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Special-edition 25 year anniversary Shimano SPD sandals launched. Still comfort over style, then.

No, they don’t come with the socks. Take the hint.

Shimano’s legendary SPD sandals have been treated to some tech updates to celebrate 25 years of the cooling breeze hitting toes.

If you’re looking for a cult item in cycling, then SPD sandals might just be the product to rule them all. Massively popular with touring cyclists and the dads that would happily wear socks with sandals in public, Shimano says that they’ve developed a certain amount of “hipster fashion.”

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While we jest about the fashion aspect, if you judge the humble SPD sandal purely on function then they're a real winner. Nothing with a cleat attachment will keep your feet as cool and comfort is one of the primary concerns when touring.

Shimano 25 SPD Sandals 1

Designed entirely with “summer practicality” in mind, the addition of SPD cleat attachments in the sole allows for greater riding efficiency than flat pedals.

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If you can draw your eyes away from the suspiciously pedicured feet in the picture, features include a new satin blue finish, “dual comfort-lined straps for a secure and comfortable fit” and “the greatest airflow ever in the Shimano footwear line-up.”

Shimano 25 SPD Sandals 3-2

Stiffness certainly isn’t the aim here with a rating of just 4/12 on Shimano’s arbitrary scale. The sandals are as much designed for walking in as they are for pedaling and as such, there is a generous tread on the outsole.

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But UK readers, we’re sorry to say that there’s some sad news. The new sandals won’t be available here! US-based riders can get a set for $130.

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