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Live blog: Peloton (who threatened to sue cycling fan over trademark) sued for copyright breach, bike shop staff assaulted in Brompton theft, people protected bike lane vid, nasty crash at Nokere Koerse + more

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20 March 2019, 19:52
Peloton, who threatened to sue cycling fan over trademark ... get sued for $150m over breaching copyright

The at-home cycling studio brand's intellectual property lawyers must be trousering lots of the green folding stuff at the moment ...

Twitter user @Trudgin spotted the inconsistency ...

20 March 2019, 18:56
20 March 2019, 18:07
Nasty Crash in Nokere Koerse Sprint Finish

Today's race in Belgium, that ends with an uphill cobbled sprint to the line ended with several riders hitting the cobbles hard.
Mathieu van der Poel looked to be in the worst state with concerned teammates staying with him before he was loaded into an ambulance. It wasn't the ideal start to his cobbled campaign, but thankfully initial reports suggest there are no broken bones.
The other riders that came down included Trek-Segafredo's Matteo Moschetti who has a badly pulled calf while Floris Gerts was taken away in a neck brace.

20 March 2019, 17:20
Thank god Eddie's wearing a helmet (to prevent damage to the tarmac)

Hopefully no drivers will take issue with 2018's world's strongest man Eddie Hall commandeering the road either, they will most likely come off worse! Hall was an elite swimmer before he started competing in strongman, but looks like he now turns to cycling when he needs to shift some pounds. 

20 March 2019, 16:29
The fastest bike for an hour?

This is the bike of Victor Campenaerts who is taking on the hour record next month.

The Ridley track frame is paired with double Campagnolo Ghibli Pista wheels, Vittoria tyres and what looks to be a 3D printed cockpit.

The gear looks huge so it'll be interesting to see what setup he uses in the thin air at the Aguascalientes velodrome in Mexico. Campenaerts is currently on fine form having just won the TT at Tirreno-Adriatico.

The question is, can he beat the 54.526km set by Wiggins in 2015? Time will tell.

20 March 2019, 15:05
Video: Take a look at yesterday's people protected bike lane on London's Old Street

Yesterday, campaigners from Cycle Islington and Active Travel Now formed a people protected bike lane on London's Old Street calling for it to be made safer for cyclists - with Islington Council confirming only on Monday its plans to reduce the danger posed by motor vehicles, but work not beginning until 2021.

Our news editor Simon MacMichael went along yesterday and rode through the people protected bike lane, together with miniature schnauzer Elodie in the basket of their Elephant Bike - the sight of all that hi-vis making her a little bit excited, as you can hear.

And here's what it looked like from their point of view - thanks to Sean Howes of Cycle Islington for the action camera loan.

20 March 2019, 14:27
Staff assaulted as thieves steal Brompton from London bike shop
20 March 2019, 11:28
Team Sky jerseys = vintage MAMIL
20 March 2019, 10:32
Madison Genesis
Toughest bike race in the World? Mike Cuming explains how he "obliged" after rider asked him to warm his hands during comfort break

It may not be the best-known race on the calendar but the Tour of Normandie certainly has some of the best stories from those tough enough to take it on.


Madison Genesis riders have been sharing their stories ahead of this year's edition of the race and without doubt, the highlight comes from Mike Cuming:

Rider toilet quote

If you want to check out tales from some other riders then you can read the whole thing here: 

Now, where is that meme about cyclists being tougher than footballers again??

20 March 2019, 10:23
Liam's head is 4,928 Skittle-sized
Liam's Hexo Scan

Hexo Helmets came into the office a few weeks ago to scan Liam's head for one of their new 3D printed helmets which is coming in for testing.

The results are in and his head has a volume of 4,928 Skittles (that's 308 fun-sized bags), a weight of 5.421kg (full of good ideas) and a roundness index of 1.2, whatever that means.

You can find out more here -


20 March 2019, 09:11
Still going strong...

It seems Shimano's triathlon shoes from the early 90's were certainly built to last... if you like your shoes to look a little fresher then why not consider your choices by perusing our guide to performance road shoes

20 March 2019, 09:03
Dvid Millar defends INEOS sponsorship, but cycling world is still divided on the ethics

Millar says cycling would "return to the dark ages" if its biggest team ceased to exist, and congratulated them for scooping such a big sponsorship deal; however many commentators on social media can't get over the irony of the team being backed by a chemicals company, especially as Team Sky back the Ocean Rescue movement that advocates a reduction in plastic waste. What do you think? 


20 March 2019, 08:42
On top of the Peaks Sheffield rideout.jpg
It's officially the first day of spring... what are you waiting for, get on yer bikes and ride!

20 March 2019, 08:37
Royal Mail e-trikes are on the road

Eight have been deployed across three cities, and if successful Royal Mail will extend the scheme. Read more on eBikeTips.

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