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Steven Nzonzi has done nothing wrong says Stoke City boss

Mark Hughes backs player over "good luck in finding me on foreign plates" allegations...

Mark Hughes, manager of Premiership football club, Stoke City has said that as far as he is concerned Stoke player Steven Nzonzi did nothing wrong in an incident allegedly involving his player a cyclist in Hale Greater Manchester which is said to have concluded with the now infamous words "good luck finding me on foreign plates".

The driver of a French registered Audi is currently being sought by Greater Manchester Police for leaving the scene and failing to provide his details following an incident  on the 5th of September in which a cyclist was injured after he collided with the back of a car which he alleges was being driven erratically.

Nzonzi had been named widely on social media as the driver of the car and yesterday the Daily Mail went further identifying him in print as being the driver involved in the incident.

"Having spoken to him I don't think he has done anything wrong" Hughes told a press conference ahead of Stoke's home game against Manchester City. Hughes though will not be the final arbiter on whether Nzonzi - if it was he - transgressed in leaving the scene of the incident without exchanging details with cyclist Rob Lockhart who says he suffered concussion and a bruised shoulder when collided with the back of a French registers Audi in Hale, on the 6th of September. The driver of the car drove off without giving Lockhart his name with the now infamous words "good luck finding me on foreign plates".

Greater Manchester Police have yet to officially identify the driver involved, yesterday a spokesman told  “We are still investigating this incident and at the moment, we are working to id the driver.”

When told that the driver had been identified and asked to confirm that he would be interviewed, the police said: "We need to make further inquiries before he is interviewed."

Today Inspector Laura Burgess, from Greater Manchester Police, told the This is Staffordshire website: "The driver failed to stop at the scene and we are making efforts to identify, trace and speak to him.

"Members of the public who witnessed what happened have also helped us and we are pursuing these leads.

"Any information we receive that may help will be acted upon."

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