Former World Champion Jack Bobridge denies supplying MDMA sold in Perth nightclub

Former pro cyclist Alex McGregor says Bobridge supplied him with the drug to sell to others

Former individual pursuit world record holder, Jack Bobridge, has pleaded not guilty to supplying hundreds of MDMA pills to a fellow cyclist, who then sold them on to others including an undercover police officer.

Former national and world champion Bobridge was forced to retire from cycling at the age of 27 in 2016 due to rheumatoid arthritis.

He set up a gym and cycling fitness centre in Perth, Western Australia, but was arrested in 2017 after being targeted by an undercover police operation looking to crack down on the supply of drugs in bars and nightclubs in the city.

The West Australian reports that Bobridge allegedly supplied MDMA pills to Alex McGregor on four separate occasions in 2017.

McGregor, who previously served a doping ban after testing positive for human growth hormone, has already been handed an 18-month prison term, part of which was suspended, after pleading guilty to five counts of selling MDMA and related charges.

Speaking in court this week, McGregor said he first received pills from Bobridge in March 2017 after they took the drug at his parents’ house.

“We took some ecstasy each. We talked about pills and how we would sell them,” he said. “I said: ‘let’s go, let’s go get more of them’.”

McGregor said he later picked up 25 MDMA pills at Bobridge’s Yokine home, which he then sold to mates and “randoms” at a Perth nightclub.

He also sold pills to an undercover officer called "Dean" at Perth nightspots and at Stirling Train Station.

McGregor said he and Bobridge used "cycling talk" as a form of code.

The jury was shown Facebook messages between the pair in which McGregor said he needed a training program from Bobridge.

"I said I was after a training programme of 20-30 days," said McGregor. "He replied back: 'Can't do that but I can do 15 days'."

McGregor said he took this to mean 15 pills.

McGregor also said that “going to the ergo” meant they would meet at Bobridge’s gym. “So I’d go pick things up from the gym, picking up drugs.”

On one occasion Bobridge led him to a room where a bag of pills was hidden under some floorboards.

McGregor took about 100 and the following day sold about 50 of them to the undercover officer.

Defence lawyer Sam Vandongen told the court: “Mr McGregor is a liar. Mr McGregor has done a deal with the prosecution and as a result of that deal, Mr McGregor got 40 per cent off his sentence, so he’s got a great deal at stake.

“His credibility is absolutely going to be important during this trial … pay close attention to what he has to say.”

The trial is expected to run for eight days.

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