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Police warn cyclists not to use Taff Trail after dark following spate of robberies

Cyclists react angrily, asking how active travel route could come to be seen as a no-go area

Police have warned people not to use the Taff Trail after dark following a spate of robberies in recent weeks. The recommendation drew an immediate stinging response from cyclists on social media.

The Taff Trail is a major cycle route into Cardiff and is also popular with walkers and runners. However, it is poorly lit in places and police say they are investigating seven robberies that have taken place in the last five weeks.

Yesterday, Cardiff Metropolitan University tweeted: “We have been made aware of a rise in robberies on the Taff Trail recently. @SWPCardiff have recommended using alternative routes in and out of the city at this time.

“Please report any incidents to the police. Dial 101, or 999 in an emergency.”

Police say all seven incidents took place between 8pm and midnight and were near the Cardiff city centre end of the trail.

A force spokesperson added: “Patrols are being stepped up in the area, but we'd also urge everyone to take normal precautions whenever they're walking in unlit or poorly lit areas. In the hours of darkness, we always encourage people to stick to well-lit, busy roads.”

Many reacted angrily to the advice on social media, expressing a belief that a major active travel route should be better policed.

“Cardiff has very few decent cycleways and cycling on Cardiff’s roads risks harm from poor driving,” tweeted Mick Allen. “Telling people to avoid using what should be an excellent public resource is lazy and very disappointing.”

“Is this official advice?” asked Alun Emanuel. “Thought we were supposed to be encouraging active travel, not surrendering one of the best parts of the city to low life.”

“Pretty much the only safe cycle route in Cardiff,” observed ethelreddy. “Advice from SWP is to not use it. Meanwhile, they are on Queen Street handing out fines to people on bikes.”

“Is there truth in this?” asked Tom Donne. “Should I ditch my bike and use the car?”

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dobbo996 | 4 years ago

I use the Taff Trail, at the city centre end, twice a day. It's an important route to avoid the horrible traffic along Kingsway and in front of Cardiff Castle. During winter months, after 4pm, the trail is so dark it's hard to see your hand in front of your face. Perfect for muggings. In 8 years of using this part of the trail, I've never seen a copper patrolling there.   

brooksby | 4 years ago

I note that its Cardiff poly which has reported a rise in numbers of robberies on the Taff Trail.  Is it possible that this is more "picking on students" rather than "picking on cyclists"?  Seems to me that the police might have done even less then they have, without the weight of a local institution to put pressure on...

srchar | 4 years ago

Radical idea - they could operate regular patrols in crime hotspots on the trail.

Welsh boy | 4 years ago

Wouldn’t it be awful though if the police didn’t warn people and more, or worse, incidents of violence happened.

DrG82 replied to Welsh boy | 4 years ago

But if fewer people use the trail because they are discouraged by these notices the trail will become more dangerous and eventually a total no go zone

ktache replied to DrG82 | 4 years ago

And the police will never say it's "safe" because they cannot gaurantee it, so that's it then.

Use it at your peril,


Rich_cb replied to Welsh boy | 4 years ago

I agree that's it's better than doing nothing but I can't help feeling that arresting the perpetrators might be a better approach.

Captain Badger | 4 years ago

Does that mean that if I go and assault a few drivers and steal stuff on the main road outside my house, the rozzers are going to warn drivers not to use that road?

Think we might be on to something here.....

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