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BBC presenter’s “bet you all love cyclists” Tweet gets a response; 20MPH for Wales; "Watch out for dumb f*cks on bikes" fake road safety campaign hits headlines; Chicken in a basket… on a bike… wearing a helmet; Skoda women only cycling academy +lots more

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08 May 2019, 16:43
Wales to make 20mph the default speed limit in residential areas

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford has unveiled plans for 20 mph to be made the sefault speed limit for residential areas acrosss the country, in a move that has unsurprisingly been welcomed by the campaign group 20s Plenty and its founder, Rod King, who said on Twitter: "The time has come to abandon the 30mph and 50kmh national urban limits in favour a 20mph/30kmh urban standard as advised by @WHO as the safe speed limit where motor drivers wish to mix with pedestrians and cyclists. Well done Wales for its 21st century vision on liveability."

08 May 2019, 16:34
Scottish Parliament Bike Stands (copyright Simon MacMichael).jpg
Scotland needs to invest in active travel to help tackle climate emergency, urge professors

Two professors in Scotland have outlined how they believe encouraging more people to cycle, walk and use public transport can dramatically improve the lives of people in cities through reducing air pollution and promoting healthier lifestyles.

Adrian Davis, professor of transport and health at the Transport Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University and Professor Chris Oliver, a retired surgeon who was chair in Scotland for Cycling UK from 2012-14, shared their thoughts in a column for The Scotsman today following Edinburgh’s first car-free day last Sunday.

“With the declaration by Nicola Sturgeon of a ‘climate emergency’, we outline here why sustainable transport must be understood as critical in any strategy for Scotland to go ‘further and faster’ in tackling climate change,” they wrote, going on to describe transport as an “Achilles’ heel” in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

They cited a Sport England study that found that “town and city-wide active travel interventions are the most effective at increasing walking, cycling and overall physical activity,” as witnessed for example by the uptake of travelling by bike in three former Sustainable Towns, Peterborough, Darlington and Worcester/Redditch, which benefited from increased investment from 2004-09, with cycling and walking levels maintained in the ensuing years.

“The major mode share for sustainable travel across much of continental Europe is not culturally driven,” they continued. “It is because decade in, decade out funding has been at over £10 per head of population.

“In urban areas cycling could be a normal, everyday activity by 2040. The latest Sustrans Bike Life report predicts in Edinburgh alone, with adequate funding, that by 2040 just by more cycling, 47,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions would be saved annually, equivalent to the carbon footprint of 10,000 people,” they added.

You can read the full article here.

08 May 2019, 16:04
The BBC's John Beattie attracts criticism for with "bet you all love cyclists" comment, including Callum Skinner

Beattie continued to defend himself for bringing the issue up, with Callum Skinner and West Midlands Police responding...

08 May 2019, 14:30
Dame Sarah Storey and J-1
Dame Sarah Storey to launch women only Skoda DSI Cycling Academy

Skoda UK is launching an initiative that aims to provide an intensive training program for five female cyclists aged between 17 and 25. Applications close on May 24th and 50 riders will then be invited to a testing day on 10th of June at Lea Valley VeloPark undertaking four tests including a flying lap, a peak power test, a three-minute maximal test, and a 12-minute steady state challenge.

Five will then be selected and will get the chance to ride the 215Km Rheims stage of this year’s Tour de France in the company of the Donnons Des Elle Au Vélo J-1 cycling team - who will be riding the whole Tour a day ahead of the men’s race. They will also get an extended trial with Storey Racing – Dame Sarah’s professional team with the chance of securing a professional contract. 

“ŠKODA is a strong advocate for gender equality in professional cycling and I am proud to support them on their latest initiative,” said Storey. “The ŠKODA DSI Cycling Academy is about promoting women within our sport, creating opportunities and clearing a path to race on a professional level. I’d urge any woman who has a passion for the sport and a desire to succeed, to apply.”

To apply for the ŠKODA DSI Cycling Academy, head to:

08 May 2019, 14:14
Sick album dropping in 3,2,1...
08 May 2019, 13:51
New La Passione collections launch

The PSN Lightweight, Vichy and Check collections are now available, all Italian-made and all suitable for the summer months. The Lightweight jersey is £68, the Vichy is £70 for men's and £66 for women's and the Check is £68 for men's and £65 for the women's. There are also bib shorts and socks in the Vichy collection - head over to the La Passione website to take a took.    

08 May 2019, 11:51
The owner of the 'Drivers for the registration of cyclists' account is rearing his confused, hateful head again

And his latest viral post has been picked up a similarly hateful UK tabloid, with the title "Cyclists fall for fake road safety awareness campaign using the slogan 'watch out for dumb f***s on bikes'" (we won't link to it here). The sign on the bus was actually photoshopped, but of course it was created to stir up antagonism and division online which unfortunately, DFROC seem to have succeeded in doing.  

The mysterious Facebook account was the subject of a feature by Cycling Tips (read the excellent investigative piece here) that revealed the owner is actually a cyclist who began his bitter feud due to various altercations with his former cycling club. The account disappears and reappears periodically, depending on how many people report the posts. 

08 May 2019, 10:37
Anti motorbike barriers on Notts cycle path will stop cyclists too say campaigners

Cyclists have been protesting against new barriers scheduled to go up on the path in Rushcliffe, as they will prove restrictive to people with tricycles, adaptive bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes. The idea is to prevent illegal motorcycling on the path, however opponents say it's not worth doing at the expense of others using the path perfectly legally. 

Matt Turner, the chair of the Pedals cycle campaign group, told Nottinghamshire Live: "If you take the approach of physically trying to block out these nuisance motorcycle riders, rather than catch the individuals involved, then you block out lots of other people too and you make a crucial part of the cycle network unusable. We are asking Rushcliffe Borough Council to reconsider."

08 May 2019, 10:13
Nothing is impossible...

Add Quintana to the banner while you're there...

08 May 2019, 09:50
Tern are giving away five of their GSD bikes to help non-profit companies move goods and people sustainably
Tern GSD -17_0

UK bike brand Tern are going to give away five of their GSD e-cargo bikes to non-profit organisations, with applications being taken now and the winners announced in August. More over on eBikeTips. 

08 May 2019, 07:38
Melbourne police offering huge $50,000 reward to find menace who has been placing tacks on cycle paths for over five years

It's almost worth flying over there to catch the bugger yourself, as police in Melbourne, Australia are offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who helps them catch a saboteur who has been placing tacks on cycle paths and roads in the city since 2014. 

Yahoo News Australia reports that it's led to hundreds of tyres being punctured and some cyclists sustaining serious injuries as a result of the tacks, placed mostly in and around Yarra Boulevard. Pedestrians and dogs have also been injured, according to Police. 

It's hoped that the chance of a huge payoff for someone, plus CCTV cameras being installed along Yarra Boulevard, will eventually lead to catching the culprit after a five year hate campaign, presumably with cyclists as his/her main target. 

08 May 2019, 07:36
Oh dear...
08 May 2019, 07:23
Buffy the chicken loves the wind on her feathers

Maria Arima from Denmark, Western Australia, adopted Buffy from a poultry auction two years ago, and since then the inseperable pair have started going on weekly bike rides with Buffy up front. Of course Australian law dictates you must wear a helmet to ride a bike, so Maria has made sure Buffy complies with the rules...

(Background info via Storyful)

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