions in the area – has been opposed by local schools.

Last October, children, teachers, and parents installed their own Les Misérables-style barricade outside a school in Bow in protest at the council’s decision to put an end to School Streets initiatives in the borough, designed to restrict the use of motor vehicles outside schools at drop-off and pick-up times – a campaign that eventually saw Rahman reverse his decision.

> Children take to the barricades to save School Street

And in their open letter to the mayor, they accused the council of ignoring the views of local schools when it came to ripping out the borough’s “popular and successful” Liveable Streets measures, a decision they say would bring the borough “back to square one”.

The letter said: “Five of the most affected schools (Oaklands, Lawdale, Elizabeth Selby, Virginia, Columbia) wrote jointly to the mayor on 30 January 2023. In the letter they outlined why they supported the current street layouts in Bethnal Green, their concerns about the proposals to reintroduce thousands of extra cars per day in front of their school gates, and their belief that there are ways to improve the current layouts, for example by introducing more controlled crossings.

“The letter did not receive a response, neither the mayor nor any member of his cabinet went to speak to the schools, and it was not included in the consultation reports appended to the officer report for the 20 September decision. This is an unacceptable omission in the decision-making process.

“Mayor Rahman promotes the interests of Tower Hamlets’ young people through his free school meals policy for secondary schools and in his decision to retain the 33 ‘school streets’ across the borough.

“However, his decision to remove the current street layouts in Bethnal Green, and his failure to take any steps to reduce vehicle journeys in the borough, are an attack on thousands of children’s futures.”

Arnold Circus LTN (via Bob From Accounts on Twitter)

> “Extreme, undemocratic, and dangerous”: Council scraps majority of low traffic neighbourhoods – despite “overwhelming” public support for cycling and walking schemes

The headteachers noted that, according to the council’s public health team, only 23 percent of children and young people in Tower Hamlets are physically active and that all schools in the area have council-approved School Travel Plans, which aim to encourage cycling and walking to school, and reducing car use.

“So, infrastructure which encourages walking and cycling to school is a powerful tool for the council to use, yet the mayor has decided to spend millions of pounds removing the most successful active travel infrastructure in the borough,” the letter said.

The council’s own equalities impact assessment, the teachers pointed out, also flagged during the decision-making process that scrapping LTNs would have a particularly negative effect on young people, due to the “increase in road danger, pollution, and discouragement for walking and cycling”.

> Police urge against scrapping low traffic neighbourhood, saying it reduces crime

The letter concluded: “While the immediate effects of this decision will be felt most significantly by schools within the low traffic neighbourhood in Bethnal Green, the impact will be felt across the borough.

“Children and young people will see that their daily safety and their long-term health is less important to the powers that be than the interests of people passing their schools in motor vehicles.

“More children will spend more days doing short journeys in cars, undermining their fitness, and increasing their risk of obesity. And they will all have friends in neighbouring boroughs who are much happier walking and cycling to school, where the councils have ongoing programmes to install and improve active travel infrastructure.

“How is it rational to feed and teach our children well, mandate that schools should encourage walking and cycling to school, and then remove the infrastructure which makes it safe and easy for young people to travel in a healthy way every day?”

23 October 2023, 11:57
‘I’ll see your fridge and raise you, err, 26 tonnes of medicinal china clay’

Over the weekend, Twitter/X user Jani provided a wonderful, selfless service to the online cycling community, by collating all the weird and wonderfully niche examples people give to argue that bicycles are, in fact, completely useless when it comes to transporting anything other than their rider…

And don’t worry, Jani didn’t just limit his search to the old, tired ‘But you can’t carry a fridge on a bike’ examples, he really has them all – from 60 square metres of carpet to “30 sheets of drywall, especially when it’s -40°C and there’s four feet of snow”, a cement mixer, a few hundred beef carcasses, and, errr, 26 tonnes of medicinal china clay:

To be fair, you can’t say they’re not creative.

Come on Dave, it’s time to give up and buy a van, you know you want to…

23 October 2023, 11:46
Ah, it’s that time of the week again: Residents angry that council plans to scrap car parking spaces to make way for cycle lane

A proposal which the council says would see the “front of York Station transformed to create a new and improved gateway to the city”, with safe cycling infrastructure, improved pedestrian facilities, and better access for bus users, has attracted objections from some residents who do not want to lose the parking spaces in front of their homes – despite the local authority announcing mitigation for blue badge holders, tradespeople, and emergency service workers.

