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BMW survey on 'most environmentally friendly form of transport' fails to include walking or cycling

Another day, another questionable social media post from a car manufacturer...

BMW has been criticised for conducting a survey asking people what they think the most environmentally form of transport is - without including walking or cycling as options.

The Twitter poll, which has nearly 6,000 votes, asks: "What do you think is the best way to get around town and still do our part to protect our environments?"

It gives four options for people to choose; Car sharing, E-Scooters, public transport or 'my super sustainable BMW'.

Unsurprisingly, people were quick to ask why the two cheapest and most obvious modes of sustainable transport, walking and cycling, were not included. 

Emma Edwards, who is a green party councillor for Bishopston and Ashley Down in Bristol, commented on the post. 

She said: "Active travel will always be the most sustainable and eco friendly option.

"The fact that you don’t even list it as an option makes me wonder what your definition of ‘super sustainable’ is.

"Also can you tell your customers to give bikes space please when they overtake."

Helpfully, there were plenty of Twitter users who commented on the post reminding the car manufacturer that there were plenty of other, more environmentally friendly modes of transport - that didn't involve using a motor. 

Others accused BMW of 'green washing' by publishing a post about World Environment Day. 

Only last week Mercedes came under fire for this since deleted post which showed the dazzling array of screens inside its new S-Class range.

And just yesterday, Toyota were teased after publishing an image of the 'ideal adventure' including a very cheap looking bike alongside a £27,000 off road vehicle. 

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