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Live blog: Peter Sagan drones on (amongst other things) in training camp vid; “My life could have changed dramatically” – Yoann Offredo on his temporary tetraplegia after crash last week; Lance Armstrong’s house; Prudhomme “sad” at Verity departure +more

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04 April 2019, 18:48
“My life could have changed dramatically” – Yoann Offredo on his temporary tetraplegia after crash last week

Wanty- Gobert rider Yoann Offredo, who suffered temporary tetraplegia after crashing at the GP de Denain last week, is back training and aiming for a place in the team’s line-up at the Tour de France this summer.

The 32-year-old Frenchman said: “It took a while to get a good feeling, but the evolution was promising and the doctors allowed me to recover at home. I recovered bit by bit and now I am able to use my limbs and to speak quite normally. I want to thank the emergency unit, our team doctor Jelle Van Nieuwenhuyze and our sports director Steven De Neef who supported me in CHRU Lille.

 “The many support messages I received were heart-warming. I crashed a few times in my career but I always picked myself again. It will not be different, whenever the mental and physical recovery will not be easy. Yesterday (Wednesday), I was able to ride my bike again and it went quite well.” 

He continued: “I want to show what I am able to do on the bike more than ever. Last year, I broke my ribs at the end of April. This year, I am one month in advance. An athlete must be able to bounce back. My team Wanty-Gobert helps me perfectly to achieve my goal.

“The first medical was very alarming because they were speaking about tetraplegia,” he continued.

“My life could have changed dramatically so I want to enjoy the capacities I still have. I want to keep riding my bike and I want the be at the Grand Départ of the next Tour de France. Cycling is more than a sport. I became aware of it when Loïc Vliegen and David Boucher stopped after my crash to support me.”

04 April 2019, 16:07
Peter Sagan (sort of) show us his training schedule in new Shimano video

After teasing us this morning with a preview, Shimano have revealed that testing bikes out with wheelies, flying drones, reading his own book and sneaking treats from the vending machine are all apparently part of Sagan’s ‘very serious’ training regime.

We also wonder if his Bowie-like rate of appearance changes are also part of the strict routine. The latest facial hair styling reminds us of someone computer-animated and Italian...

04 April 2019, 15:15
Chasing KOMs for Charity

Former pro cyclist turned YouTuber, Phil Gaimon has been riding the most famous climbs around the US in the aim of claiming Strava titles. His series, Worst Retirement Ever, has become popular and now he is doing it for charity.


If you want to know more then click on his tweet and follow for information on how to donate

04 April 2019, 12:59
Caitlin Moran ponders the annoyance of bikes in the hallway

The journalist and broadcaster's poll has revealed plenty of contrasting answers, with many female respondents saying they are the ones leaving the bike in the hallway. Is it a domestic problem in your abode? Do let us know in the comments...

04 April 2019, 12:41
Organisers slam British Cycling after being forced to cancel Bristol Grand Prix 2019

Organisers of the Bristol Grand Prix have slammed British Cycling after cancelling this year’s event, which had been due to be the fifth edition.

In a statement published on the event’s website, they said: “From the start, the Bristol Grand Prix has been part of the Bristol cycling community and has been dedicated to women’s racing, youth development and creating a sustainable and locally produced race.”

But explaining their decision to cancel this year’s edition, they said: “As a race we have found that our objectives and our ethics are irreconcilable with the requirements of the governing body.

“The restrictions that are placed upon the race both undermine women’s racing and prevent us from including youth riders and local riders and clubs being part of the day.

“Additionally as race organisers we are being forced out of our race due to unfavourable conditions imposed upon us.”

They also warned the event’s backers to beware of a company that is apparently targeting them, saying: “Please note, it has come to our attention that a company is contacting our race sponsors claiming to raise money on behalf of the race.

“Please be aware that this company has nothing to do with the race and has no contract with us as organisers.”

04 April 2019, 10:23
Pro cyclist celebrates victory despite finishing second. And it's not the first time...

Let's hope its third time lucky for Marcos Garcia.

At least he's not the only guy who's had a premature celebration.

Pippo Pozzato celebrates win but Blel Kadri had already won

Cyclist starts celebrating win early - and gets pipped to the line

Premature exultation as Spanish rider Eloy Teruel celebrates California win a lap early

Never mind chaps, it happens to the best of us...


04 April 2019, 09:46
Mathieu van der Poel doesn't let anything get in his way...

Did he do it on purpose or was it just luck?

04 April 2019, 08:35
04 April 2019, 08:34
Take a look around Lance Armstrong's house

So many fridges. Can't think what they're all for...

04 April 2019, 08:27
Two-way Cycling Roundabout

What could possibly go wrong?

04 April 2019, 07:46
Christian Prudhomme says he "feels sad" about resignation of Yorkshire tourism boss Gary Verity following expenses scandal
Gary Verity, Bernard Hinault and Christian Prudhomme (picture Simon Wilkinson,

Prudhomme was speaking at an awkward tenth anniversary celebration of Welcome to Yorkshire, taking place after the recent resignation of its boss Sir Gary Verity due to a scandal involving alleged irregularities in his expenses claims. Welcome to Yorkshire brought the Tour de France Grand Depart to the county in 2014. 

The Guardian reports that Prudhomme says he "feels sad" for Verity: “I cannot help but feel sad for the man who made me discover your beautiful county, for the man who brought together our ‘ooh la la’ with your ‘ee bah gum’, the man who made me love Yorkshire: mon ami, Gary Verity.”

After the event, Welcome to Yorkshire Board member Keith Stewart answered questions over the scandal, and said there will inevitably be meetings with West Yorkshire Police: “If there is anything that is thrown up from the investigations that we think are police matters, we will obviously pass them to the police. We have nothing to hide”, he said. 

04 April 2019, 07:36
19-year-old boy arrested in Los Angeles accused of cycling up to people and slashing them with "an edged weapon"
los angeles.jpg

Sky news reports that Lenrey Briones was taken into police custody, after four people had been attacked in the past month and being left with severe injuries. He allegedly rode up to his victims and slashed at them with an edged weapon, Captain Dan Randolph said: "The suspect instilled fear in this community". 

04 April 2019, 07:27
Peter's fully focussed as usual...

And sporting an epic tash! 

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