Sausage cable locks use microfilaments to give better resistance to attack

The Knog stand at Eurobike was, as you might expect, a rather bizarre and wonderful thing, a kind of giant inflatable dungeon full of macabre exhibits: victorian sample jars, dolls in mincers, aliens, that kind of thing. And products, too, the most notable of which were Knog's entirely new range of locks.

The Knog range includes some purposeful-looking U-locks but most of the talk – and the stand space – was devoted to their sausage cable locks which are designed to tie in with the look of their lights. Everything is covered in moulded silicon which should keep your fixed looking fresh, and of course you can get a nice range of colours. It's not all form though, Knog have been thinking about the function of a cable lock too.

Instead of simply using steel cable – which is generally no match for a decent set of bolt croppers – the Knog sausage locks also include a core of microfilament cables. The idea is that the microfilaments are strong enough to maintain the lock's integrity under attack whilst at the same time being too thin to easily cut with a blunt instrument such as a set of croppers. Knog claim that the construction offers another 40-50 seconds of protection over comparably priced cables from other manufacturers.

And does it? Well, we'll see. We've brought a few home so soon enough we'll have a happy half hour going after them with our thieving tools. And we'll report back on our findings. We came away with a nice box of Knog goodies too which includes one of the locks, along with a T-shirt and some stickers, so we'll be giving that away on the site soon. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here's some of the more disturbing things we saw on the Knog stand...

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