Contact your parliamentary candidates and ask them to support cycling

Cycling UK is calling for five per cent of next year’s transport spending to be devoted to cycling and walking

Cycling UK is writing to all parliamentary candidates, asking them if they will pledge to support an increase in investment in cycling and walking to at least five per cent of transport spending next year, rising to at least 10 per cent within five years. The charity is encouraging supporters to do the same and has provided a tool so that you can easily do this on its website.

“We need people to ask their candidates to stand up for cycling, walking and a healthier future,” said Cycling UK chief executive, Paul Tuohy. “Don’t delay – take action now and help us identify Parliament’s future champions for greener travel.”

The charity says the level of funding it is asking for is the minimum required for the next Government to meet its targets of doubling cycling journeys in England by 2025, and to achieve similar levels of walking and cycling throughout the UK.

Up until the election, only two per cent of transport spending went towards cycling and walking.

Tuohy explained: “We’re breathing toxic air. Too many people are becoming obese or enduring inactivity related ill-health. Our roads are congested and vehicle emissions are compounding the climate crisis.

“But the good news is that fixing this isn’t rocket science. We just need proper investment in cycling and walking, to enable more people to move around actively, particularly for short journeys.”

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