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Video: Fight between cyclist and car occupants filmed in Slough

Fisticuffs and walking sticks wielded in the street

A video has emerged of a brawl between a cyclist and several occupants of a car.

Slough fight 1.png


The footage, shot by a member of the public in the middle of the road in Slough, shows a cyclist approaching a car, having left his bicycle by the side of the road.

Slough fight 2.png


He leans into the car and begins punching the driver.

Slough fight 3.png


The driver, another man and a passer-by begin to fight in the street, and one of the car occupants wields a walking stick at the cyclist.

Slough fight 4.png


The footage was shot in Bath Road, Slough, at about 12:30pm on Thursday, and sent to the BBC by an anonymous contributor. It is not clear what prompted the fight.

Slough fight 5.png


Thames Valley Police, which has been shown the video by the BBC, said the incident was not being investigated as it had not been reported.


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