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Mark Beaumont backs what we thought sounded like the worst cycling event ever

Round-the-world cyclist says Aberdeen Western Peripheral Road will improve air quality for cyclists and pedestrians

Remember the GoNorthEast Road Festival? It’s a free public event taking place next month to celebrate the opening of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Road and one we suggested might constitute the worst cycling event of all time. The Evening Express reports that round-the-world record-breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont has come out in support of it.

When we first covered the festival, cyclists were being invited to “wobble or weave” on the road to promote active travel – but they weren’t allowed to bring their own bikes, had to arrive by shuttle bus and stood to be banned from the road forever once it had opened.

Since then, it’s improved a touch. The organisers have said that 1,500 people will be able to bring their own bikes if they register for a specific timeslot.

Beaumont said: “The GoNorthEast Road Festival is a great opportunity for the local community to get together and celebrate this amazing infrastructure project which is going to hugely improve journeys for people in the north-east.

“I’m very pleased to show my support for this brilliant event which will bring the community together and is an opportunity for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

“The AWPR is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe and I have been very aware of its progress over the years.

“This project will change the lives of people who live in the north-east and help improve air quality for cyclists and pedestrians.”

Improve air quality for cyclists and pedestrians?

Derick Murray, director of Nestrans, said: “We believe that the AWPR is a major contributor towards a more sustainable transport strategy for the north-east and we’ve been a long-term promoter of the project.

“The AWPR will help free up Anderson Drive and the city centre to enable smoother, faster and more reliable bus services and access to Park and Ride sites.

“From an environmental standpoint, nose-to-tail traffic creates much more pollution, whereas free-flowing traffic generates lower carbon emissions, improving our air quality in and around the city.”

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