We asked you to show us your colours this #mycyclingweekend, one of you showed us the best colours in the world!

This #mycyclingweekend, in a post-general election haze, we asked you to show us your true colours.

No, we didn't have a political agenda. We weren't interested in your political leanings or trying to expose any interesting political perspectives among our reader base.

Far from it. All we wanted was for you to send us colourful pictures! You can put your pitchforks away.

Fortunately, you lot sent us some lovely colourful pictures. One Instagram user, Paulina Pintof got a snap of the world champion's colours.

Peter Sagan spent the weekend competing at the Tour of Switzerland, which is where Paulina caught this photo.



Of course, your colourful shots came from all sorts of other places.

Jim Cooper took a red and yellow trip to The Shack, while Instagram user @vincentdr caught this asphalt photo of a gravelly factory.





Kirk Pedrick's deep burgundy shot of his pre-ride jersey also got our ride-y senses tingling, while @v4honda's blue and broken frame sent shivers down our spines.





Meanwhile, Twitter user The Ranty Highwayman had a glorious ride - by the looks of it - with a couple of children in his trailer.



Remember, it's never too late to get involved in the #mycyclingweekend fun! Just upload a photo of your ride to Instagram or Twitter and remember to include the #mycyclingweekend hashtag!

There's a pair of road.cc socks in it for you!


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