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"Mountain of stinking waste" dumped on major cycle route in Greater Manchester

Fallowfield Loop blocked by "fly tipping at an epic scale" ...

According to the BBC, Stockport Council and the Environment Agency hope CCTV will reveal who dumped the rubbish  on the Fallowfield Loop path.

Sustrans, which runs the cycle route, said it was "appalled" by the "epic scale" of the dump and they have said that at least six skips would be needed to clear it.

The charity's North of England director, Rosslyn Colderley, said some sort of digger would also be required.

"This is fly tipping at an epic scale," she said. "We are appalled by the thoughtlessness of whoever is responsible."

Councillor Roy Driver, who represents Reddish North, said the council was looking at ways to prevent further dumping.

Two Solihull councillors push to improve and extend a local cycle route

"If we can get proof about who did it we will prosecute," he said of the most recent incident.

Paul Bridge, from the council's public protection department, said: "I have never seen a load the size of this - it could have been more than one truckload.

"It doesn't look like it has come from anywhere local as there is evidence it is from the south of England."

The amount of fly-tipping going on had led to the Environment Agency being called in.

The Fallowfield Loop is on a former railway line and is part of the National Cycle Network.


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Bmblbzzz | 4 years ago

As Maviczap says and the other examples illustrate, it's a structural problem. It's not just litter or dumping a bin load. There's a seemingly unsolvable conflict; if you charge for waste disposal (whether landfill tax or any other means), people resort to fly tipping, but if you don't, demand for landfill increases and official tips spread and spread. Perhaps there's a balance point to be found, it should be possible; but the overall problem is too much stuff and too much waste. 

rogermerriman | 4 years ago

I suspect that it's fairly common, whats less common is that it hits media, a section on my commute under the M4 though not as high, it slowly built van (ish) load by load though due to the amount required a lorry to take away.



As the Council and Highways England both claimed the other was responsible, took most of this and some of last year to before they shifted it!



They also have put in barriers which have kept it clear.

rct | 4 years ago

Similar keeps appening ast the southern end of the path by the A312 near heathrow.  Unfortunately Hillingdon council can't be bothered maintaining the path normally, so it was left for weeks.

longassballs | 4 years ago

I heard a "File on 4" on Radio 4 a while ago about fly tipping that said it was serious organised crime that now earned more money than drugs. Government regulation is so lax they managed to get a dog a license for waste disposal

maviczap | 4 years ago

When landfill tax was introduced, this was bound to happen. It's just another form of tax evasion.

hawkinspeter | 4 years ago

I saw the headline and wondered what Boris Johnson was doing near Manchester.

ktache | 4 years ago
brooksby replied to ktache | 4 years ago
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ktache wrote:

Proper pictures here

Thanks. TBH the BBC pictures look worse than the stock photo...  2

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