Meet Nicole Cooke at Cycle 08

You heard it here first, but the organisers of Cycle 08 today confirmed that Olympic Gold Medal winning cyclist Nicole Cooke will be at the show on Sunday 12th October to meet the public and promote her new book Cycle for Life. Nicole was one of the star turns of last year's show, when she appeared on stage to be interviewed by TV commentator Anthony McCrossan. Nicole then took questions from the audience before spending time signing autographs for the fans
  This year, as one of the heroes of Beijing, Nicole will be back at the show to share her experiences, making an appearance in the Cycle 08 Arena where she will be interviewed again before appearing at her publisher's, Kyle Cathie stand, to sign copies of her new book. Also making an appearance at the show will be Nicole’s gold medal winning bike, the Boardman Road Pro Race Prepared bike, designed by Chris Boardman.   In her new book, Cycle for Life Nicole takes the experience and knowledge built up throughout her cycling life and distills it into an easy to understand guide to all aspects of cycling from setting up your bike through to the basics of training. Whether you’re already a keen cyclist or just starting out, the book aims to have something for everyone – we look forward to seeing a review copy soon. Nicole will appear at the Show on Sunday 12th October between 12.30pm and 2.30pm. There's a fiver off the on the door admission price for road.cc members that book in advance either on the web at www.cycleshow.co.uk/STM (entering the code “STM” , so they know we sent you) you'll get a fiver of the ticket price, or by phone on 0844 848 0122.  

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