Wiggins' motorhome on sale for £50k... but sold for £47k at auction in 2017; Ganna breaks pursuit WR; 'Confirmed' UAE Tour coronavirus cases... not confirmed; Cycle scheme halts Sophos sale; Pothole gets birthday cake + candles + more on the live blog

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28 February 2020, 20:38
Important breaking Bradley Wiggins motorhome update: Wagon sold at auction for £3k LESS than the current price in 2017
bradley wiggins motorhome - frost car centre

We've suspended our Friday evening plans to bring you a vital update for anyone considering purchasing Bradley Wiggins' motorhome for the princely sum of £49,999 from Frost Van Centre... with massive thanks to Awavey in the comments for jogging our memory of a story we actually written ourselves (Friday beers had already begun in the office, cut us some slack), it turns out that the motorhome actually sold at auction for £47,000 back in 2017 with just 5,500 miles on the clock - you can read our story on it here

That means a buyer will be paying almost £3,000 more for a motorhome with at least two previous owners (and the last one presumably wasn't mega famous), and with an extra three thousand miles on the clock. 

Time for the asking price to be altered, or like a fine wine do you reckon modded motorhomes once owned by Tour de France winners get better and more valuable with age? We've contacted Frost Van Centre for comment. 

28 February 2020, 15:38
Fancy Bradley Wiggins' motorhome? Yours for £50k
bradley wiggins motorhome 1

Frost Van Centre in Newcastle upon-Tyne have acquired the former Mercedes motorhome belonging to the 2012 Tour de France champion, and believe they have "a piece of exceptional sporting memorabilia" on their hands with a very high spec list for its discerning buyer. 

Bradley wiggins motorhome 4

Wiggins used to whip around in the van to travel between events, although he can't have done so too much because it's only got 8,423 miles on the clock. Frost describe the features as 'incredible', with 'Wiggo'-branded leather seats in Union Jack colours, carbon fibre components, four TVs, a full kitchen and a toilet and shower. 

bradley wiggins motorhome 3

There's also a fitted double bed in the back, and an extra large storage area. The conversion was completed by Mclaren Sports Homes. 

Frost believe the vehicle would have originally been worth £80,000, but they're selling it on for £49,999 - check out the listing here

28 February 2020, 16:54
Thomas de Gendt's summary of professional cycling: "I work in the advertising business"


28 February 2020, 16:35
More coronavirus news: Michael Morkov kept in solitary confinement in Berlin after leaving UAE
Michael Morkov

Evening Express report that Morkov left the UAE Tour before it was cancelled to take part in the Track World Championships, and is now been kept in solitary confinement at his team’s hotel in Berlin after arriving on Thursday. Movistar's Alberto Torres was due to travel to Berlin, but stayed after the lockdown was imposed.

28 February 2020, 16:26
Filippo Ganna breaks individual pursuit world record in qualifying

We've just done some light research (i.e. gone on Wikipedia) and discovered that Ganna's mark of 4:01.934 would have been the Team Pursuit world record as recently as 1996. This was just the qualifying rounds, and there's talk of the magic 4 minute mark being broken in the finals... 

28 February 2020, 15:03
Brakes put on sale of Sophos to US firm... because of the Cycle to Work scheme

The Oxfordshire-based security software giants were all set to finalise a $3 billion sale to the US private equity firm Thoma Bravo... but the plans were punctured at the last minute because Sophos are signed up with the Cycle to Work scheme. It turns out Sophos' lawyers must have failed to do the required due diligence work with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - with whom the Cycle to Work scheme is regulated - while the sale was put through. 

While it's more of a stumbling block than something that will derail the whole process, this will all need to be patched up and repaired before they can get the show back on the road. Under UK financial regulations, any person or company acquiring control of an 'authorised entity' have to seek approval from the FCA. 

Sophos' shares remain on the UK stock exchange, with an updated timetable for its removal set to be released soon.

28 February 2020, 14:06
UAE Tour coronavirus calamity: Italian journalist 'confirms' that confirmed coronavirus cases amongst team staff members are actually unconfirmed

In a situation that could be about to descend into farce, Raisport's Stefano Rizzato is claiming that the 'confirmed' cases of coronavirus diagnosed in two Italian team staff members were actually not confirmed at all, and they are just suffering with a fever. Of course we're unable to confirm Rizzato's unconfirming with no more official updates from the organisers, and riders are reportedly banned from speaking to the media; but Rizzato also notes that the UCI actually described the cases as 'suspected' rather than 'confirmed' in their press release on the matter. 

More on this when we get it.  

28 February 2020, 13:45
Greta Thunberg: some perspective

Not directly cycling-related; but being as the environment may be one of, or even the sole reason you took up cycling in the first place, we reckon this tweet is pretty succinct. 

For those not aware, Greta Thunberg is speaking at a huge climate march in Bristol today, with crowds reportedly numbering 30,000. 

