Image stabilisation, faster charging, better looks... The Cycliq cameras have upped their game

You might want to record your ride to make quick cuts of yourself having fun with your friends, or you might want to document some of the poor driving that you see every day. Cycliq's Fly6 and Fly12 light/camera units are designed to be on all the time, keeping a record of everything that happens, and they double up as pretty useful lights too. The new updated versions feature some big imrpovements: you can get stabilised footage of your ride, the charging time has been slashed, you can control them for your Garmin via ANT+ and more. 

Check out the vid for a bit of footage from the two cameras, and a run-down of the feature list. The Fly6 is £169 and the Fly12 is £255. If you don't reckon you'll need all the features of the new lights then there are some serious deals available on the outgoing models right now.

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