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#MyCyclingWeekend with Decathlon - Strom Dodgers Edition

Find out who won the Decathlon schwag!

With biblical rain creeping up on us, it wasn't the best weekend to be caught without a waterproof.

We were suggesting tactical cafe stops would be needed and unfortunately we were right.

The really annoying thing about such changeable weather is being comfortable one minute, then cold when the rain falls and then getting too hot when the sun comes out. 

This infuriating weather led to lots of time spent removing and putting on the rain jacket.

Our winner this week looks like they saw their fair share of the rain but how amazing does the Northern Irish countryside look for riding a bike!

Congrats to Dave, we'll be in touch to organise your B'Twin RoadR 500 cycling cap.

Thanks for all of your pictures. We've got a selection of the best below.


Marriott's Way and Bure Valley Path

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Solo ride to finish the week; enjoying the beautiful countryside, fabulous roads and short sharp climbs around Yanworth and Chedworth. Coffee stop at Chedworth Farm Shop then a few more climbs before heading home. Surprised at how good the legs felt today after yesterday afternoon’s 80km ride and a very late night. #cotswolds #cotswoldcycling #ridecotswolds #cyclinglife #endurancetraining #instacycle #rideyourbike #roadslikethese #cyclist #sworks #sworkstarmac #iamspecialized #iamspecialized_road #coffeeandcake #mycyclingweekend #roadslikethese #whereiride #fromwhereiride #outsideisfree #roadbike #lifebehindbars #bikelife #coffeeandcake #sundayride #mickeycrankscyclingclub #mickeycranks

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