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Poole cycle campaigner thanks NHS for putting him back together

Jason Falconer suffered severe head injuries but now on the mend

We thought we'd bring you an update on Jason Falconer, the Sustrans Bike It! officer who suffered severe injuries in a collision in Poole earlier this year.

When we reported the incident back in early July, Jason was fighting for his life in Southampton Hospital’s neurological unit with head injuries.

Now we are delighted to report that he is back at home and recovering well. He spent just nine days in Southampton Hospital and seven in Poole before being discharged.

Now he hopes to resume his activities with Bike It! as soon as possible, and says that his fitness from cycling helped him recover fast.

He told the Bournemouth Daily Echo: “I will be recovered by early September.

"My fitness has helped the quick mend, and my hardest task now is to stay steady and off my bikes until then,” he said.

My employers sent hundreds of messages from the national cycling role models of every cycling journey that works around the UK for schools.

“Overwhelmingly, I have 346 hand-drawn letters from children in seven Bournemouth and Poole schools wishing me well, and looking forward to me returning.”

Jason was riding down Constitution Hill Road in Poole on the morning of Friday, July 6, when his bike was in collision with a car driven by a local woman in her 70s. The driver was unhurt.

In his Bike It officer profile Mr Falconer said: “My Dad put me on a bike when I was six, and although I could hardly reach the pedals, the absolute thrill and dynamism of cycling captivated me then and has held me ever since.”

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batch | 11 years ago

In today's news, a retired GP in his 90's was given a suspended sentence for driving a mile the wrong way down the A30 dual carriageway and killing a driver coming the other (right) way...and a foreign lorry driver was sentenced to 4 months for driving his articulated lorry the wrong way down a motorway after having drunk plum brandy.


Legislate as much as you want, you won't stop numpties from doing what they want to do, irrespective of the consequences.

What was the American police series that always ended the start of shift briefing with something along the lines of "lets be safe out there"?

Nice idea...difficult in practice  2

K Stand Ken replied to batch | 11 years ago
batch wrote:

What was the American police series that always ended the start of shift briefing with something along the lines of "lets be safe out there"?(

It was my very favourite and unmissable US Police series 'Hill Street Blues' and was spoken by the sergeant of the watch on completion of the day's briefing. The exact words were "Hey, let's be careful out there."
As the editor of the Manchester Wheelers' Club magazine this line concludes my editorial in each edition.

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