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Live streamer stops brutal bike theft attack; Traffic cops apologise for cyclists avoid busy areas tweet; Reza calls for tougher racism punishments; £18m training boost; Promising pro retires; Ben Foster visits Rapha + more on the live blog

It's Tuesday and Dan Alexander will be rounding up the best bits from the cycling world on the second live blog of the week...
13 April 2021, 12:54
Live streamer stops cyclist being attacked during attempted bike theft

A live streamer stepped in to stop a bike thief attacking a cyclist in central London. The streamer called Sherwin was live on his YouTube channel when he saw a man lying in the road being attacked. He ran over and got in the way of the attacker who tried a few more times to take the bike.

In the video, the victim is bleeding from the face and repeatedly says to call the police before saying "I almost got murdered man" and describing the attacker as "armed and dangerous".

A group of passers-by also stopped and shouted at the suspect as he ran off. Sherwin has been praised on Reddit, where the video was widely shared, for stepping in.

rgtn0w commented: "Big props to the streamer though, realises what's happening at a glance. Acts upon it immediately, and knows he has to be loud and attract attention as much as possible so people come. I don't think there's even something he could've done better to help that guy there."

Z-Jax added: "Good on him for helping. Hopefully enough people saw his face so he can be identified."

13 April 2021, 16:17
Since you asked so nicely...
Live blog comment

You could have at least given your thoughts on the apology, Captain Badger...

13 April 2021, 15:48
Two from two for Cav

After three years without a win, Cav made it two in as many days at the Tour of Turkey today...A few sprinters could be looking nervously over their shoulder.

13 April 2021, 15:41
Phil Gaimon launches Preem TV
Phil Gaimon (via YouTube)

Former pro rider Phil Gaimon is building on his current YouTube audience by launching Preem TV, a new channel for cyclists. Gaimon will be joined by gravel racer Ali Tetrick, US national crit champion Rahsaan Bahati and former pro Lex Albrecht. Part of the cycling company, Preem, which was created by Zwift co-founder Scott Barger, Preem TV claims to be "all about feeding your passion for the ride". 

The channel officially launched last week and Gaimon says he's keen to see it grow. "Preem TV is all about feeding your passion for the ride and giving that ride new life. That's what we're going to be doing here every week as we grow our roster of presenters and deliver never before seen content," he explained.

13 April 2021, 14:57
Suez Canal blockage delays arrival of middle-aisle cycling gold to Aldi
Suez Canal delays

It's a well-known fact of shopping at Aldi that the middle aisle is the Aladdin's cave of retail. It's the sort of place you pop down for a pint of milk only to arrive home ten minutes later the proud owner of an inflatable hot tub...

They do cycling kit too. Or at least they did until the Suez Canal blockage delayed all their gear arriving. All the Specialbuys scheduled to arrive in store on April 15 have been delayed until May. A bad sign for other cycling goods coming from Asia?

13 April 2021, 14:23
French MPs back cycling with help for e-bike buyers
Paris cyclists on Rue Saint-Antoine (picture credit Simon MacMichael).PNG

French MPs voted unanimously for a series of measures to encourage people to buy bikes as part of the new Climate Bill. The Connexion reports amendments include incentives for people swapping vehicles for an electric bike, similar to the existing incentive for ditching an older car for an electric model.

During the first reading, Minister for the Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili said a "package of aid" for cycling was needed to further boost the "booming" interest and offered a "bicycle bonus" for people buying cargo bikes. 

In March, MPs from all parties put their names to an open letter criticising the absence of cycling policies, leading to their inclusion now.

13 April 2021, 14:18
New bike day
13 April 2021, 12:10
Ben Foster takes a tour of refurbished Rapha Clubhouse

We weren't the only ones to get a sneak peek at the expanded Rapha Clubhouse in London...Our inaugural Drink At Your Desk Live! guest Ben Foster went along for a video too. For all the details as the flagship Clubhouse reopens, completely refurbished and expanded, have a read of our story from yesterday...

13 April 2021, 12:07
Your thoughts on Northumbria Police apology
Live blog comments 13/4/2021
Live blog comments 13/4/2021
Live blog comments 13/4/2021


13 April 2021, 11:35
ICYMI: £18 million announced for cycle training
transport for greater manchester cycle training - via tfgm

The government will invest £18 million in cycle training schemes for children and families. Citing the need to ensure everyone has the confidence to choose active travel, the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced at the end of last week that £18 million would be managed via the Bikeability Trust charity. The funding will go towards delivering practical on-road training, similar to the old 'cycling proficiency' scheme.

Bikeability offers five levels of training for kids, starting with developing early cycle handling awareness through to riding on busy streets with complex junctions and roundabouts and has trained over 3.5 million children since 2006.

