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Bournemouth's new outdoor velodrome nears completion

£800k facility will have multiple uses

Workmen are putting the final touches to Bournemouth’s new £800,000 outdoor velodrome reports the Bournemouth Echo.

Construction of the Olympic-sized facility has been funded by British Cycling and Bournemouth Council along with housing development contributions. The 250-metre track will also be able to host in-line skating and running events, and is said to be the first such facility to be built in the UK since 1962.

The Slades Farm track, which will also be known as Bournemouth Cycling Centre, is being built from recycled materials by Hampshire-based Raymond Brown, in partnership with Tarmac, and is due to open for public use by the end of May.

British Cycling has provided £400,000 in funding for the project which will serve Dorset and the New Forest.

Bournemouth Council’s deputy leader Cllr John Beesley tol the Echo: “We can’t wait for it to be completed. It will certainly put Bournemouth on the map for track cycling and hopefully encourage local people to take up a new sport.”

Mark Adams, British Cycle regional development manager, said: “It looks stunning and is going to be an incredible facility for Bournemouth, the local community and regional cyclists.”

While surfacing and landscaping work has yet to be completed, there are further plans to create a dog training and exercise area in the facility, but not everyone is happy.

Some local residents have complained that it will adversely affect the value their homes as well as creating local traffic problems.

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antonio | 12 years ago

Every big town should have one, at that price it's a snip and look at the returns in healthy kids and youths.

JonoB | 12 years ago

Hope it's better than the Edinburgh one. Within seconds of it raining..........everyone falls off their bikes. Splinters??? Owww!

Chuffy | 12 years ago

An outdoor track? In Bourney? About six miles from where my parents live?  13

Woo!  19  16  4

OldRidgeback | 12 years ago

Is the lodrom anywhere near the BMX track?

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