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Survey says commuters who switch to cycling save over a Grand a year; Team car almost takes out Vuelta rider – but he wins stage; Indoor cycling brand Peloton reveals $196m loss ahead of IPO; future Vuelta start in Morocco? + much more on the live blog

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28 August 2019, 17:34
Marrakech - CC BY SAA 3.0 by Luc Viatour on Wikimedia Commons
Morocco start for La Vuelta

To date, the only Grand Tour to have started outside Europe was last year's Giro d'Italia ... but according to Spanish press reports (covered in English here) Morocco is hoping to bring the Vuelta to North Africa for the first time. Discussions are at a preliminary stage only. but organisers of the Spanish race seem keen.

28 August 2019, 17:07
Commuting by bike saves £1,400 a year on average finds new poll

A survey from Argos has found that travelling to work by bike could save the average commuter almost £1,400 a year.

That’s based on 2,000 respondents to a survey commissioned by the retailer saying that they spend on average £28 a week commuting by car or public transport, reports The Mirror.

Of course, if you don’t own a bike there are some upfront expenses – buying a bicycle plus accessories such as a decent lock, lights and perhaps panniers and rainwear, though all of that can be got at a saving through the Cycle to Work scheme.

London cyclists at Hyde Park Corner (copyright

A spokesman for Argos said: "With train fares newly announced to increase again in January, many workers are really feeling the financial pinch of their daily commute.

"We're all familiar with that rage-inducing feeling of being jam-packed on a hot train or stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, so it's no wonder that so many are looking at cycling to help them save money, while also staying fit and de-stressed.

"Our data shows that sales of adult bikes have risen almost 70 per cent in the last three years, while folding bikes are proving even more popular and have doubled in the same time.

"If you're new to cycling then a folding bike is the perfect introduction to the world of cycle lanes and helmets as you can easily mix your ride with a stint on public transport."

28 August 2019, 15:18
Video: Team car almost takes out own rider at Vuelta - though he went on to win the stage

Burgos-BH had two riders in today's three-man break at the Vuelta - mountains classification leader Angel Madrazo and Jetse Bol, riding alongside Jose Herrada of Cofidis.

We're not sure whether it was having two riders to keep tabs on that led to the driver of the team car becoming distracted - but here's the moment he rear-ended Madrazo, who had to veer sharpky to the right, both he and Herrada pulling off terrific saves to stayy upright.

It would have been all smiles on the team bus afterwards though - Madrazo won the stage, while Bol finished second for a memorable 1-2 for the UCI Professional Continental team.

28 August 2019, 15:03
28 August 2019, 12:55
More Peloton number-crunching

Scroll back for the initial news that the spinbike startup lost $196 million last year despite recording a $915 million turnover...

28 August 2019, 11:37
The man and his dog riding around and grabbing headlines in Halifax

Lining himself up for a mega eyewear deal a la Peter Sagan is Frankie the beagle, who can often be seen on the back of his owner Gary Mullins as he cycles around the West Yorkshire town...

28 August 2019, 11:31
When the medical profession and cycling collide

This emergency nurse was called into action based on her knowledge of the BOA dial system... the cyclist involved is apparently alive and well!

28 August 2019, 11:23
PC Steve Hudson, pioneer of West Midlands Police Close Pass Initiative, reportedly battling cancer

PC Hudson, who along with fellow officer PC Dave Hodson has been officially recognised for his efforts to improve road safety by the Road Danger Reduction Forum and Cycling UK, is sadly battling cancer. In the tweet above Dr Robert Davis highlights the importance of stem cell donation to help cancer patients find a match; if you want to register to donate click the link here

28 August 2019, 10:59
Mark Cavendish back on the boards at Six Day London
28 August 2019, 10:29
Easy mistake to make ...

Broadcaster Sian Welby has been left a little red-faced after trying to high-five a cyclist in London yesterday ...

28 August 2019, 08:32
2 million bikes stolen in the US last year
529 garage stats

Maybe bike theft isn't quite so prevalent in Blighty after all, as a project by bike recovery service 529 garage concluded that over 2 million were stolen in the US last year - equivalent to a bike theft every 30 seconds. 

While we can't find a study of this scope and detail from the UK, Bike Register estimate that around 376,000 are stolen each year, and Cycling Industry News note that bike theft is estimated to make up about 2% of all reported crime.

28 August 2019, 07:12
Peloton files for an initial public offering... and reveals they lost $196 million in a year
peloton ad pic

You may have seen the adverts during every commercial break on ITV4's Tour de France coverage last month; you may have even heard about their failed lawsuit against Youtuber Shane Miller for daring to call a video 'The Peloton Podcast', or the current one against  them for using unlicensed music... but the latest from the fitness industry's most heavily marketed spinbike is that all that attention has resulted in a rather substantial haemorrhaging of cash, with Peloton reporting losses of $196 million in the year to 30th June according to the FT

Like many buzzy startups Peloton relied heavily on huge swathes of private investment to scale up, and despite the losses accelerating they did report that turnover double to around $915 million last year. 

In his initial pitch to file the company for an IPO, Peloton's CEO and co-founder John Foley insisted that Peloton "sells happiness" and is "so much more" than a piece of fitness equipment: “It is no secret that exercise makes us feel good. It’s simple science: exercising creates endorphins and endorphins make us happy."

They're looking to raise another $500 million in the IPO, and warned in its filing that they may not turn a profit or ever maintain profitability in the future. Do you think happiness is a two grand spin bike and £40 a month subscription, or are Peloton's financial woes a good indication they're heading for the scrapheap? Let us know what you think in the comments of course...

28 August 2019, 07:06
Specialized team up with 3D carbon experts (called Carbon) to launch new S-Works Power saddle

Described as a 'next-gen' saddle crafted with a 3D-printed carbon lattice, developed by a company handily named Carbon, the design and build is supposed to absorb impact and improve rider stability, therefore reducing the chance of injury. We've no news on when this will be available, prices etc just yet, but we'll be hassling Specialized for more info in due course...

28 August 2019, 07:02
Vuelta stage 5: hills

Not one for the sprinters today as the peloton take on category 1, 2 and 3 climbs on the 170km route. 

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