"The commitment of government to fund Bikeability in this next year is hugely welcomed as we seek to ensure that every child can access cycling as a life skill by 2025," Bikeability Trust's executive director Emily Cherry explained.

"Personally, I know the value of cycle training for both children and their parents, having taken part in family training with my teacher husband and our children. Now, they cycle to school daily using the skills they learned from the training and, as a family, we continue to enjoy cycling together. Bikeability is the first step to ensure that adults and children alike have the confidence and competence to cycle."

13 April 2021, 10:39
Kévin Reza speaks out about being the only black rider at last year's Tour de France and what cycling can do to stamp out racism
kevin reza - via facebook.PNG

Kévin Reza spoke to Sky Sports about the need for cycling to tackle racism. The French lead-out man was the only black rider at the Tour de France last year and in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, he rode at the head of the peloton next to race winner Tadej Pogačar on the final stage in Paris. Riders also wore masks with #NoToRacism written on the front before the stage too.

However, more can be done and Reza is keen for discussion about the subject of diversity and inclusion in the sport. "It's just something that makes me want to be able to share and interact with people," he said. "Those who may or may not be racist, but at least we can have a proper exchange and I can share my ideas and thoughts. It's a subject that remains taboo and that we aren't used to talking about openly."

In 2017, Ineos Grenadiers rider Gianni Moscon was suspended for six weeks and sent on a diversity training course for racially abusing Reza at the Tour de Romandie. Moscon escaped punishment from the UCI, something which the victim of his slur thinks needs addressing.

"I have reflected and thought for a long, long time about this," Reza continued. "This is the biggest and most important organisation in cycling. They manage to ban cheaters who take drugs. I think that racism and discrimination in general must be on a par with these kinds of acts. 

"As a minimum, you would expect to see a racist get punished like a doper. I think this is one of the best solutions. It would show they're taking a strong stance in terms of supporting action against the various forms of discrimination within sport."

In a statement provided by the UCI, the governing body insisted they "firmly condemn all forms of racism and discrimination".

13 April 2021, 10:07
Promising pro rider retires at 21

Former French junior national champion Théo Nonnez has retired from pro cycling aged 21 in the hope of regaining his mental and physical health. Nonnez was fourth at U23 Liège–Bastogne–Liège in 2019 but says he has suffered from burnout in the pursuit of his goals.

In a statement on FDJ's website Nonnez said: "I made this decision after a long period of reflection. I think we can call it a burnout. I am not sad to make this decision. On the opposite, it gives me hope again. I had entered a vicious cycle and I didn’t dare talking about how I felt.

"I was thinking about cycling when I was breathing, waking up, eating. My whole life was dedicated to it and I deprived myself of a lot of things. I moved away from close people, friends, because I no longer had the opportunity to see them, or even because I put barriers myself.

"My family has invested a lot, financially but also in terms of time. The team trusted me, many people have been there for me. I worked hard myself, struggled, and forbid myself many things to get there. Therefore, it was hard to admit to myself that all that did not excite me anymore. I lied to myself, but in the end, could not escape it."

The 21-year-old went on to explain he knew something was wrong when he broke down in tears on a training ride in December and was looking forward to continuing his life away from the world of pro cycling.

13 April 2021, 09:56
Seven stages of LTN grief
13 April 2021, 09:31
Northumbria Police superintendent responds to criticism

Superintendent Sam Rennison of Northumbria Police took to Twitter to address the criticism about the post from her force's traffic unit which asked cyclists to avoid riding in busy areas during rush hour. Renniston is concerned the backlash will overshadow the positive work her department has done to protect cyclists...

She wrote: "The commitment to road safety and those staff who are working in this area is unwavering. We want cyclist, pedestrians and drivers to be safe. We want to see a reduction in road deaths and serious injury. We are a department of committed officers and staff who want their communities and their families to be safe.

"Our tweets are to keep you informed, we sometimes get a great response...we sometimes get it wrong. There are lots of great excuses on the post. My particular favourite was our phone was stolen by a drink driver... but at the end of the day, we didn't get this tweet right, but it doesn't take away from the great work being done. Roads should be safe for all, and our commitment to roads policing is to try to get there."

13 April 2021, 07:48
Traffic cops apologise for asking cyclists to avoid busy areas during rush hour

Northumbria Police admitted they got this one wrong and apologised for the tweet, which has also been deleted, asking cyclists to avoid busy areas during rush hour and be extra careful as drivers may be out of practice after lockdown...Here it is in all its glory...

The post was deleted after heavy criticism from many on Twitter who said it was a ridiculous request and essentially told cyclists to get out of drivers' way. In an apology, the force's traffic cops said this wasn't intended and they were trying to keep cyclists safe. Some have said the response doesn't go far enough, with one reply calling it a "sorry if you were offended" apology...

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