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Council list ‘too many cyclists’ with fly-tipping + speeding as pandemic 'challenge'; Rail worker stops theft and reunites cyclist with bike; Bollards installed to stop pavement drivers; British Cycling correct cycle licence poll + more on the live blog

Welcome to Wednesday's live blog, with Jack Sexty in charge and Simon MacMichael contributing later this evening...
01 July 2020, 15:48
Hart Council respond to complaints over 'to many cyclists' survey question

After receiving further backlash on social media, Hart District Council have now said it wasn't their intention "to single out or offend cyclists". They claim cyclists were included in the list of pandemic 'challenges' faced by residents because of a lack of sufficient infrastructure to accommodate it, and that they want to rectify this. 

01 July 2020, 14:40
Council list 'too many cyclists' alongside fly-tipping and speeding in survey question on challenges residents faced during the pandemic
hart council too many cyclists screenshot - via Paul Tatam.PNG

A reader said he was "less than amused" with one of the questions included in a survey from Hart District Council about the community's recovery from the pandemic, which appears to suggests 'too many cyclists' is as high up the list as bonfires, fly-tipping and speeding drivers when it comes to things that peeved residents.

Question 11 of the survey (screenshotted above) lists "bonfires, increased fly-tipping, cars speeding, more noise, too many cyclists" as suggestions for 'challenges' that residents may have faced during their time in lockdown. The reader who sent it to us also commented: "It appears that from Hart Council's perspective, being a cyclist is now akin to an environmental crime such as noise or fly tipping."

01 July 2020, 15:44
British Cycling 'correct' cycling licence poll

The latest one from the Jeremy Vine On 5 Twitter account (we think we know which way its presenter would vote) has been altered by British Cycling, who continued: "We should be making cycling easier rather than more difficult."

01 July 2020, 15:10
Your daily "Why don't cyclists use the cycle path?"

Looks appealing...

01 July 2020, 13:51
Cyclist berated for not having a licence plate or high-vis... by a police officer

We've had plenty of positive policing news today, and it's a shame it must be balanced out with this bizarre incident. Full story/some sort of analysis to follow...

01 July 2020, 13:05
Pavement-mounting drivers update: extra blockades now installed to prevent motorists ignoring pop-up infrastructure in Lewisham

Our story yesterday about drivers in Lewisham ignoring planters deployed to close a road to through traffic has reached a positive conclusion, with a bollard and extra blockades added to stop more drivers using the pavement to get around them. The Met Police also attended this morning and fined any motorists caught driving on the footpath.

Lewisham Councillor Sophie McGeever - who said yesterday that there was "no excuse" for the drivers' behaviour - has thanked Superintendent Andy Cox and officers who attended to curb the illegal curb-mounting. 

As ever, the World Bollard Association have approved of the changes...

01 July 2020, 12:29
Alpkit - the outdoor store behind Sonder bikes - have crowdfunded £1.5 million in under an hour

The outdoor specialists surpassed their £750k target in just eight minutes and took another 44 minutes to reach their cap of £1.5 million on the CrowdCube investment platform, gaining an extra 1,380 shareholders. They will use the investment to open new stores and support Alpkit sustainability programmes, at a time where their like for like sales were reported as up by over 50% in the past 12 weeks. 

CEO and Co-Founder, David Hanney commented: “This is an exciting time for Alpkit and we’ve been completely overwhelmed by the support from our customers. For a long time, they've been asking us whether it would be possible to invest in Alpkit and we've always wanted to extend our ownership and deepen our relationship with our customers. So when we looked to add financial strength to our growth plans, we wanted to involve them ahead of other financial institutions. The response has been incredible and we know we wouldn’t be in this position today without their loyal support."

01 July 2020, 12:28
It's time to say thanks to turbos for getting us through the lockdown
turbo trainer meme - source unknown.JPG

Source unknown...

01 July 2020, 10:39
Cycling fans not impressed with Ineos 4x4

The Team Ineos account has now shared the news that their parent company has launched a new gas guzzler, and it's fair to say not everyone is thrilled...

