Sky may not have Wiggins but they do have a Pro Tour licence

UCI awards Team Sky a Pro Tour licence

The UCi this afternoon announced that Team Sky would get a Pro Tour licence until 2013 the short announcement is reproduced below. The news from the UCI had been widely trailed over the last few days, but the official announcement is a major boost for Sky and their performance director, Dave Brailsford and is a sign of how seriously the cycling establishment takes the whole Team Sky project.

Sky are working on their official response right now and should have something to say later today, unofficially they're "absolutely delighted" officially they are going to be much the same too no doubt. In terms of team development having a Pro Tour licence guarantees them an invite to all the world's biggest races and that combined with the funding Sky is putting behind the team should be enough to lure the really big name or names they obviously crave… contracts permitting of course.

UCI announcement

The Licence Commission, following an examination of applications, decided on 15 September to award UCI ProTour licences to the new Grands Prix of Quebec and Montreal (CAN) and also to the French team Ag2r La Mondiale and the new British outfit Team Sky.

The Grands Prix of Quebec and Montreal have been granted licences for four years (2010-2013), while Ag2r La Mondiale and Team Sky have been awarded licences for three years (2010-2012) and four years (2010-2013) respectively.

The Licence Commission will announce its decisions on other teams and events that have applied for UCI ProTour licences, or licence extensions, in the near future.

The Skil-Shimano (NED) team has withdrawn its application for a UCI ProTour licence.

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