“There’s just not room for everything and that’s part of the challenge that faces us,” James Gilchrist, York Council’s director of environment transport and planning, said. “Walking and cycling are prioritised over buses and then that over cars.”

York Station Gateway (City of York Council)

Read more: > Residents’ anger at plans to scrap car parking for cycle lane, but council transport director says walking and cycling should be “prioritised” as “there’s just not room for everything”

23 October 2023, 10:57
Geraint Thomas (Zac Williams/
A New Deal According to G: Geraint Thomas extends contract with Ineos Grenadiers until end of 2025 season

As cycling epochs comes to an end elsewhere, one of the sport’s longest-standing partnerships continues to endure, with the Ineos Grenadiers announcing this morning that 2018 Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas has signed a new two-year deal with the British squad.

Thomas – the only rider to have raced for Sky/Ineos throughout its history, after joining the team as a 23-year-old from Barloworld in 2010 – has proved over the past two seasons that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level, finishing third at the 2022 Tour de France (a month after winning the Tour de Suisse), and coming an excruciatingly close second to last-gasp pink jersey usurper Primož Roglič at this year’s Giro d’Italia.

Geraint Thomas, stage 20 of the 2023 Giro d’Italia (Zac Williams/

(Zac Williams/

And, despite an underwhelming performance at the Vuelta and rumours of a possible move away, the 37-year-old has committed what may prove to be the final years of his career to the Ineos Grenadiers, where he remains a central figure in a once-dominant team struggling to shape its new identity, during what has been an often painful period of transition.

“I am really delighted to extend my time as an Ineos Grenadier. I still just love riding my bike – racing and training with the boys – every single aspect of it,” Thomas said in a statement today.

“Although you ‘never say never’, in my head this is my last contract – but I know that I still have two more big years in me. And I wouldn’t have continued in a different team.

“This team understands me and, importantly, knows what it takes to achieve success. I have childhood mates here – Luke and Swifty as riders and Stannard now in management, and I’ve known Rod since 2003. This really does feel like home.

“We’re an ambitious group and have some big goals ahead. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in again and want to help the team continue to progress.”

Geraint Thomas Cardiff homecoming 2018 (picture copyright) Charlie Forgham-Bailey, SWpix.com_

(Charlie Forgham-Bailey/

The Welshman, who initially looked set to be a classics star before turning his attention (rather successfully, I might add) to stage races and the grand tours, even hinted that a return to the cobbles and hills of the Belgian spring may be on the cards as he heads towards retirement.

“I want to continue to be highly competitive in anything really; maybe look at going to the Classics again or ride GC in Grand Tours or help whoever is going to be the next guy coming through, but I just want to have a positive impact on the team,” he says.

“I’m at that stage where I’m still hungry to perform but at the same time, I am happy to help the team. I want to try and help us push forward to get back to the very top of the sport.

“It’s just been an amazing career so far and hopefully it can continue in that way.”

23 October 2023, 10:35
Thibaut Pinot, stage 13, 2023 Giro d’Italia (Zac Williams/
The end of another era at Groupama-FDJ, as French team ends partnership with bike supplier Lapierre after 22 years

First Thibaut Pinot retires, then his Groupama-FDJ team end their 22-year-long partnership with bike supplier Lapierre… What’s happening to the sport I love?

Setting aside my nostalgic yearning for the early 2010s, it was revealed over the weekend that the long collaboration between the Dijon-based bike brand and France’s most emblematic team – a partnership which yielded over 300 victories courtesy of the likes of Philippe Gilbert, Jacky Durand, Bradley Wiggins, Arnaud Démare, and, of course, Pinot himself – will come to a close at the end of the year.

However, Lapierre will continue to supply bikes to the women’s team, FDJ-Suez, in 2024, Velo101 reports.


> Tour de France pro bike: Thibaut Pinot’s Lapierre Xelius SL Exclusive

And while Lotto Dstny’s split from long-term bike supplier Ridley earlier this year was a messy affair, Groupama-FDJ boss Marc Madiot had nothing but kind words for the departing Lapierre.

