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More wing-mirror related violence in Cambridgeshire

Cyclist AND Motorist injured in road rage ruckus

Wing-mirrors, it seems, are considered high-value items in the Cambridge area.

Earlier this week we told you about an appalling incident in which a cyclist was kicked unconscious after clipping a car mirror in the city and now another such minor collision has led to violence just a few miles away.

The Cambridge News reports that a road rage incident between a 57-year-old cyclist and a 22-year-old motorist resulted in them both being injured.

The rider, it seems, touched the wing-mirror while riding on Link Road in Sawston, about seven miles south of the city. He was flashed by the driver who wanted him to pull over, but who then “accidentally” collided with the bike's rear wheel. The cyclist subsequently leant his bike against the car “in anger” and the motorist removed it as the parties began arguing.

The row turned physical and both men fell to the ground, the News reports, with the pair each sustaining minor injuries.

The cyclist called the police, accusing the motorist of causing criminal damage. Police say they are unsure what exactly happened and have appealed for witnesses.

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