01 July 2020, 10:46
Transport for London announce Euston Road pop-up cycle lane, with work set to begin this week
streetspace for london cycle lanes pop-up infra - via TfL

The latest major announcement as part of the mayor and TfL's Streetspace plan is a new temporary cycle lane on the busy Euston Road, that they say will "transform the key corridor for cycling" between an existing pop-up lane on Hampstead Road and Cycleway 6 on Midland Road/Judd Street. Construction will begin on Thursday, with lanes on either side of the road. 

While there will be consultations on many of London's new cycle lanes to make them permanent in the future, a hurdle for this one is that the road space allocated for it is already proposed to be used for the construction of the HS2 high speed railway network from late 2021 onwards. TfL say that if and when this happens, they will "work with local boroughs to develop alternative routes along side streets" when the lanes are removed. 

01 July 2020, 09:51
Police act to stop drivers mounting pavement to get around low traffic neighbourhood roadblocks in London

This morning, Superintendent Andy Cox said that officers were sent to the location in Lewisham to fine drivers who were going around the planters on the pavement, and later today the council will be installing new bollards - a result for those who were outraged by the footage above posted by BBC journalist Tom Edwards. 

01 July 2020, 09:28
More cycle-friendly signs spotted in Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester are beaming out the words of encouragement to ensure the cycle boom continues. Recently Chris Boardman unveiled the UK's first CYCLOPS junction in the city, a design that protects people cycling and walking while actually improving journey times for drivers - full story here

01 July 2020, 09:07
Ineos unveil massive 4x4

Well at least they can't be accused of greenwashing in this instance...

01 July 2020, 08:30
"The world needs more Abduls": heartwarming tale of railway worker who waited four hours to reunite commuter with his bike after foiling a theft attempt

Some good news to start the morning, as the story of a railway worker is going viral after he waited four hours to reunite a commuter with his bike after stopping a thief from stealing it at Cannon Street Station. Abdul Muneeb reportedly saw Steve Farmer's bike being cut with bolt croppers, challenged the thief and then waited with the bike after his shift. When he spotted Mr Farmer, he asked him to dial in the code on his broken lock to prove it was his and then gave him his bike back. His employer Southeastern have been made aware:

Chapeau Mr Muneeb, we need more like you... 

01 July 2020, 08:14
Mitchelton-Scott part ways with GM Shayne Bannan following Manuela Fundación farce
Mitchelton-SCOTT Team and Pirelli 2020

Read into this what you will, but Mitchelton-Scott have this morning released a statement announcing a "management shake-up" in which Shayne Bannan - the general manager and founder of GreenEDGE Cycling (the team's default name when they don't have a headline sponsor) - has left alongside assistant Alvaro Crespi. Darach McQuaid will become the team's first chairman as a 'direct liaison' with the team's owner Gerry Ryan, and Brent Copeland will join as general manager after departing Bahrain-McLaren. 

Although Mitchelton-Scott haven't given any reasons, these changes have come suspiciously soon after a bizarre episode in which the team announced they would be known as Manuela Fundación for the rest of the year after signing a deal with a little known Spanish not-for-profit (we can only assume Bannan and Crespi were heavily involved). They got as far as unveiling a whole new purple strip, before suddenly announcing that the deal had fallen through on 18th June. Manuela Fundación still insist a deal was made - which GreenEDGE deny - so it's possible this saga is far from over. 

After cobbling together a few hundred quid during his student days off the back of a hard winter selling hats (long story), Jack bought his first road bike at the age of 20 and has been hooked ever since. He was Staff Writer at 220 Triathlon magazine for two years before joining in 2017, and reports on all things tech as well as editing the live blog. He is also the news editor of our electric-powered sister site eBikeTips. Jack's preferred events are time trials, sportives, triathlons and pogo sticking (the latter being another long story), and on Sunday afternoons he can often be found on an M5 service station indulging in his favourite post-race meal of 20 chicken nuggets, a sausage roll, caramel shortbread and a large strawberry milkshake. 

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