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Great cycling deals in the Decathlon DealCatcher Takeover

We've got tools, socks, bikes, locks and more in a DealCatcher special!...

The DealCatcher fun comes to you directly from Decathlon today! Deals galore from one of the best-value cycling retailers on the web; what more could you ask for?

As the winter season comes to a close so are the winter cycling deals, but not without a last minute reduction in prices.

Today's DealCatcher features items like SKS's excellent Bluemels mudguards, winter socks, BTwin bike locks and tools, alongside bikes and jackets.

Happy shopping!


41% off SKS's Bluemels Road Bike Mudguards
WAS £21.99 | NOW £12.99

SKS Bluemels Mudguards.jpg

You might be thinking that the last few days of decidedly spring-like weather means that your mudguards won't be necessary for the next few months.

If you are thinking like that, you're probably thinking wrong.

But in this weird time when seasonal norms don't quite apply buying a bargain pair of easy-to-attach mudguards could be one of your better purchases. Especially if you want to take that summer bike out for a spin earlier than you would normally.


40% off BTwin's 500 Winter Cycling Socks Twin Pack
WAS £9.99 | NOW £5.99

BTwin 500 Winter cycling sock.jpg

As we said before, the grim weather isn't behind us.

There'll be cold snaps, no doubt. These socks will help with those, and for the winter that will undoubtedly come around much faster than we'd like.

At £6 for two pairs, you'll struggle to find better cycling sock value.


32% off BTwin's 740 Bike D Lock
WAS £24.99 | NOW £16.99

BTwin 740 D Lock.jpg

You'll be out on your bike for much more mundane trips no the weather's improved, so it's time to take security a bit more seriously.

If you're popping down to the pub or the shops it's very easy to forget that an insecure bike is a surefire way to ruin your day.

BTwin's 740 B Lock is a wonderfully secure lock that's long enough to reach around any of those weird fence posts near your local watering hole.


20% off BTwin Ultra 700 AF Road Bike
WAS £750.00 | NOW £599.00

BTwin Ultra 700 AF.jpg

Sure, it's only available in a small right now, but BTwin's Ultra 700 AF offers excellent value for those of you looking to explore the performance side of road bike riding.

In terms of value, no other brand comes close the the AF in terms of specs and riding experience.

Unbelievably, given the price tag, the Ultra 700 AF comes with Shimano 105 and R500 components.


6% off BTwin's 900 Warm Urban Cycling Jacket
WAS £34.99 | NOW £32.99

BTwin 900 Urban Cycling Jacket.jpg

The natural successor to the incredible 500 Urban Jacket from BTwin, the 900 appears to tick all the same style and functionality boxes as before, with an equally incredible price tag.

Our man Dave Atkinson gave the 500 an incredible 9/10 when he reviewed it a couple years ago, and the 900 looks like it'll follow suit.

Sure the discount is small, but the value is astronomical.

- Read more:'s BTwin Tilt 500 Urban Jacket


4% off BTwin's 500 14-piece Bike Tool Kit
WAS £27.99 | NOW £26.99

BTwin tools.jpg

The 500 toolkit from BTwin is designed for "total bike repair and maintanence," so if that's what you're after you've come to the right place.

For £27 you can't go wrong, whether you only need a couple of the tools in the box, or an entire overhaul of your toolkit, the value is close to unmatchable.



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