Teams and a championship format for next round of Revolution series

This season's Revolution Cycling Series will be different, all the races and events that have made it such a success will still be in place but with the addition of a new league format which the organisers hope will add even more excitement to proceedings.
In the new series instead of racing as individuals riders will be part of a team for the series, and that includes any top international stars riding a a particular round of the series, they will be drafted on to teams to help win championship points. During the Revolution Championship young talent will get the chance to join heroes such as Chris Hoy and Mark Cavendish as both Future Stars and elite riders accumulate team points across championship races at each event.
The Championship will create a whole new dimension to the Series but James Pope from FACE is quick to assure spectators that the programme will continue to provide the excitement and entertainment that has made Revolution such as success,
“The new championship will slot neatly into the existing race programme” confirmed Pope. “The races will make up about half the programme so the rest of the action will be made up of the usual Revolution events with head to heads and feature races providing plenty of entertainment for the audience," explained James Pope from Revolution organisers Face Partnership.
Championship races will include male and female Future Stars events, a Sprint and 200m Time Trial for the sprinters and a Points Race and 1km Madison Time Trial for the endurance riders.
Another feature will be the inclusion of captains to lead each of the eight new teams. Rob Hayles has already been confirmed as a team captain and is relishing the chance to lead his squad,
“The format sounds really exciting” he said. “It will be fantastic for the young riders to be part of a team alongside the big names; I know it would have been a real inspiration for me when I was a young rider. I just hope I can pass on enough wisdom to help my team to compete for the title.”
The new Revolution championship will get underway on Saturday 14th November with the remaining events scheduled for 5th December, 16thJanuary and 27th February.
After enjoying sell outs at every event last season tickets are already selling fast for the November event with 75% of tickets sold. This includes nearly 1000 season tickets highlighting the growing fan base for the Series.
Full details of the league competition and team line ups will be released over the coming weeks and will be available on www.cyclingrevolution.com.

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