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Some of the top stories from another busy week on two wheels...

1. Peter Sagan bust auctioned for £2,500 for World Bicycle Relief

Peter Sagan bust on Rouleur cover

A bust of three-time world champion Peter Sagan has raised £2,500 for the charity World Bicycle Relief (WBR) – and with match funding, 50 bikes will be donated to people in need of them around the world as a result. The bust, made by sculptor Wilfrid Wood – who in the past worked on creating puppets for the TV series Spitting Image – was auctioned at the Rouleur Classic in London earlier this month. Don't have nightmares!
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2. Evans Cycles begins accepting gift cards again 

Evans Cycles, Manchester (CC BY 2.0 Smabs Sputzer:Flickr)

Evans Cycles, the retailer bought out of administration by Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct group last month, has confirmed that it began accepting payment by gift cards again from yesterday onwards. As we reported earlier this week, the company had temporarily suspended accepting gift cards or discount vouchers following its change of ownership “We’re sorry for the delay in updating customers, we’ve been busy updating our systems and processes over the last week to make this happen”, said Evans on Twitter. 
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3. The SKIINCore, a self-heating base layer controlled by an app, launches on Kickstarter


Remembering to charge your base layer would probably seem like an unfamiliar concept to many of us... but thanks to the new SKIINCore it's now a reality, with a wireless heating system that adapts to your personal body temperature. 
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4. The weird and wonderful custom SPD Birkenstock sandal


Our pals over at delve into the practice of customising the classic hippy sandal into a modded out cycle touring shoe...
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5. "Grinch" Guernsey politician wants fuel duty frozen - and cyclists taxed

The Grinch movie 2018

A politician in Guernsey has been called a ‘Grinch’ after he said that rather than increase fuel duty, cyclists should be taxed up to £200 instead. The comparison between the character in the Dr Seuss book How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Peter Ferbrache was drawn by  a fellow deputy in the Channel Island’s 40-member parliament, the States of Guernsey.
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6. Queensland government to probe police enforcement of close pass laws after death of cyclist who claimed he wasn't being taken seriously

Brisbane skyline (CC licensed by jakhei89 via Flickr)

A government agency is to probe allegations of lax policing after a Queensland cyclist who repeatedly complained about close passing motorists was killed on the roads last week.
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7. Penrith motorist sounded horn "four to five times" before fatal collision with e-bike rider

Statue of Justice, Old Bailey (licensed CC BY 2.0 on Flickr by Ronnie Macdonald).jpg

A Penrith man has been jailed for 12 months for causing the death of an e-bike rider by careless driving. 71-year-old Andrew Lanham was driving a Ford Focus along the single track C3031 between Matterdale and Greystoke on February 28 last year when he approached a group of riders travelling in the same direction. He overtook two female cyclists, one of whom had to pull off the road to let him past. He then sounded his horn "four to five times" before attempting to pass Frank Lee, an 81-year-old who was riding an electric bike.
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8. Vincenzo Nibali's lawyer confident after meeting police that fan who ended his Tour de France will be caught

Vincenzo Nibali Giro d'Italia 2017 press conference (picture credit  LaPresse - D'Alberto, Ferrari).jpg

Vincenzo Nibali’s lawyer says he is hopeful that French police will identify the spectator whose camera strap got caught up in the Bahrain-Merida rider’s handlebars on Alpe d’Huez during this year’s Tour de France will be identified and brought to justice.
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9. £12,000 digital signs warn Bournemouth promenade cyclists to cut their speed


Four digital signs have been installed on Bournemouth’s promenade warning cyclists riding at more than 10 miles per hour to cut their speed – although Cycling UK says the £12,000 outlay would have been better spent targeting “the few troublemakers, rather than vilifying all cyclists.”
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10. Team GB limited edition chain for £250 anyone?


From our Wednesday live blog: to celebrate the 138th anniversary of the invention of the Hans Renold bush roller chain, Renold are selling 138 of the track chains that have propelled Team GB to so many victories. The 112 link chain has a custom heat treatment and precision surface treatments to make it more efficient, and costs a whopping 250 quid... 
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