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Orange Bikes confirms death of Michael Bonney; Shane Sutton testimony at Freeman tribunal delayed; Suction cups aid Chris Froome recovery; Porn Pedallers in controversy with Remembrance tweet (now removed); Bikini cafe row + more on the live blog

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11 November 2019, 19:04
11 November 2019, 19:04
Sutton appearance at Freeman tribunal delayed

Shane Sutton, who had been expected to appear at the tribunal into Dr Richard Freeman today, is now due to give evidence tomorrow after today’s section was taken up by legal arguments.

Shane Sutton (picture source Team Sky 2013).jpg

The pair both worked at British Cycling and Team Sky at the same time, with Freeman claiming that Testogel that he ordered and which was delivered to the National Cycling Centre in Manchester was not meant for an athlete, but rather for Sutton to help him overcome an erectile dysfunction.

Sutton denies ever having heard of the product, let alone suffering from the condition, reports the Guardian.

However, separately, Mary O’Rourke QC, who is acting for Freeman, says she plans to cross-examine Sutton about an affidavit she believes he gave to the Daily Mail which she asserts is “totally inconsistent” with what he told a parliamentary committee investigating doping in sport, and which she claims is kept in a safe in the office of the newspaper’s editor.

11 November 2019, 18:08
Orange Bikes confirms death of Michael Bonney

Orange Bikes has confirmed “with great sadness” the death of Michael Bonney, its former managing director and company “lynchpin,” who was paralysed from the neck down after a crash during a sportive in 2013 and took the decision last Wednesday to refuse further medical assistance.

Bonney announced the decision to bring his life to an end in a Facebook post last Tuesday, saying it was “time to end the suffering,” with his refusal of further treatment including the ventilator he relied on to breathe being switched off.

His post was widely reported in the mainstream media, and this evening Orange Bikes said on Facebook that he passed away on Saturday.

The UK bike industry is a close-knit one and many of us at and our sister sites knew Michael. We offer our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

11 November 2019, 18:07
11 November 2019, 16:41
Children in Need Rickshaw challenge nears the end of day 4

For the eight day challenge to raise funds for Children in Need, The One Show's Matt Baker plus a six-strong team of youngsters are taking on a 400 mile route from Holyhead to London with a modified rickshaw. They've already taken on Ffordd Pen Llech in Harlech, the recently-crowed world's steepest street, and today they've arrived in Crewe. The donation link is here.  

11 November 2019, 16:41
11 November 2019, 11:43
Froome's recovery from latest op continues

Some followers/supposed medical experts of Froome's on Twitter have replied to question the use of suction cups in the photo, which is presumably an effort to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation in the areas where a metal plate was removed from the four-time Tour de France champ's leg. Rather than imparting our medical wisdom (of which we have none), we'll be seeking the opinion of an expert to ask them what they think of 'cupping' to aid recovery. 

11 November 2019, 08:59
Glasgow e-bike hires now twice as popular as regular bikes

Nextbike have reported their e-bike hires are now double that of their regular bikes in Glasgow, with each e-bike getting hired 2.8 times a day on average compared to 1.4 times a day for the regular bikes - the e-bikes were only introduced to the streets of Glasgow a month ago. Full story on eBikeTips

11 November 2019, 14:40
Next level banter from sexist clickbait Twitter account with bought followers

Imagine thinking it's 'queue'? 

11 November 2019, 14:55
Kendal Mountain Festival to host Rapha Road Bike session on Saturday 16th November
Lachlan Morton - Rapha Road Bike

Once again the Trek Bike Night will appear at the north's premier festival for all things outdoors - and this year there will also be the Rapha Road Bike Session for those who prefer drop bars and gravel adventures. Hosted by Harry Dowdney, guests will include Lachlan Morton, who will be telling all about his 'alternative calendar' which included taking on GB Duro, Dirty Kanza
and The Three Peaks in 2019. 

There's a whole load more going on at Kendal between 14th-17th November - much of it bike-related - so click here for tickets if you fancy heading over. 


11 November 2019, 14:17
Almost makes up for how freezing it is

In one of their coldest Novembers on record, at least Norwegians who are cycling through it have something to keep the worst of the ice and cold off their saddle when the bike is parked up!

11 November 2019, 13:15
Portland 'Bikini coffee shop' owners in hot water after fight with cyclists
Portland oregon - wikimedia commons

Oregon Live reports that Jon Elston and Amanda Ingles, owners of Hot Bikini Brew in Portland, got into a fight with cyclists outside his coffee shop

Lt. Tina Jones  said that Elston and Ingles were  driving south on Southeast 6th Avenue towards their shop when the incident began, with Elston yelled aggressively at a cyclist. Jones said another cyclist yelled at Elston, who then got out of his car holding a hammer and approached the cyclist. Jones said Elston dropped the hammer amid a struggle, but then allegedly punched the victim. The man’s glasses got smashed and he had a facial injury that Jones said required stitches.

Jones said other cyclists joined in the fight, and Ingles knocked a woman’s phone out of her hand. She said Elston then punched that woman and knocked her unconscious. Ingles fled the scene in her vehicle, and officers later arrested Ingles and Elston.

They were booked into jail and released the same day - Elston is charged with second-degree criminal mischief and two counts of fourth-degree assault, and Ingles faces one count of second-degree criminal mischief and one of harassment. Both don't deny there was a fight, but Ingles claimed the cyclists started the argument after one of them cut across in front of them without signalling. She also said Elston happened to be carrying a hammer because he planned to board up a broken window. 

For those not familiar, a bikini coffee shop is simply a coffee house where the servers wear bikinis (to our knowledge customers don't have to). Back in March, California-based bikini coffee shop Bottoms Up Espresso had their licence revoked after city council members decided unanimously that it was operating more like 'an adult business' than a café.

11 November 2019, 11:13
Porn Pedallers defiantly tweet further remembrance photos

It appears the group did more than most to pay their respects, although this morning Rebecca More - who appeared in the original tweet with the hashtag '#CockDestroyer', said she had nothing to do with the words that accompanied the photo. The original tweet has now been removed. 

11 November 2019, 09:03
Probably a bit inappropriate...

Remembrance Sunday is a time of quiet reflection for most of the UK, remembering the brave soldiers and servicemen/women who gave their lives in the two World Wars and later conflicts; however, not everyone is convinced the Porn Pedallers - a group of cycling enthusiasts who work in the adult industry - have managed to pay their respects appropriately in this tweet...

The photo shows Rebecca More, who tweets under the handle 'more_milf', standing next to a cenotaph in her Porn Pedallers cycling kit, which doesn't seem too untoward - but some couldn't help but question whether the hashtag #CockDestroyer was appropriate to use on a post to mark Remembrance Sunday. 

The Porn Pedallers appear to be revelling in the notoriety, retweeting most of the coverage their post has generated. Perhaps they should have sat this one out, or at least dropped that last hashtag... 

11 November 2019, 11:25
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