28 February 2020, 08:47
“For He’s a Jolly Good Hollow”: Derby Cycling Group mark first anniversary of pothole not getting fixed
derby cycling group pothole jumping_for_joy-1323x1080

The campaign group had a "small celebratory party" for the giant crater dubbed Borrowash Basin, that they say has not been fixed by Taylor Wimpey a year after being reported as dangerous. 

Derby Cycling Group said on their website: "After waiting a year for a dangerous hole on a cycle route in Borrowash to be fixed by the local developers (Taylor Wimpey), a small group of DCG members decided to commemorate the anniversary by holding a birthday party for the hole. 

"Over the last year, Taylor Wimpey have been chased many times to make the necessary repairs but no effective action has been taken despite promises that “contractors would be working on the repairs as a matter of urgency”. From being a nice new pothole with smart barriers, the hole has become sorrier and sorrier looking with rubbish collecting in the hole, the barriers falling over, and a resulting general air of neglect."

derby cycling group cake-1024x755

Balloons were put around the pothole's barricade, and a cake was made with just one candle on it to mark the anniversary: "hopefully we won’t need more at a further event in 2021", say DCG. 

It's not the first time locals have used inventive methods to bring attention to pothole inaction: an 'artist' calling themselves Wanksy prompted the council to act when he/she started paining penises around potholes, and villagers and parish councillors in an Oxfordshire village staged a protest by filling potholes with rubber ducks back in 2017

Check out our interview with the man they call Mr Pothole for more info on the problem blighting Britain's roads, and if you come across holes that need filling report them to Fill That Hole or go direct to the Highways Agency

28 February 2020, 13:03
Danish world-breaking pursuit team's questionable headgear

Is a world record even worth it if you have to wear one of these? The latest version of POC's Tempor has popped up on the heads of the Huub-Wattbike team and others in the past few months, so we're guessing there must be method behind the aesthetic madness at least...  

28 February 2020, 12:08
£15 million boost for cycling in new Scottish budget
Cyclist in Edinburgh (licensed CC BY-2.0 by Mark Morgan on Flickr).jpg

Cycling UK have praised the announcement, which comes after an agreement between the Scottish Green Party and the government to make extra funds available for cycling in the Budget. It means more than £20m a year will be available for local authorities to spend cycling infrastructure, taking the travel budget in Scotland above £100m for the first time. 

Cycling UK said the initial £5.5m per year increase would not be enough to tackle climate change in Scotland, and needed to increase to at least £20m in 2020/21. The extra £15 million now means that all 32 of Scotland’s local authorities have an increased budget to build dedicated cycling infrastructure.

Jim Densham, Cycling UK’s campaigns and policy manager in Scotland said: “Yesterday’s breakthrough between the Scottish Green Party and Government on the Budget is good news for the future of cycling and walking, and shows Scotland’s ambitions to cut emissions and get more people active is not just hot air.

“Cycling UK is extremely pleased that there is more money for local authorities across Scotland to spend on cycling. If spent well this can encourage more people to be active on their shorter everyday journeys and help them reduce their carbon footprints.”

28 February 2020, 11:51
Sadiq Khan celebrates 'tripling protected space for cycling'

The London Mayor and his Walking & Cycling Commissioner Will Norman tweeted their pride at London's cycling network tripling in under four years - full story here.

28 February 2020, 10:01
UAE Tour Update - Riders reportedly required to sign a form saying they can't speak to the media

We're not sure who is asking the riders to sign these forms, but it looks like we won't be getting updates live from the riders.

Luckily for us (unluckily for him), journalist Matt Rendell is bored and on Twitter, trying to make light of the situation.

It seems that some if not all riders were tested late last night and results are expected by Saturday.

28 February 2020, 09:19
Taff Trail robberies: Cycling UK accuse police of "victim shaming" by urging cyclists to avoid parts of the trail
Taff Trail sign (CC licensed by Andrew Bowden via Flickr).jpg

A backlash last week against the police and Cardiff University's response to a spate of robberies on the Taff Trail between Cardiff and Brecon has prompted Cycling UK to accuse police of "victim shaming". 

Police were recommending cyclists seek alternative routes at night, and Gwenda Owen of Cycling UK Wales told the BBC they should instead be addressing crime rather than discouraging trail users at night. She said: "The police message that went out is unfortunate.

"It's victim shaming - it's not addressing the problem.

"I think it needs to be policed. The problem needs to be resolved."

South Wales police are still giving vague advice on social media, tell people to avoid the area until investigations have been completed. The Cardiffian also reports that hikers and dog walkers say the advice has not being publicised enough outside of social media - South Wales Police reported seven robberies in the five weeks between January 17th and February 21st on the Taff Trail. 

28 February 2020, 09:38
Ford tease new anti-dooring technology

It looks a fair bit more useful than Ford's frankly ridiculous Emoji Jacket, and you can read our full story on it here

28 February 2020, 08:35
Latest updates as Coronavirus cancels the UAE Tour

Our story on the cancellation of the final two days of the UAE Tour is now updated. Here's some of the latest from social media with some concerns that the opening weekend of the Belgian classics could also be affected... 

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