“This is the end of a historic partnership of more than twenty years and we will always remember our great performances on Lapierre bikes,” the car door panel beating team manager said.

“During these two decades we co-developed some of the most efficient bikes in the world and it was a wonderful adventure, full of success. We respect Lapierre’s choice to end the partnership. Like every company, Lapierre must make strategic choices. The end of this collaboration is an illustration of this and we are respectful of this decision. Lapierre is and will remain a great bicycle brand!”

23 October 2023, 09:57
Sir Chris Hoy, 2022 world track championships (screenshot - BBC Three)
“You switch on BBC Breakfast, you think, ‘oh, let's see how they did’, and there’ll be nothing”: Chris Hoy says lack of track cycling coverage in mainstream media is “a shame”

Sir Chris Hoy says he is frustrated with the current lack of coverage of track cycling in the mainstream media, which he says could be central to raising the profile of women’s sport in the UK.

“Ten years ago there would have been twenty journalists around a table having a chat about track cycling, so it’s a shame that there isn’t more support from the general media,” the six-time Olympic champion and BBC pundit, speaking at the first round of the UCI Track Champions League in Mallorca, said, according to GCN.

“Cycling media has always followed [track cycling], although it could follow it more, but the general media doesn’t seem to have the same love for it that it used to. Which is frustrating is when you see some amazing result, like Emma [Finucane, who won the sprint title] at the worlds.

“You switch on BBC Breakfast, you think, ‘oh, let's see how they did’, and there’ll be nothing.”

UCI Track Champions League crash (Simon Wilkinson/

> "Just chaos": Track cycling event restarted after huge crash brings down half the field

Hoy added the lack of coverage is doubly frustrating considering the strength of Team GB’s female riders.

“We have the best women's squad and now, the women's sprint squad is so strong,” he said. “If the general media wants to show that they are behind trying to raise the profile of women’s sport then how about showing some of the cyclists? Because they’re bloody awesome. That’s the frustration I think.”

The 11-time world champion said the key for bolstering the profile of track cycling is “the Olympic viewers, who only turn it on every four years and go, ‘oh great, we’re good at this.’

“The reason in the UK track cycling was booming was because, well, the results were there, but also people knew the names. They knew Victoria Pendleton, they knew Mark Cavendish, me, whoever else, Jason Kenny – everybody. They were household names. And that’s missing now.”

With Laura Kenny – the only remaining member of the Class of 2012 still in the British squad – struggling to secure her spot for the Paris Olympics, Hoy noted that “it could be a completely new squad from 12 years ago”.

“So in that respect, it’s a challenge to get these names into the public consciousness,” he explained.

23 October 2023, 09:28
Some wholesome Monday morning cycling social media content… Or not

Perusing’s X/Twitter notifications on a Monday morning is quite often the perfect way to kick off a particularly unhinged week, but this reply – responding to our story on West Midlands Police thanking people for reporting “hundreds of careless and dangerous drivers” – made even me stop in my tracks:

I’m still not sure if the post is serious or just an elaborate anti-cycling bingo satire, but in any case – Full house!

Ryan joined in December 2021 and since then has kept the site’s readers and listeners informed and enthralled (well at least occasionally) on news, the live blog, and the Podcast. After boarding a wrong bus at the world championships and ruining a good pair of jeans at the cyclocross, he now serves as’s senior news writer. Before his foray into cycling journalism, he wallowed in the equally pitiless world of academia, where he wrote a book about Victorian politics and droned on about cycling and bikes to classes of bored students (while taking every chance he could get to talk about cycling in print or on the radio). He can be found riding his bike very slowly around the narrow, scenic country lanes of Co. Down.

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Adam Sutton | 5 months ago

Aside from the fact if Vine, or I don't know...Mikey had pulled that pass there would be all kinds of excuses made, is it actually impossible for to publish an article about Neal without resorting to ad hominem?

"It feels like it’s been a while since everyone’s favourite driving instructor/YouTuber/son of a four-time European Cup-winning full back popped up on the live blog, but don’t worry – Ashley Neal is back after a quiet summer and is once again causing controversy within the cycling community… and this time he’s on a bike."

