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25/01/2019, 16:16

Justice (Lonpicman, Wikimedia Commons)

Driver fined after pulling out on triathlete at roundabout

Motorist accepts she “overlooked” cyclist.

More here.

25/01/2019, 15:36

How to win a Zwift race by Ian Bibby, a man who won won a pro Zwift race

Ride at the front of the group, close down moves early and “go balls out” – hopefully not literally – Ian Bibby’s tips for winning on Zwift after he won the first ever virtual pro bike race on Zwift, earlier this week.

25/01/2019, 15:18

Otter (CC licensed by Mark Dumont via Flickr)

Dartmoor wildlife expert wants to know why man was cycling along East Devon road with dead otter strapped to his bike

Devon Live reports that the otter was bagged in the middle with its head and feet poking out either side.

“As we overtook the man on his bicycle, we suddenly noticed a huge tail sticking out of the bike rack,” said University of Exeter researcher Adrian Colston on Twitter.

"It was obviously an otter. But we weren't in a position to stop him and ask him. Maybe it was a road accident, and the man was cycling along and decided to pick it up?"

He continued: "Otters are a protected species and this guy is blatantly cycling with it on the back of the bike – he's not trying to hide it.

"Perhaps he is a wildlife conservationist himself? I wanted to know from people in my network whether it was someone investigating why it died. He may have even been a taxidermist."

25/01/2019, 15:09

Cambridge Railway Station CyclePoint 04 (copyright Simon MacMichael).JPG

Extra security for Cambridge's £2.5m CyclePoint as thieves target parts

Victim says security is ‘a joke’.

More here.

25/01/2019, 13:05

Cycle Superhighway at Embankment (licensed CC BY 2.0 by Matt Brown on Flickr)

London cycling commissioner tells baroness that cycle lanes are the solution to congestion not the problem

Last week Baroness Karren Brady said of the decision to repurpose one of two eastbound traffic lanes on the Embankment to create a cycle superhighway, “Everyone knows this was a mistake but TfL and the Mayor won’t say so for fear of upsetting the powerful cycling lobby.”

Writing in the London Evening Standard, she suggested rerouting the cycle lane.

This week, in the same newspaper, Will Norman has responded.

He points out that the road was congested long before there was a cycle lane, “and it still would be if it were again just a motorway. Drivers would fill the available space, when what we need are fewer vehicles and better alternatives — exactly what the cycle lane delivers.”

25/01/2019, 12:51

TripAdvisor Top hotels in World - Belvedere Riccione

TripAdvisor votes Belvedere bike hotel Best Hotel in Europe, Best Hotel in Italy… 2nd Best Hotel in World!

Always nice to see your friends doing well, especially when you know how much work they put in to being the best. If you've ever been there - maybe on the road.cc Italy Week - you'll know what a special place the Belvedere is. The hotel as been a regular fixture in  TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice Awards over the last few years, but they've outdone themselves this year. Chapeau!

Oh, and we'll be heading out there in June for some sun, cycling, and superb food… full details to follow but our stay will include entry in to the local Gran Fondo (quite hilly) if you fancy it. 
You can find out more about the Belvedere here

25/01/2019, 12:21

Audley End Road (via StreetView)

Cyclist injured after hitting pothole finds legal process has outlasted the road repairs

Injured two years ago, he's going to be examined in March for signs of long-term damage. Meanwhile, the pothole responsible has already reappeared.

More here.

25/01/2019, 12:19

this is one hell of a thread with a lot of good points

If one person reads it and changes their views a little, this guy's done a good job. 

25/01/2019, 12:12


Mtb works wonders for mental health

The trails of Glentress in Scotland have been used to test pilot a new mountain bike scheme to support mental health patients in the UK, and shown that 10 participants found the sport beneficial as part of a 'therapeutic recovery programme'. Read more on off.road.cc.

25/01/2019, 11:01

London bike commuters in Lycra (copyright Britishcycloing.org_.uk)

Yesterday we were mainly talking about… Grayson Perry on MAMILs

Artist, national treasure, and cyclist Grayson Perry talked about his Dutch roadster and offered the opinion that many MAMILs confused status with function (or was it the other way around?), either way plenty of comment was offered back. You can read more/add your own two penn’orth about that here

25/01/2019, 10:51

ebike Vs light bike

and… Ebike Vs Light bike climbing challenge

Big Dave takes on Little Liam on the climb up Cheddar Gorge - watch it here.

25/01/2019, 10:07

Spring classics are just a few months away

But that hasn't stopped Team Katusha-Alpecin from doing a recon of the pave for the Tour of Flanders. Seems a bit early no?

25/01/2019, 09:42

Brett Bundy (via KTVZ)

Cross-country cyclist taken out by big slab of ice

It’s not just deer you have to watch out for while cycling in the States (see below) – it’s also great big slabs of ice.

While riding through Pennsylvania on his sixth coast-to-coast ride to raise awareness of breast cancer, Brett Bundy was hospitalised by a great lump of the stuff that came off a passing car.

“If it was any bigger, it would have killed me,” he told KTVZ.

He’s taking a week off before recommencing his journey.

25/01/2019, 09:40

Jens Voigt (picture via Strava).PNG

Jens Voigt on racing once you're a parent

Jens has six kids.

“With every child born, I did brake a little earlier,” he said.

Via the Economic Times.

25/01/2019, 09:25

Dimension Data's new BMC race bikes

Team Dimension Data have switched from Cervelo to BMC bikes for the 2019 season, and the team appear to be happy with the new equipment. Well they wouldn't say anything bad about their new sponsor now would they!

25/01/2019, 08:58

Deer oh dear

Canadian Cycling Magazine reports that this cyclist was descending Mount Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona last weekend when he fell victim to a jaywalker. The footage was captured by the rear-facing action camera of the bike in front of him.

The bike suffered a shattered frame, the cyclist suffered a broken foot and road rash. The deer can be seen bounding off at the end.

More collisions and near misses involving cyclists and deer.

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