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Metropolitan Police get proactive on stolen bikes

Suspects arrested and 10 bikes recovered

The Metropolitan Police could probably do with some PR help from a journalist right now, no, hang on…anyway, they have good news to report about the recovery of some stolen bikes which we are happy to pass on.

In a press statement they say that two investigations by the Metropolitan Police Service Safer Transport Command’s Cycle Task Force have led to the recovery of 10 bikes that are believed to be stolen.

On Tuesday 12 July officers from the Cycle Task Force, which is funded by Transport for London (TfL), carried out a search warrant at an address in Porchester Road, Queensway W2 after a decoy bike was stolen near to Trafalgar Square the day before.

Officers searched the property and found the stolen decoy bike, along with a laptop and four other bikes, all believed to be stolen.

Two of the bikes, a £600 Trek and a £950 Brompton, were confirmed as stolen and have been returned to their rightful owners. The Brompton was returned to the owner within 24 hours of it being stolen.

An 18 year-old man and a 43 year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of burglary, theft and handling stolen goods and bailed to return to police in August.

On Thursday 14 July the Cycle Task Force carried out a search warrant at an address in Ealing, in connection with an investigation into a stolen Genesis bike being sold online. The bike was reported stolen from Tower Hamlets on 6 July.

During the search, officers found five bikes, all believed to be stolen, including the Genesis bike. Enquiries to identify victims are ongoing. A 36 year old man was arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen goods and bailed to return in September.

Cycle Task Force Sergeant Jim Morris, said: "Three bikes have been reunited with their rightful owners and a further six bikes, believed to be stolen, have been recovered following successful Cycle Task Force investigations.

"We are committed to tackling cycle theft across London and will continue to help cyclists, through both education and enforcement, by catching bike thieves, security marking bicycles and reuniting people with heir stolen bikes."

"We advise any cyclist to follow 'the three R's' - record the details of their bike, register them onto online property databases and report any theft to the police. These are simple steps that all cyclists should take so that if their bike is stolen they stand a good chance of being reunited with it."

"If you are a victim of bike theft and you suspect your bike is being sold, do not arrange to meet the seller, contact the police, quoting your crime reference number."

Siwan Hayward, Deputy Director of Community Safety Enforcement and Policing at TfL, said: "The quick recovery of these bikes is testament to the hard work of the Cycle Task Force, who have had a real impact on cycle thefts in London. As the Mayor’s cycling revolution continues to put more cyclists on the Capital’s streets we will continue to work with the Metropolitan Police Service to minimise thefts and help make cycling safer and more secure."

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