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FBI seeks cycling bank robber dubbed the 'Sneaky Cyclist Bandit'

‘Sneaky Cyclist Bandit’ has struck five times, including the same bank twice

The FBI is offering a $2,000 reward for anyone who can identity Colorado’s 'Sneaky Cyclist Bandit'. The suspect is thought to have carried out a whole string of bank robberies in various towns and cities in Boulder County, fleeing the scene of his crimes by bicycle.

The Denver Post reports that five robberies in the last three months have been attributed to the man: Vectra Bank in Westminster on May 30; Bank of the West in Louisville on June 21; JP Morgan Chase ATM in Westminster and Great Western Bank in Lafayette, both on July 10; and Great Western Bank in Lafayette for a second time on August 7.

The suspect is described as a white male, late 30s to 50 years of age, about six feet tall, thin to medium build, and balding with salt and pepper hair. No weapon has been seen and no one has been injured.

During the robberies, the suspect demanded money from bank employees, received money, and then fled on his bike.

In 2009, a Southampton bank robber earned himself the rather more alliterative epithet, the Bike Bandit for his use of the same form of getaway vehicle.

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burtthebike | 6 years ago

Might be more helpful if they posted pictures of the bike he escapes on.  After all, it's rather more difficult to put a balaclava on a bike.

Perhaps he's saving up to buy a Cervelo or a Colnago?

Mungecrundle | 6 years ago
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Could be worse, at least he wasn't ped(a)lling drugs.




I shall also fetch my coat.



Yorkshire wallet | 6 years ago

At least he won't leave a carbon footprint....

I'll get my coat.

handlebarcam | 6 years ago

Disgusting. They should catch him and lock him away. Not wearing a helmet - the balaclava kind don't count - sets a terrible example to all those young bank robbers who might be watching.

Woldsman | 6 years ago

The thief is balding with salt and pepper hair?  Sounds like the police should be looking for a seasoned criminal. 

Another David replied to Woldsman | 6 years ago

@Woldsman: My favourite kind of joke

Beatnik69 | 6 years ago

Would you look at the state of the bottom of that barrel...

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