This adds nothing to the article except show the petty mindedness directed towards anyone how does't follow the accepted black and white narrative of cycling good/driving bad.

Maybe for balance can start referiring to Vine in every article as;

"everyones favourite gameshow host/daytime TV pundit/brother of Edinburgh fringe winning comedian"

Just a thought.

Car Delenda Est | 5 months ago

Can't say I agree with conflating MGIF cyclists and cars, one scratches paint and the other kills and maims.

Also he's safer if he gets in the cycle box (assuming he isn't trapped in the filter when the light changes).
Still would have been better to do it slower.

Adam Sutton replied to Car Delenda Est | 5 months ago
1 like

Yes but he is a driving instructor and son of a footballer don't you know!!! Hes wrong dammit, wrong wrong wrong!!

HoarseMann | 5 months ago

The Ashley Neal filter was an intentional MGIF to show the driver behind they made a pointless overtake (which was actually a close pass IMO). The driver's position trying to block the ASL filter lane is poor too. He freely admitted it was a bit tit-for-tat in the video. To be fair, I may have done the same myself!

I have been watching his content and his cycling is improving.

chrisonabike replied to HoarseMann | 5 months ago

HoarseMann wrote:

I have been watching his content and his cycling is improving.

Steady on!  We'll be critiquing his saddle height sock height, demanding he start confronting the Ronnie Pickerings of this world and cheering for him to blow through reds even after they're established next...

HoarseMann replied to chrisonabike | 5 months ago

Oh, he's still got a way to go! It's all still leisure riding, pootling around town/trails on an e-bike. No shopping trips by bike, rush hour commuting or road bike rides out into the countryside.

Apparently he's got an 'analysis' video of a cyclist getting knocked off on a roundabout coming up soon. Should be an interesting one?!

chrisonabike replied to HoarseMann | 5 months ago
1 like

Well I will certainly give it eye (if I get reminded by e.g. it appearing here, I don't follow him).

He gets at least half a point for revisiting his Edinburgh cyclist being hit video (linked from this post) as it's not easy - and indeed really unusual in this day and age - to say "I might not be completely right".

However he then undid some of this by returning to the theme of individual responsibility after having noted the multiple issues with the design.  And individual responsibility does sometimes seem to be downplayed for motorists - for example in a couple of his examples of "innocently killed" in the original vid...

When I last checked he also had some odd views on overtaking / passing cyclist.  I've seen videos where he appears both lacking a bit of pragmatism in favour of a rigid "letter of the guidance" approach AND also giving the nod to what seemed to be "crack on past, it's fine" where it sensibly wasn't.

Then there's the "give them a friendly toot".

Overall though he seems to have useful things to say to drivers about better driving around cyclists (albeit that's not hard).  And indeed better driving in general - sadly not a given with ALL driving instructors!

hawkinspeter replied to HoarseMann | 5 months ago

HoarseMann wrote:

Oh, he's still got a way to go! It's all still leisure riding, pootling around town/trails on an e-bike. No shopping trips by bike, rush hour commuting or road bike rides out into the countryside.

Apparently he's got an 'analysis' video of a cyclist getting knocked off on a roundabout coming up soon. Should be an interesting one?!

I watched part of his link up with Ogmios, but I think Ogmios is better by himself as he can pursue his little stories without having to talk with a passenger.

Ashley generally gives out good advice, but he's not perfect and often it's instructive to examine where you disagree with him and why. There's very few cyclists/drivers out there that are perfect, so it's good practice to identify your own and other common mistakes as that can help avoid collisions (which is the entire point of roadcraft).

As regards tit-for-tat MGIF overtaking - it's a bit of a guilty pleasure with me. I know it's not the best idea, but at least I'm not endangering others with my behaviour (probably just as well I don't drive).

Adam Sutton replied to HoarseMann | 5 months ago

Exactly the kind of thing Vine does and gets praise heaped on him from all quarters. Hmmm.

quiff | 5 months ago
6 likes 2022 wrote:

Hi Ashley... I promise that if you make the news again we'll drop ex-footballer. 2023 wrote:

everyone’s favourite driving instructor/YouTuber/son of a four-time European Cup-winning full back [Ashley Neal]

Observing the letter but not the spirit... 

