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Just in: StantoVelo Protective Arm Warmers

First look at protective arm warmers to keep road rash and injury at bay

Arm warmers as the name suggests are usually worn to keep arms warm, but StantoVelo’s Protective arm warmers come with an extra function… can you guess what it is? Okay, I'll tell you then. They are designed to provide protection in the case of a fall. They were conceived when Guy Stanton got an armful of road rash and decided to do something about it and he did by designing his own protective arm warmers.

The StantoVelo Protective Arm Warmers then are very much like a regular arm warmer but have a strategically placed pad so if you do hit the deck, there’s a bit of extra protection. The pad is flexible so it doesn’t feel restrictive to wear.

The pad doesn’t add much extra weight or bulk over a regular arm warmer, so you could comfortably wear them all-day, as Guy tells us: “It was important that I could use the warmers as normal, able to wash them, sweat in them, roll them down my arms and still cycle, ready to roll it back up when I do a descent. It was most important that they were streamlined and so would not affect my performance.”

We can envisage these as being ideal for daily cycle commuting where the extra protection they provide could be reassuring. We’ve got a pair in for test so we’ll be trying them out, with an interest in just how much protection they offer (which we hopefully won’t test in a real life situation) and whether they can be comfortably worn instead of normal arm warmers.

The test of course will be whether they peform in every other respect like a standard pair of arm warmer right up to the moment you have a crash. If you feel you need that extra protection, these are worth a look. We’ll let you know how we get on with them.

They also have a reflective logo for added visibility. One size fits all and they cost £25.99 a pair.

You can find out more at

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