More Interbike craziness

Our new Interbike gallery is online now (courtesy of our good pals at Singletrack). Marvel at how Independent Fabrications can make carbon look like wood (check the carbon/flex world bike from Schwinn for more fake wood action), be even more marvellous if it actually was wood… if not very rideable. For a fat-tyred view of the Interbike action head over to Singletrack.
Check Look's new ultra-lightweight Zed crankset, just 360g and claimed to have a stiffness to weight ratio that's double that of Shimano's Dura Ace. Their new 596 TT bike is a bit of a looker (didn't mean that honest) too.
If you like 'cross bikes we've got plenty including: a the new Ibis carbon 'crosser – with just the cutest little Handjob cable holder; a Speedvagen with a cool Evel Knieval paint job, that Independent Fabrication Ti/Carbon beaut, and a very pretty number from Raleigh USA.
There's also Bradley Wiggins' Dolan track bike in World Champ colours – at first we got our wires crossed and thought Bradley himself was in Vegas too (which doesn't sound awfully wise). He wasn't, so of course no-one had seen him. Still, follow our reasoning: party animal + Vegas – minus sighting in show hall = yeah, he was probably there. But he wasn't. More Interbike pics here
Oh, and we've got more pics of the Cervelo P4 behind what Chipps reckons was the most reflective bit of perspex in the world. They only deal in superlatives at Cervelo. That integrated bottle on the P4 looks nifty, but is it dishwasher safe? Wouldn't like to think of the world's top testers and Ironmen all going down with food poisoning in a few months time…

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