Hirsute | 5 months ago

Found out about my wife's zero harm training this evening. Workplace based looking risk mitigation.
The trainer asked "you are in a car approaching a speed camera, what do you do ?"
Of the 10 there they nearly all said slow down, no one said (as I did) carry on at the same speed ( as you aren't speeding already). No one pointed out the risk of a pile up from someone slamming on and the trainer did not pick up on that or the speeding in the first place.
No wonder that 20 and 30 limits are only adhered to by a minority.

andystow | 5 months ago

They still can't seem to get the overtaking diagramme right. FTFY.

chrisonabike replied to andystow | 5 months ago

This is excellent but I can't help thinking there's a bigger issue with your improved version...

AidanR replied to chrisonabike | 5 months ago

It really is the worst kind of MGIF

hawkinspeter | 5 months ago

Weather across Britain has been so bad over the last 24 hours that even Audi drivers are only doing 70 on the motorway, according to reports.

Police forces across the country, report revenues have fallen by ‘hundreds of thousands in a day’, as storms forced Audi owners to discover gears lower than fifth.

HLaB | 5 months ago

That County down video I wouldn't class as a 'Sorry, didn’t see you there' (oblivious mistake), but more of a SMIDGAF !

brooksby replied to HLaB | 5 months ago

TBH, it's the sort of driving I had assumed was now taught as standard...  That sort of thing happens all the time, regardless of whether I have a headlight on.

In this case, I think the assumption is that the cyclist will quickly hop off onto the footway, possibly while also bowing to their Betters.

Dogless replied to brooksby | 5 months ago

If I'm on my own I'll try and stand my ground in situations like this. Worst is when it happens when I'm in shepherding my small kids, teaching them to ride out the gutter then some dickhead drives at you like this.

hawkinspeter | 5 months ago

Regarding the scrapping of LTNs around schools - the kids have only got themselves to blame if they don't vote in the people that will protect them. It's called democracy and if you didn't want Rishi Seven Bins Sunak to champion the all-conquering motor car, then you shouldn't have voted for him.

Mad Franky replied to hawkinspeter | 5 months ago

to be fair, they may or may not have voted for Mayor Rahman. It's hard to know how he counts the votes.


the little onion replied to Mad Franky | 5 months ago

Not allegedly. I think you mean the Corrupt Mayor Rahman Who Has Previously Been Convicted Of Electoral Fraud

Hirsute | 5 months ago
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Any news on when the post count will be back?

Half term and all that.

Brauchsel replied to Hirsute | 5 months ago

They're getting Lutfur Rahman in to tally them up. 

Secret_squirrel | 5 months ago

I've just spent the last 5mins looking at EmilyCee's TL and still dont have a clue whether she is a parody account or not - about 60% confident that shes parody/sarcasm.

Pro-trans and anti WEF - I dont think I've ever come across that particular intersection of the Venn before. 

imajez replied to Secret_squirrel | 5 months ago

She also seems quite keen on mass murder. In another tweet, she wants Putin to use nukes to improve things. 

hawkinspeter replied to imajez | 5 months ago

imajez wrote:

She also seems quite keen on mass murder. In another tweet, she wants Putin to use nukes to improve things. 

Seems like a nice lady psychopath

nniff replied to Secret_squirrel | 5 months ago

She's not listed with the RCVS as Emily Cee, although there are several Emily C.......

Looks to be a common or garden nutter

oceandweller replied to Secret_squirrel | 5 months ago
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Secret_squirrel wrote:

I've just spent the last 5mins looking at EmilyCee's TL and still dont have a clue whether she is a parody account or not - about 60% confident that shes parody/sarcasm.

Pro-trans and anti WEF - I dont think I've ever come across that particular intersection of the Venn before. 

Don't understand. Is *anyone* pro-WEF?

eburtthebike | 5 months ago

It isn't only track cycling that the media ignore, it's all kinds of cycling, but especially utility cycling, which in media terms, has been cancelled for decades.

ktache replied to eburtthebike | 5 months ago

Quest is showing the track thing at some strange hour.


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