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"The man who never misses has officially missed": Adrian Chiles claims expensive cargo bikes are a "new kind of class politics"; Foul-mouthed rant at cyclist not using cycle lane... but public sticks up for rider + more on the live blog

Only two sleeps until San Remo... unfortunately Pidcock missing out with a concussion wasn't a bad dream. Dan Alexander will have all the rest of your updates from the cycling world this Thursday...
16 March 2023, 15:59
Things that cost more than a cargo bike

Since Adrian Chiles' column about £3,999 cargo bikes is getting a lot of attention we thought we'd take a look at some other less practical purchases, just for comparison with the potentially lifelong, and in some cases car-replacing, investment that is a cargo bike...

  • You could buy seven and a half of the cargo bikes Chiles took issue with for the price of... his motor, the BMW 520d...
  • Or one 'mini' Dior bag
Dior bag cargo bike comparison
  • 2,000 copies of the Guardian featuring Chiles' column
  • A couple of steaks seasoned by a questionable social media influencer
Salt Bae bill cargo bike comparison
  • Half a day represented by Mr Loophole (according to the Express
  • Seven of the 360-degree cameras Jeremy Vine never leaves the house without
16 March 2023, 09:22
So how cheap is your car, Adrian? Ah... right... okay...

For reference, as per a Sunday Times 2018 interview, Chiles' current motor, since 2016, is a BMW 520d...

Adrian Chiles Sunday Times interview (Sunday Times)

Better still...

Adrian Chiles Sunday Times interview (Sunday Times)

 All under the four grand mark, I assume...

16 March 2023, 08:56
"The man who never misses has officially missed": Adrian Chiles claims expensive cargo bikes are a "new kind of class politics"

The run had to come to an end someday... a harsh Thursday morning reminder that all of life's joys are fleeting...

Adrian Chiles, for context, is the writer and broadcaster behind such Pulitzer-worthy Guardian opinion pieces as 'I have a urinal in my flat and it has changed my life' and 'Cheddar and stout?! Salted caramel?! This messing with hot cross buns has to stop'. As worthy musings as those are, I'm not sure today's column is going to go down quite as well. In fact, scrap the speculation, it hasn't...

 A local group of Spokes, the Lothian-based campaign for better conditions for every day cyclists was quick to point out to Chiles the £3,999 price tag he was turning his nose up at might not seem quite as steep if he were to pop down to his local dealership for a new motor. That's without mentioning "the growing number of community schemes lending out cargo bikes for free," they added.

West Midlands Walking & Cycling Commissioner Adam Tranter called Chiles' take "strange". "When I bought my first cargo bike for £4,000 it was so useful it enabled me to get rid of my car, saving me around £6,000 a year in finance repayments and running costs," he explained. "A few years later, I upgraded to a bigger cargo bike and sold the old one for £2,800."

Stick to spoons, urinals and hot cross buns, Adrian... 

16 March 2023, 16:56
Matej Mohorič dusts off the dropper post ahead of Milan-San Remo

Just as we reported at Strade Bianche, Matej Mohorič has got the dropper post out again...

16 March 2023, 15:50
"That is going to be smelly": Stan Dewulf's soft landing at GP Denain

Juan Sebastián Molano got the win in the end, but this was our take-home story from the race...

Hugo Hofstetter's bars break during GP Denain (GCN)

> "That's not normal": Arkéa-Samsic pro breaks TWO sets of Bianchi handlebars during cobbled race 

16 March 2023, 12:11
Introducing your special guest...
16 March 2023, 14:36
Women's Tour launches crowdfunding campaign to cover sponsorship shortfall
16 March 2023, 13:59
Supersapiens: "This isn't about going faster. This is about health"
16 March 2023, 13:25
"I am extremely disappointed in the UCI's decision": Kristen Faulkner comments on Strade Bianche disqualification

On Tuesday we reported that Jayco-AlUla, the team of Kristen Faulkner, had accepted her disqualification from Strade Bianche for wearing a glucose monitor. Well, Faulkner herself has released a statement too, saying she supports a fair environment for all athletes, but has been left "extremely disappointed" by the UCI's decision.

"I have never used glucose data in competition," she said. "I was under the impression that I could race with my device if it did not record any data, because there was no performance advantage whatsoever. The UCI holds the position that wearing a non-connected patch itself — even if there is no transmission of data and no performance advantage — is enough to disqualify me.

"My intent was not to violate any rules or gain an unfair advantage. I am proud of how I raced Strade Bianche and I am extremely disappointed in the UCI's decision. I also hope that one day glucose monitors are allowed in racing. I believe they are a valuable tool for athletes — especially women — to take care of physical health, though that is a conversation for another time.

"I look forward to the rest of the season and I hope that Strade Bianche is one of many WorldTour podiums to come."

With her disqualification, Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig has been bumped up to third.

16 March 2023, 11:26
One of the UK's best days in the saddle

Alright, Jake, you big show off... possibly the most beautiful three hours plus for most people? Get your favourite three-hour routes in the comments...

16 March 2023, 11:05
"I've got one chance left to win it": Peter Sagan's San Remo swansong

Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

Will the real Peter Sagan please stand up? (On the San Remo top step of the podium)... Eminem references out the way, it's Sagan's final Milan-San Remo on Saturday, the Monument he always seemed best suited to winning but never has...

Milan-San Remo 2012 Gerald Ciolek wins (picture Gian Mattia D'Alberto, LaPresse, RCS Sport

[Gian Mattia D'Alberto — LaPresse]

Two second places, one behind Gerald Ciolek's stunning underdog victory (above), another from an escape trio including eventual winner Michał Kwiatkowski and Julian Alaphilippe (below). Five fourth places, one sixth place and a tenth. Is Saturday finally the day? Stranger things have happened but the three-time World Champion will need to improve on his underwhelming start to his final WorldTour season.

Michal Kwiatkowski win Milan-San Remo 2017 - picture credit LaPresse - D'Alberto-Ferrari.jpg

[LaPresse — D'Alberto-Ferrari] 

Speaking to Cyclingnews, Sagan acknowledges "I've got one chance left to win it"...

"Milan-San Remo has always been a race that suits me but has always been a difficult race for me to win," he said. "I haven't managed to win Milan-San Remo for a lot of different reasons and because every year is a different race. Losing in 2017 hurt a lot, I admit it. I felt really strong that day, but they told me information from the team car that was wrong, so I made a bad tactical decision. But as I said, Milan-San Remo is decided even in a split second and you don’t get a second chance to win.

"Milan-San Remo is also special in that sense, there so much you can't control. If you're the absolute strongest at the Tour of Flanders, you can win quite easily. Milan-San Remo is more of a lottery and everything is decided in the last five kilometres, so there's no real time to correct any errors you make or to turn things around if you have a mechanical or a problem. Milan-San Remo is all or nothing."

16 March 2023, 10:26
Foul-mouthed rant at cyclist not using cycle lane... but public sticks up for ride

WARNING: Contains strong language...

To be honest, we weren't going to share this until we spotted a glimmer of hope in the replies...(granted, we chose to ignore asking what constitutes a 'serious cyclist'?)...

Yes, admittedly the other 95 per cent of replies were people with football clubs in their name or picture tagging Jeremy Vine... 

Anyone got any local knowledge on this one?

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