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Cycle here, no not here, here!!

'No cycling' signs mark start of new Cambridge cycling lane...

The lines on the road clearly indicate a cycle lane, the signs a few yards away mean cycling is forbidden.

So it’s no wonder a Cambridge cyclist contacted the Cambridge News to inform them about the confusing signage that has been put in place at the £26 million Addenbrooke’s Hospital access road, which has just opened.

Klaas Brumann, from Chesterton, told the News: “If they were part of the pavement you would expect them to be blue, and they should be to the far side of the cycle lane. The way they are positioned says you are not allowed to cycle on the road.”

A spokesman for Addenbrooke’s admitted there had been an error but said the signs had been approved by Cambridgeshire County Council.

He told the newspaper: “These signs are intended to stop cycling on the footpath, not in the cycle lane – but we accept this could be made clearer. They will be taken down and replaced.”

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