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Canadian cop filmed punching cyclist faces investigation +video

Vancouver copper was cuffing rider for red light jumping

 A policeman who was filmed punching a cyclist in the face as he arrested him now faces an investigation.

The Vancouver officer pulled over Andi Shae Akhavan for jumping a red light in the city centre.

He and a colleague attempted to put Akhavan in cuffs, and Akhavan says that when he moved his arm, he received a punch to the face.

Akhavan told CTV News in the USA: “I asked is there better things to be doing than giving tickets."

“I might have used some words I wouldn’t use on TV, but it was in a completely civil manner.”

His friend Mike Schwartz was filming, and placed this video on YouTube:

He wrote in the commentary:

"So my friend Andi was riding his bike home (sober) 3 blocks in Yaletown late last night without a helmet or light on. He went through a red light at the bottom of Robson and Beatty as there was NO traffic there at all (3 way intersection in front of the Terry Fox Memorial). These cops pull him over, and this is what they do to him. I have a full 10m video, and I'm recommending that Andi presses charges. Please help prevent this sort of stuff from happening again by sharing this video / photos, and asking the VPD to investigate VPD Officer Bhabha #2703."

The officer, who has been put on leave, is now to be questioned over his conduct.

Vancouver police department is already suffering something of a PR disaster following the case of Sandy Davidsen, a disabled woman shoved to the ground by a passing officer on the city's Downtown Eastside.

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